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MBA Abroad Without GMAT: 6 Best MBA Colleges Abroad Without GMAT in 2023

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MBA is the most globally recognised degree, and pursuing it from abroad destinations can be a game changer. As the STEM courses are becoming more and more popular, and in this competitive job market getting an advanced degree like MBA will be an excellent choice to stay ahead among your competitors. MBA is definitely the most sought after program for international students across the world. 

However, if you are a business professional and don't have appeared in the GMAT test looking for an MBA in Abroad without GMAT, this blog will give a clear cut idea of how you can get into the top MBA colleges without GMAT and what are the key areas you have to focus on before applying.

  Table of Contents

  1. Role of GMAT to Study MBA Abroad
  2. MBA Universities Abroad without GMAT 
  3. Requirements for MBA Abroad without GMAT
  4. How to Apply for an MBA Abroad without GMAT?
  5. Key Areas in Profile to focus on in Admission Application
  6. Frequently Asked Questions About MBA Abroad without GMAT 

Role of GMAT for MBA in Abroad

Let's start our discussion by looking at the role of GMAT score for MBA abroad and the reasons behind all the top universities and colleges making it mandatory for their range of MBA courses.

GMAT has been a very significant part of the application process of the top universities providing MBA admission across the globe. This is one of the most relevant exams recommended by MBA professionals because of the following reasons.

  • Measures the critical thinking of a student.
  • Tests analytical abilities.
  • Demonstrate your motivation and commitment for the course.
  • Enhances the weight of your application portfolio.

Thus, the benefits of attempting the GMAT is surely undeniable. But as we know that every coin has two parts, this follows here too if you want to get into MBA Colleges abroad without GMAT, there are some other effective documents that can prove your knowledge and excellence for the course. There are several colleges abroad that offer admissions to MBA programs without GMAT.

GMAT or GRE: which exam to take for MBA abroad?

MBA Universities in Abroad Without GMAT

There are numerous MBA universities where GMAT test scores are not considered as an essential requirement for admission. Let us now look at the top MBA colleges in world without GMAT.

  • Colorado State University
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Monash University
  • Auckland University of Technology

Let's dive deep into each college one by one:

Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers three different ways to pursue an MBA program which are on-campus, online and in real-time with Mosaic. This program has been designed to prepare you to use enterprise models to implement a positive change that connects the purpose and profit. It will also allow you to gain a robust knowledge of the best practices and methodologies used to gather and interpret the data to drive the business forward.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Total Fees

66,579 USD

Program Offered

  • MBA
  • Online MBA
  • Online MBA - Marketing Data Analytics
  • Online MBA - Mosaic
  • Impact MBA

New York Institute of Technology

The accredited Masters of Business Administration program at NYIT helps you to gain team building, organisation, leadership, analytical and decision making skills required to transform the business and boost its value in the marketplace. You will learn to evaluate and improve operations and work collaboratively to address the socio-economic issues and analyse the sustainability of the business and its profitability.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Total Fees

75,600 USD

Program Offered

  • Masters in Business Administration

Thompson Rivers University

The MBA program at Thompson River University prepares you to be a manager and leader who can meet the current market challenges with the emphasis on decision making in an uncertain environment. The program caters to those who want to develop their academic and applied research skills through its course-based, graduate thesis or graduate project options. 

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Total Fees

48,065 CAD

Program Offered

  • Masters in Business Administration

Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University offers an innovative, world-class professional business education program. The university provides admissions to full time, part time and an online MBA degree programs along with co-op programs options. The program will teach you knowledge of strategic management, operations management, marketing, financial management, accounting, business analytics and many more.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Total Fees

49,740 CAD

Program Offered

  • Full Time MBA
  • Part Time MBA
  • Accelerated MBA
  • Online MBA

Monash University

The MBA program at Monash University has been designed for young professionals with a minimum of three years of business experience. This MBA program involves experience-based modules, consulting projects, and overseas learning and industrial engagement opportunities. It is structured in four different modules which are foundation, innovations, transformation and globalisation.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Total Fees

46,600 AUD

Program Offered

  • MBA

Auckland University of Technology

Masters of Business Administration program at AUT is designed to meet the needs of this fast-paced and complex business environment where leaders need an advanced understanding of all the business decisions and manage the cross-cultural teams. The program consists of 180 credit points which are made up of core courses which is 120 points and the elective course is 60 points.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


Average Total Fees

53,700 NZD

Program Offered

  • Full Time MBA
  • Part Time MBA

How to get GMAT waiver for MBA abroad?

Requirements for MBA in Abroad without GMAT

MBA colleges abroad without GMAT test scores have similar needs and requirements as that of other universities where GMAT is mandatory. Although some of these essential requirements may vary from one university to the other, the basic ones remain exactly the same.

