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MBA in Hospital Management Abroad: Best Colleges for MBA in Hospital Management Abroad

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With the increase in the healthcare system, there are many private and public management colleges abroad offering specialised programs in MBA. MBA in hospital management abroad is a 2-year post-graduate program planned to prepare international students with in-depth knowledge of healthcare and its dynamics.

MBA in hospital management abroad is the most sought-after among the diverse hospitality management courses offered by numerous institutions. International students will study general management subjects in the first year while devoted subjects in the final year. So, if you’re interested in doing an MBA in hospital management abroad, we have curated a guide below with details such as the best country for MBA in healthcare management and scope of MBA in hospital management in abroad. 

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Why Study MBA in Hospital Management Abroad?

A hospital management course is fundamentally a degree where the fields of health care services, hospitality, management, finances, leadership, and administration coordinate accordingly. The following benefits of pursuing an MBA in healthcare management abroad are:

  • There are brilliant employment options to work abroad like, Health insurance corporations, well-known hospitals, international healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies and many others.
  • Professional managers can open their own nursing homes, private hospitals, rehab centres and consultation agencies.
  • MBA in Hospital management abroad is helpful as it helps students study every skill essential to work in the government or private sector.
  • New graduates who have completed their MBA in hospital management may begin their careers as Deputy hospital managers or Assistant administrators/consultants.
  • Professionals can work as freelance consultants too. Moreover, employment is conceivable in any sector, which proves general or precise medical/health services.

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Best Colleges for MBA in Healthcare Management in the World

The scope of hospital administration and management abroad is high. MBA Hospital Management degree prepares students with decision-making, economics, health care values, and healthcare management methods. The best country for MBA in healthcare management is USA. The following other popular countries and universities for MBA in healthcare management abroad are:

Hospital Management University Abroad


American Business School

Paris, France

University of Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Coleman University

San Diego, USA

High Point University

Highpoint, USA

SRH Hochschule Berlin

Berlin, Germany

University of Calgary

Calgary, Canada

University of Bayreuth

Bayreuth, Germany

Westford University College

Dubai, UAE

Clarkson University

Potsdam, USA

Deakin University

Burwood, Australia

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for MBA in Hospital Management Colleges Abroad

There are some of the best colleges for MBA in healthcare management in world, but every college has its requirements to take admissions efficiently. So, to know the basic eligibility criteria and requirements for MBA in hospital management abroad, we have listed below all the needed details:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Work Experience
  • English Language Proficiency Score
  • Entrance Exams
  • Student Visa
  • Additional Requirements

So, these are some basic requirements for the universities offering MBA in hospital management colleges abroad. Let’s discuss in detail:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree

The MBA in healthcare management abroad is spread over 4 semesters and can be taken up by the students with a graduation degree in any field such as B. Pharm, BE, B. Tech, B.Sc. or any other with a cumulative of 50% or equivalent CGPA.

  1. Work Experience

Students interested in pursuing an MBA program in hospital management need to have relevant work experience of 2 to 3 years.

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  1. English Language Proficiency Score

International students studying abroad need to qualify for the required English language proficiency test, such as IELTS or TOEFL. The score required for IELTS is 7.5, and for TOEFL, the minimum score of 87 is required to get admission to top universities abroad.

  1. Entrance Exams

The students need to qualify for any relevant MBA entrance exams like MAT, CAT, XAT, ATMA, SNAP and CMAT to get admission to top MBA in hospital management colleges abroad.

  1. Student Visa

A student visa is only permitted to those students who have confirmed their place of study at a registered university for a set period of time. The exact name and type of visa students will vary from country to country, but they may need a non-immigrant study visa.

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Additional Documents Required for MBA in Hospital Management Abroad

While procuring admissions for MBA in hospital management, students need to keep all these applicable documents and submit them for successful entry.

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Work Experience Documents (If applicable)
  • Date of birth proof
  • Entrance exam score card
  • Updated Resume
  • Domicile Proof
  • SOP
  • LOR
  • Passport size photographs
  • GRE score (optional)
  • Valid Passport

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Cost of Studying MBA Hospital Management Abroad

The scope of an MBA in hospital management abroad is broad and experience-based, depending from university to university in various countries. The average cost of studying MBA in hospital management includes tuition fees and the cost of living in abroad.

Tuition Fees for Hospital Management in Abroad

The following tuition fees for MBA in hospital management program are:

MBA in Hospital Management in Abroad

Average Tuition Fees (Year)


12,740- 55,890 USD


40,000- 100,000 CAD


40,000- 60,000 AUD


30,000 – 50,000 EUR


40,000 EUR


30,000 – 85,000 CHF


1,55,860 AED

United Kingdom

10,000 – 40,000 EUR

Cost of Living in Abroad Countries

The cost of living in abroad countries depends upon what type of accommodation facilities they choose to live in. The table below summarises how much a student might need to spend on rent and utilities each month:


Monthly Rent Cost

Monthly Utilities Cost


248- 785 EUR

130 EUR


236-540 EUR

83 EUR


273- 864 AUD

133 AUD


500- 3,500 EUR

185 EUR


719-855 GBP

131 GBP


190- 531 CAD

129 CAD


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Scholarships to Study MBA in Hospital Management Abroad

Several academic institutions worldwide offer MBA scholarships for international students who want to pursue this MBA in hospital management degree program.

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria


Global Study Awards

A merit-based scholarship goes to 2 students for each academic year.

Students are required to display a solid promise to develop their careers.

Maximum individual award is £10,000

Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial help to selected students pursuing their master’s program abroad from accredited universities.

The maximum scholarship per student is 33,800 USD.

Go Clean Scholarship

Students planning to pursue an MBA are eligible to apply for the Go Clean Scholarship. For students to win this merit-based scholarship, they must write an essay on “How to keep the environment green and clean.”

Value of 3500 USD

The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program

This need-based scholarship is valid for students pursuing their MBA. This scholarship applies to all students who want to pursue an MBA in Germany; this scholarship is granted to a single deserving student every academic year.

Value of the scholarship is 1,000 USD

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Salary of MBA in Hospital Management in Abroad

With a huge and ever rising scope of MBA in hospital management in abroad, the career scope of an MBA in Hospital Management abroad is also extremely in demand because healthcare industries are increasing with the rapid increase in population. Some of the popular professional avenues open to successful graduates of the course are tabulated below:

Job Positions

Average Annual Salary in INR

Hospital Manager

4 Lakhs

Medical Director

7.5 Lakhs

Chief Nursing Officer

5 Lakhs

Pharmaceutical Production Manager

2.6 Lakhs

Studying overseas will permit international students to classify similarities and differences in the operations of healthcare systems crosswise the globe. By gaining this international outlook, students will be prepared to begin their careers in almost any part of the world. So, if you’re also planning to do MBA in hospital management abroad, connect with our Yocket Professionals and learn more about popular MBA degrees in various countries.

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