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You should avail Study Abroad Counselling from Yocket for the following reasons:

1) One-on-one personalized counseling:

Education is one of the most personal experiences of life. What you find worth learning from may not enrich another person. Your ambition, aim, and personality type may make a certain course in a certain university a good match for you, while it may render another course as a not-so-rewarding experience. Therefore, the first step to good counseling is one-on-one interactions with students so that they can be helped as per their capabilities and inclinations. Personalized counseling is a proud USP of Yocket.

2) Experienced counselors

We understand that guiding students is not a cake-walk, and trust only the best to take on this job. Our expert advisor has almost two decades worth of experience in helping students achieve their dreams and has guided close to 10,000 students secure their dream university. This also gives us an edge in terms of having inside information about most universities and courses from the world over.

3) Concern over duty

Applying to a university abroad is daunting for most students. It is a time filled with confusion and nervousness that most of their peers can barely understand. Preparing for university entrances, visa issues, admission procedures, and massive financial investments often make the ride more difficult than it looks on the surface. The last thing one would want at such a time is a 9 to 5 service center that further complicates your life instead of easing it.  At Yocket, our counselors lend a kind ear to your personal as well as career-related problems and ensure that you are well-rested and calm to make the right choices, at all times.


4) Unbiased university selection

A commercial relationship between the counselor and a university should be a red alert for all students looking at studying abroad. If a counselor is working for referral fees provided in exchange for student admissions in a particular university, then it is unlikely that students’ interest will ever be their priority. Associating with counselors like these might get students to settle for colleges beneath their caliber and losing out on university grants or scholarships since the university is already compensating the counselor. At Yocket, we believe in honestly helping students with their best as our only interest. With the help of our Machine Learning Tool, we use large amounts of historic data and do University Matching for students based on their profile and academic performance.


5) Borderless education

Since we do not operate on the referral fee model, we do not have any geographical preferences and guide students to study in the country of their preference. Needless to say, we intimate students about the pro-and-cons of all destinations so that they can make an informed choice after carefully calculation.

6) Unlimited Alterations

The best applications are the ones that are personal and specific to the university and course that they have been applied to. Counselors that limit their guidance to a standard SOP/LOR template are intentionally or unintentionally taking a dig at a student’s chances of getting admission in an institution of their choice. Yocket functions on a no limitation policy on iteration of admission documents for all students.

7) Beyond documentary guidance

At Yocket, we believe that admission in a university of repute is not just a victory of the student, but also a win for us as service-providers. Therefore, once we begin our journey of understanding a student, we take efforts towards finding courses and universities most-suited for them. As a second step, we encourage students to embrace their personalities and express their individuality during the admission procedures, so that they are thoroughly prepared for interviews and group discussions as well. The idea is to guide them beyond the page so that they literally place themselves in the university environment and become college-ready.

Yocket is an ideal platform for students across streams of science, commerce and arts. Singing up had added advantages like research-aid and perfect match-making of students with universities. A foreign degree is indeed not as far away now as it used to be, but if you want to make getting through a hassle-free experience, Yocket is your choice.

Have a look at Yocket Premium Counseling Services specially crafted for students of all backgrounds, your search for perfect study abroad consultants ends here.