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MBA vs Business Analytics: Which is Better MBA or MS in Business Analytics/ MBAN?

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If forever you have planned to study MBA in business analytics (BA), but lately, you have been listening to a lot about the discussion on MBA vs business analytics MS course, you did right coming here! It's better to be safe than sorry by choosing a course of your interest.

Moreover, even though the business analytics market is growing and is projected to reach USD 103.65 Billion by 2026, picking any BA course won’t be the right choice. Therefore, let’s go through the detailed insights on MBA vs Business Analytics MS and choose the best course to build a robust career.

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Overview of MBAN and MBA Course

Before choosing which is better MBA or MS in business analytics, it is important to understand the difference between MBA and business analytics MS course purpose and what they include.

  • MBA in Business Analytics: An MBA with a concentration on business analytics majorly focuses on business management. With this course, the students can learn to create and amplify purposeful and sustainable business organisations while applying data analytics to the business environment with amazing teamwork and innovation. Further, an MBA in business analytics abroad covers various facets of business like marketing, finance, international business, risk management, big data, business forecasting, etc.
  • MSBA in Business Analytics: This degree helps students handle data sets and business challenges. By studying it, the students can develop in-demand programming skills like SQL, Python, R, Apache Handoor, Spark, etc. Further, it helps the students learn how to convert complex data into valuable insights and gain the ability to identify and use technical tools/methodologies to solve a given business problem.

Now you know the basic difference between MBA and MS in business analytics. Next, let’s go through this table to check out the difference between MSBA vs MBA in business analytics based on other parameters like duration, salary, etc.


MBA in Business Analytics

MS in Business Analytics

Course Duration

1.5 to 2 years or more

12-18 months


Includes study in quantitative analysis, analytical tools, data management, operations communications, stakeholder relationships, negotiation skills, marketing strategy, etc.

Includes courses in programming, statistics, data management, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, laws and ethics in business analytics, business forecasting, etc.

Average Tuition Fee

USD 27,000 to 98,574 per year

USD 148 to 46,380 per year

Estimated Salary

USD 84,000 per year

USD 75,000 per year

Top Job Roles

Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Policy Analysts, Business Intelligence Analyst, Product Manager, etc.

Marketing Analyst, Business Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Data Scientist, etc.


3-year bachelor's degree

3-5 years work experience

IELTS with 6.0 or above band/ TOEFL with min 60 scores

GMAT/GRE (optional)

GMAT/GRE (optional)


Bachelors degree from an accredited university

2-3 years of relevant work experience

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Now you know the overall difference between MBA vs MSBA courses. With this difference between MBA and MS in business analytics, one can mark out the parameters that are critical to them and make a selection. Next, let’s check out the top MBAN universities abroad.

Top MBAN Universities Abroad

With an MS in business analytics degree, international students get an opportunity to study at some of the highly ranked universities globally and experience amazing job opportunities, high salaries, recognized certifications, etc. Following are the top universities to pursue an MS in business analytics with their QS World Universities Ranking 2023 and estimated tuition fee.

University Name

QS Ranking 2023

 Average Tuition Fee/ year

Massachusetts Insititute of Technology, US



Imperial College London, UK



University College London, UK



Columbia University, US



University of Washington, US



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Next, let’s have a look at the top MBA in business analytics universities abroad. With this information, you can establish a tuition fee comparison between masters in business analytics vs MBA in business analytics. It will further help you make an informed choice between MBA vs MS business analytics.

Top MBA Universities Abroad

MBA courses in business analytics provide various perks for international students like networking opportunities, diverse career options, the latest market trends, trending jobs, etc. Here are the top MBA in business analytics universities abroad with their QS World University Ranking 2023 and estimated tuition fees.

University Name

QS Ranking 2023

Average Tuition Fee per year

University of Pittsburg, USA



University of Aberdeen, UK



University of South Australia, Adelaide



Oregon State University



University of North Texas US



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Next, let’s explore which is better between MBA vs MS in business analytics and which one should you choose. These selection pointers with difference between MBA and MSBA will surely help you gain clarity.

Which is Better MBA or MS in Business Analytics

Other than the above-given information like course duration, top universities, fees, requirements, etc, international students can also consider the following pointers while choosing between MBAN vs MBA in business analytics.

  1. STEM Benefits: If you wish to enjoy the benefits of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, choose MS in business analytics/ MBAN, as the MBA in business analytics is not a part of STEM courses.
  2. Startup Knowledge: If you wish to begin a startup, or become a CEO or entrepreneur, choose MBA in business analytics. This degree will help you learn how to use data analytics and management skills for business growth.
  3. Nature of Course: If you wish to pursue a theoretical degree that focuses on the broad application of data analytics, choose MBA in business analytics. However, choose MS in business analytics to attain both practical/theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience in machine learning, software engineering, etc.
  4. Background: Usually, students from a business background who want to gain familiarity with data analytics choose MBA in business analytics. Whereas the ones with a technical background who want to gain in-depth knowledge in data science techniques choose MBAN.

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We hope this information was sufficient to help you select between MS business analytics vs MBA courses. However, if you are still confused and need end-to-end personalised guidance in course selection, university selection, the admission process, visa application, or more, connect with our expert counsellors by choosing Yocket premium.


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