Some of the additional documents that you can add to your application to colleges without GMAT requirements include.

  • GPA Requirements
  • Aptitude Test
  • English Language Scores
  • Well Drafted SOP
  • Work Experience
  • LORs
  • Additional Degrees

GPA Requirements

Most of the MBA colleges offer waivers from GMAT to students who have high academic records at their last qualifying education. A GPA between 3.0 to 3.5 or more on a scale of 4.0 can help you to send your applications to universities abroad without GMAT.

Aptitude Test

Some of the colleges may conduct an aptitude test where you can appear and score well in the exam to waive off the GMAT score. These tests are similar to GMAT but are usually easier and less competitive.

Other Test Scores

ELP Test Scores and GRE are some other mandatory tests in MBA admissions. You must try to obtain a good ELP score (90 - 100 in TOEFL or 6.5 in IELTS) and a good GRE score. A higher test score in ELP or GRE will definitely play an important role in your MBA admission.

Well Drafted SOP

A well drafted Statement of Purpose shows the qualities of a student such as teamwork, intellectual ability, professional goals, impact, leadership skills, interpersonal skills etc that are likely useful to ace in the admission race.

Work Experience

Top B-Schools give more importance to professional work experience compared to other essential requirements for admission. Thus, students looking to get admission at MBA colleges must have at least three to five years of work experience. The experience you gain in your services will play an important role in MBA courses Abroad.


The best way to have a recommendation letter is from the one who has been directly overseeing or supervised for the work in their organisation. This will give you an additional advantage when the recommender has occupied a higher position in the management. So, try to get at least two to three recommendations from your employers.

Additional Degrees

Having a relevant graduate degree can help you to get into an MBA college abroad without GMAT. Many MBA Universities offer students the waiver of the GMAT test if they have a prior graduate degree in a relevant subject.

Therefore, getting admission to the best MBA colleges without GMAT for international students is possible if you meet the above mentioned requirements. Moving on, let's see the application process for some top MBA colleges in world without GMAT.

How to Apply for an MBA Abroad without GMAT?

Now that you know the requirements for the top MBA colleges abroad, you should be aware of the basic application process. Let us now go to the step by step guide for applying for MBA colleges abroad without GMAT.

  • First, finalise the course you want to get enrolled in and check for the best colleges offering the course.
  • Visit the official website and gather all the data related to the eligibility criteria and the application process.
  • Upload the scanned copies of the required documents such as transcripts, resumes, SOPs etc.
  • Fill up the application and pay the fees.
  • Appear in the interview with the respective university officials. This will help you to impress the officials by displaying your presence of mind and soft skills.
  • Once you get the conditional offer letter after the interview, book your seat at the university.

Which round to apply for MBA abroad?

Key Areas in Profile to focus on in Admission Application

Now let's talk about some of the key areas in your profile that you must focus on that will increase your chances of admission to an MBA abroad without GMAT.

Excellent LOR

The letter of recommendation by your academic faculties will play a significant role in increasing the chances of selection. You must make sure to frame a perfect LOR that covers all the important details about you and your academic achievement.

Convincing Resume

If you don't have a GMAT score, then you must show a convincing resume to the university that can distinguish you from others. Getting into an MBA college Without GMAT with a remarkable resume that displays your academic and work history, and skills can stand you ahead.

Impressive SOP

Similar to a perfect LOR, an impressive Statement of Purpose can do wonders in securing your seat in your desired MBA college. So try to write to build a perfect SOP.

Lastly, we can say that the requirements for an MBA are usually vital. These requirements may get changed every year with sessions and on various factors. It is recommended that students must visit the official website of the top MBA colleges without GMAT to check the requirements of the course they are applying for. Some of the top colleges also provide admissions where they can check each student's skill set and decide to offer admissions without GMAT or not. 

However, if you are still confused about the best MBA colleges without GMAT you can get assistance from our Yocket Professionals to understand which is best.

Frequently Asked Questions About MBA in Abroad without GMAT

Ques. Can I get MBA Colleges without GMAT?

Ans. Yes, you can definitely get an MBA without appearing in GMAT. Some of the MBA programs are willing to waive off the students from GMAT requirements for especially experienced or outstanding students while a few colleges don't require it at all.

Ques. What are the best study abroad destinations for an MBA program without GMAT?

Ans. There are a number of countries that offer the best MBA colleges without GMAT requirement while the top four study destinations among the international students are

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia

Ques. What are the best universities in the USA for MBA without GMAT?

Ans. The best universities for MBA in USA without GMAT test scores are 

  • Colorado State University
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • The University of Tampa
  • Boston University

Ques. What is the minimum work experience required to waive off from GMAT requirements?

Ans. Having a work experience of at least three to five years in a relevant position with remarkable achievement will help you to waive off the GMAT criteria.

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