LOR for BBA: How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for BBA Course?

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Have you always wondered how thousands of students from India fly overseas to pursue their dreams in the best universities around the world? Do you, too, want to study at those universities for a BBA course? If yes, then kudos! This article will provide you with insights on the crucial BBA letter of recommendation (LOR.)

How you can draft one or the structure? What all pointers you can include in a BBA LOR? What are the tips that can make your LOR impactful?

Let’s get information on these questions and more!

What is a LOR?

The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a recommendation form developed by the universities with the goal of saving recommenders and alumni valuable time by providing a single, common set of questions. The questions remain embedded in each participating school's existing application system, so it requires a few significant changes. This instrumental document tells the admission committee about a student’s achievements and qualities through the reference of a professional, be it a professor in your undergraduate, an employer you worked for, etc.

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Who Should Write a LOR?

Letters of recommendation for the BBA course or any other should be written by people who know you well and who have been responsible for evaluating your academic or professional work. Professors, research guides, managers, and workplace supervisors could be a few appropriate recommenders.

What are some tips to remember while writing a BBA LOR across subjects?

  • LOR should be specific as generic LORs can have a rushed impression on the evaluator.
  • It must give a clear picture of your personality.
  • It must focus on your strengths and name a few weaknesses but that should be completely written in a smart way so that it does not create a negative impact.
  • Remember the points must not be repetitive and they must not depict the same picture as already given in your resume.
  • It must focus on the achievements and other credentials in a very short and qualitative way.
  • LOR must be written on the official letterhead of the institution the recommender is presently working at.
  • Please remember that every other student applying for the BBA programs in the universities is submitting LORs. Therefore, the admission office goes through a lot of them on a daily basis. It becomes crucial to achieve uniqueness in your LORs by including course-related attributes with real-life examples.

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How to Write a LOR BBA?

The BBA letter of recommendation sample is to be written from the recommender's perspective, describing the student's performance from a bird's-eye view. Look for the positive qualities but for a balanced approach as well.

This letter must talk about students' overall personalities, including factors like qualities, strengths, and team contribution/class participation, with anecdotes supporting the demonstration of these qualities and skills. Let’s check the structure/format.


The first paragraph should introduce the student and his academic records, confirming the other documents submitted and establishing the basis for the recommender-applicant connections. Here, they can state their relationship with you, how it started, when did they meet you (in college or at work), the qualities they like about you, etc.

Body Paragraphs

This paragraph leaves a positive impact if the observation stated by the recommender is a direct one. It gives a clear extent of interaction and is considered better than observing through someone else or working together remotely.

A LOR should not be more than one page written in 500-600 words and must be crisp. In an academic LOR, mention the achievements of the student in the school and/or college. And in professional LOR, mention the role and responsibilities of the student and highlight the traits displayed during an internship (if any). It is not required to discuss the job or project at length.

The recommender should mention the contributions that the student made in the class and/or at the internship and what qualities they displayed. It is important to keep in mind that the contributions and the qualities mentioned by the recommender should be relevant to the BBA program.


To conclude, the recommender should always mention their contact details in the letter of recommendation sample. It helps the admission committee to connect with them in case of any verification.

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LOR Requirements of Top BBA Universities

While writing a LOR for a student who is keen on applying for a BBA university abroad, the following are the attributes that should be considered:

  1. The student’s academic credentials.
  2. Highlight the applicant’s purpose or end goals due to which they are applying for the BBA course.
  3. Accentuate relevant experience gathered by the candidate that proves their critical thinking, analytical, leadership, and communication skills.
  4. How their previous academic experience makes them eligible for the BBA program.
  5. It is advised to write a LOR on the letterhead of the recommender’s organisation.
  6. Mention the student’s positives like a good attitude, communication skills, and charming personality. This will help elevate the candidate’s chances of being considered.
  7. Most of the BBA universities ask for academic LORs from the student’s current/previous professors, teachers, etc.

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To sum up, a LOR must reflect the best image of the student while providing true and honest information. We hope the guidelines will help you write the perfect LOR for your preferred university in the BBA program.

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