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Universities in Bonn | Best Universities in Bonn for International students

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The city of Bonn is well known for its Baroque style castles preserved over centuries. However, a little known fact about the place is that it was thriving trade and political stability even amidst war, ages ago. Bonn was also the capital city of Germany for forty long years. Almost like a tribute to the city’s resilience, about two dozen United Nations institutions are based here. If Beethoven could be birthed out of Bonn, the least you can expect from here is prime quality of education. Let us take you through a brief tour of Bonn as a student city and why the education here might be for you.


Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study in Bonn?

  2. What Are the Different Types of Universities in  Bonn?

  3. 3 Top Universities in Bonn

  4. Life in Stuttgart as an International Student

Why Study in Bonn?


Before we delve into discussing the universities in Bonn, here are a few reasons why one should study in Bonn:


  • Employment Opportunities: With UN institutions and about 150 NGOs present here, employment opportunities are not only many but vast too, especially for students interested in social studies.

  • Choice of language: In Bonn, universities that have courses in both German and English. Some courses are completely taught in English.

  • Affordability: With 2 out of 3 universities being public universities in Bonn, you are literally studying at great universities in Bonn with no tuition costs at all.


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Now that you’re aware of the benefits of studying in Bonn, let us understand the various types of universities from where quality education can be pursued -


What Are the Different Types of Universities in  Bonn?


The two broad categories for universities here are - 


Public universities in Bonn


Public universities are administered by the state therefore they run free of tuition cost for students. The city is aware that German isn't the easiest language to learn so the option to study in English is always made available. The choice of courses cover several fields of education.


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Private universities in Bonn


The choice of subjects for courses and their structure follows the same pattern as public universities in Bonn Germany but  private colleges in Bonn charge tuition costs. The extra cost here is counterbalanced by the only private university in Bonn offering instructions completely in English.


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Since we are now aware of the basic classification, let us see which are the top universities in Bonn for international students -


3 Top Universities in Bonn, Germany


The universities in Bonn offer courses across a spectrum of fields. Here is the list of universities in Bonn Germany along with their relevant details -


  1. University of Bonn


Also known as Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, it is one of only eleven Universities of Excellence in Germany. It has a two century old legacy in teaching with 14% of its student population being international. It is also one of Germany's leading universities that has produced a number of Nobel prize medalists. The teaching is research led and interdisciplinary which makes it among the best universities in Bonn for masters.


Type of University

Public University

Country rank


German Proficiency


Tuition Fee

No tuition fee

Popular Programs

Sciences and Engineering

Study benefit

58 libraries and 100% green electricity.


Moving on to the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences-


  1. Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences


The university offers a wide range of subject choices that include Business, Economics and Law, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities and Medicine and Health. With a 16% student population of international students, you won’t really feel out of place in a new environment.


Type of University

Public University

Country rank


German Proficiency

Required for courses taught in German.

Tuition Fee

No tuition costs except for the Advanced Master's degree programmes in International Media Studies,  CSR and NGO-Management.

Popular Programs

Computer science, Engineering, Business, Social studies and Natural science courses.

Study benefit

It offers excellent support system to international students and has several partnerships with foreign universities


Moving on to  Hochschule für Finanzwirtschaft and Management -


  1. Hochschule für Finanzwirtschaft and Management


The university carries its old links of trade to universities like Hochschule that promise a great educational experience. The institution is part of the University of Applied Sciences which is Germany's largest university with a student community of over 70,000 students and over 200 Bachelor's, Master's and MBA degree programs. The institute has successful ties with over 6,000 renowned partners.


Type of University

Private University

 Country rank


German Proficiency

Not required.

Tuition Fee

3500 EUR per semester

Popular Programs

 Banking, Sales, Business, Finance.

Study benefit

Language of instruction- completely in English


Life in Bonn as an International Student


Let us now discuss the cost of living in Bonn for international students and student life in the city.


Cost of living in Bonn for international students amounts to about 800-900 EUR a month. This includes social contribution and health insurance, accommodation, food, clothes and other essentials.


Accommodation in student halls can cost anywhere from 250-700 EUR a month depending on your specific location. There are about 30 such halls in Bonne. Student apartments with rent beginning from 450 EUR a month.


When we talk about quality of life in Bonn, bet you’ve never heard of 5 seasons in Bonn. The Carnival here (alternatively Karneval), is often said to be the city’s ‘fifth season’ that closes the year end in November with a bang. Apart from several cultural activities students can also enjoy hiking in the lush green hills  and vineyards.


Transport is also all sorted out for you in Bonn. Within the semester’s charges you have the student transport ticket included. It includes all forms of transport i.e bus, train and metro.


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