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Confused about how to draft the ideal sample LOR for MS in engineering management for your admission application. It is a rudimentary part of the student documentation that can illuminate the advisory board about the candidate from an analytical viewpoint. It assists the panel in passing a more fitting critique while selecting the perfect candidates for their respective universities.

Along with a variety of self-written documentation like a statement of purpose (SOP) or resume, LOR is written by a recommender who can justify the candidature of a student to a university. LOR or Letter of Recommendation is a reference rationale used to analyse your academic or professional position. Before understanding the parameters to cover while preparing one, let’s check the…

Types of LORs for Engineering Management

There are two types of sample LOR for MS in engineering management, Academic LORs and Professional LORs. In these, a teacher or manager typically suggests and vouches for the applicant's validity while stating the various skills the concerned candidate has showcased while citing relevant instances. Let us explore these two with additional details.

1.    Academic LORs

These are usually drafted on behalf of the faculty and highlight a student's academic life, qualities, etc. Let’s check the pointers to consider:

  • While preparing an academic LOR for a master's in engineering management, preferably approach your professor for an honest recommendation.
  • In case, you are applying for a bachelor's in engineering management, approach your school teachers or even your principal for a LOR.
  • Try to approach teachers or professors you have actively worked with.
  • The content should be mostly focused on your academic accomplishments while pursuing the degree or completing high school.

2.    Professional LORs

These are usually written by the candidate’s current/previous manager, supervisor, HOD, colleague, etc. Let’s check the pointers:

  • This type of LOR is generally opted by those who are applying for a master’s program and have prior professional experience.
  • For this, you can approach a co-worker or your employer for a recommendation.
  • If there is a possibility for a recommendation from a client, it is highly encouraged.
  • The content will focus on your career growth and your overall performance during the work tenure.

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How to Write a LOR for Engineering Management?

Masters in engineering management is a dream for many, and it is one of the most applied-for programs. Thus, to leave your mark, one must be aware of the level of the program you are applying for.

For example, assuming that you are looking for admission to an undergrad program, centre your LORs’ content around academic accomplishments and extracurriculars. However, this requirement somewhat changes when the level is changed to a professional program. The centre then gravitates towards relevant subjects and activities you have learned during your prior undergrad experience.

Remember to keep the skills pertinent to the course you are applying for. Strategical thinking, emotional intelligence, and task prioritisation are some of the skills crucial in an engineering management LOR.

Here are simple to-keep rules on the best way to draft a notable LOR while applying for the engineering management program at your ideal college.


Here, you have to present how the recommender is connected with you, what position they hold in your life and how their own experience accounts for the credibility of the recommendation.

Body Paragraphs

In the body of your LOR, examine the different skills the concerned contender/student has exhibited with instances of ventures and different exercises. This will add greater believability to the referred abilities and give the student an additional edge, expecting to stand apart from various applications. Remember to specify extracurricular activities too. All things considered, an unhealthy work-life balance portrayed in your LOR isn't encouraged.

Make sure to keep the abilities applicable to the course you are applying for. Technical knowledge, management skills, decision-making, delegation abilities, and so on are some of the crucial qualities in the engineering management domain.


This is, similar to every conclusion we curate, a general rundown of all you have written up to this point. Notice the basic qualities of the candidate, practically like a concise update, and how these have persuaded the recommender to comprehend the student’s capabilities. Conclude with a note of being available for any further inquiries through the given contact information.

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LOR Requirements of Engineering Management Top Universities

Following is the list of universities along with their LOR guidelines:

  1. Cornell University
  2. Dartmouth College

University Name

LOR Requirements

Cornell University

This university requires three LORs for the admission procedure for M.Eng.

Dartmouth College


This university requires three letters of recommendation.

Instruct recommenders to complete the online evaluation form and submit a letter on official letterhead with original signatures and contact information.

If a letter must be mailed, go to the “Downloadable Forms” area within the application. Recommenders may also mail their letter in a sealed envelope.

Letters should come from the applicant's current college professors. However, applicants with work or military experience or currently in another graduate program may solicit letters from a current or former employer, a former college professor, or another professional/community contact.

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Additional Tips for Writing Sample LOR for MS in Engineering Management

These do’s and don’ts or tips can make an impeccable difference in your LOR. Let’s explore them.

The Do’s:

  • Be honest with the information
  • Communicate with the recommender before drafting your letter
  • Cite instances and examples alongside mentioned skills
  • Keep the tone positive but formal
  • Highlight the activities under the supervision of the recommender

The Don’ts:

  • Add sentences beyond the scope of knowledge of your recommender
  • Do not exaggerate the information
  • Do not write contradictory or redundant content
  • Do not add a recommendation letter from family members or friends

Drafting an outstanding LOR is downright an achievement. Since you have started penning your LORs, get everything rolling with this article and applaud your efforts! We understand that the application process can frequently get overbearing, staying aware of the different dates while shuffling the pressure of penning the best resume, SOPs, and LORs. But worry not, Yocket is here to assist you constantly throughout the process.

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