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SOP for MBA in USA: How to Write an SOP for MBA admission in USA?

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Reports state that from 2020 to 2021, the average percentage of international MBA students increased to 40.8% in the top 10 US business schools. Besides, two United States cities fall in the top 20 QS Best Study Cities Ranking 2023. Even with the increase in international MBA students in the US, it is crucial to know that the admission process for an aspirant is quite challenging. US business schools have many requirements from an aspiring MBA candidate like submission of SOP for MBA in USA, LORs, CV, work experience, and standard GPA, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, or GRE scores. 

However, in this article, we will understand how to draft SOP samples for MBA in USA. Let’s get started!

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What to Include in an SOP for MBA in USA?

Statement of purpose for MBA in USA is 500-1000 words academic or professional essay that explains your interest in a particular course, its role in your career, and past achievements to the admissions committee. It will allow you to separate yourself from other MBA applicants using words, anecdotes, and examples.

Let’s check what a student must include in their sample SOP for MBA in USA.

  • Why the program: MBA is a burdensome curriculum, and many schools avoid candidates who don’t have the experience or ability to thrive through it. Therefore, in your SOP for MBA admission in USA, explain in detail why you choose this program from a particular university.
  • Goals: A statement of purpose for MBA in USA must include your long-term and short-term career goals, how this program will help you achieve them, your plans at the end of the course, etc.
  • Research on program/university: Every MBA university has a different curriculum and requirements for the student. Therefore, check out the university website for the asked SOP questions and explain how this particular university will support your long-term vision. Besides, writing a distinct SOP for MBA in USA for each university is advised.

Other than this, a student must cover the following pointers in their SOP samples for MBA in USA.

  • Their background
  • Their accomplishments in professional life
  • Any projects/internships/jobs
  • Any setbacks/failures that they have overcome
  • Extracurricular activities (if any)

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Next, let’s check the guideline for writing a sample SOP for MBA in USA.

Guidelines to Write an SOP for MBA in USA

A well-written and impressive SOP can downplay your weaknesses and convince the US admissions committee that you are a perfect candidate for the course/university. Let’s take a look at the structure to follow while writing an SOP for MBA admission in USA.

  1. Introduction: In this section, you must explain your course choice and related goals.
  2. Body Paragraphs: Here, you have to explain the academic background, professional background, reasons to pursue the course, career goals, perks of the university, and achievements.
  3. Conclusion: Here, show your confidence as a university student, how the course will benefit you, and what your contributions will be to the university.

Next, let’s check the guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Explain each quality and skill in your statement of purpose for MBA in USA using an example or anecdote. This will communicate the crux effectively.
  • Do not repeat the information written on your resume in chronological order. Instead, include something distinct and unique.
  • Include your passion, interests, challenges, strengths, etc.
  • Your SOP for MBA in USA must depict your personality traits.
  • Include the critical events of your life; leave the regular ones.
  • Avoid misinterpretation and exaggeration of information as admission counsellors are smart enough to understand the lies/loopholes.
  • Include how you have worked in a team, or else you might sound self-centred.

Further, let’s check the SOP samples for MBA in USA requirements of the most renowned universities in the USA.

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University Requirements of SOP for MBA Admission in USA

Following is the list of top universities in the USA along with their SOP for MBA in USA requirements and guidelines. Let’s go through them one by one!

University Name

SOP for MBA in US Requirements


University of Pennsylvania

2 SOPs of 500 and 400 words

1 SOP is optional

Stanford University

2 SOPs of 600 and 400 words

Double space formatting

Should be uploaded as one document

Harvard University

1 SOP of 1500 words

Anwer the question: What more would you like us to know for your candidacy?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1 SOP of 300 words

Must include examples

The University of Chicago

2 SOPs of 250 words

1 SOP is optional

University of California, Berkeley

2 SOPs of 300 words

Can add supplemental information in the application process

Northwestern University

2 SOPs of 450 words

Explain gaps, GMAT/GRE performance

Columbia University

1 short answer question with 50 characters

1 SOP of 500 words

2 SOPs of 250 words

500-word SOP is optional

Can be submitted in bullet points

Yale University

2 SOPs of 500 words

Include professional/personal goals and their alignment with the course

Duke University

1 short answer question of 100 words

2 SOPs of 750 and 300 words

300-word essay is optional

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Now you know the SOP for MBA requirements of top universities, the guidelines to write one, and key factors to include. But if you still get confused at any step or need end-to-end expert advice, choose Yocket premium. Our cooperative and well-trained counsellors will help you achieve your study abroad dream successfully!


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