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MS in Project Management in USA: Find Out the Top Universities for Masters in Project Management in USA

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Universities and colleges in USA are well known for academic flexibility and ways to modify study experience with elective studies and extracurricular activities. Project management in USA is an interdisciplinary study that explains international students to plan and organise a company's resources to accomplish precise goals following a time-controlled schedule.

Project management courses in USA are also STEM-designated. Besides, studying in this program helps students to explore some the areas such as data management, organisation design, logistics, cost management, risk analysis and quality assurance. The cost of pursuing the program at some of the top universities in USA is 17,000 - 70,000 USD/year. So, if you’re planning to do MS project management in USA, we have curated a guide below which will help you in knowing all the related information about project management.

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Why to Study Masters in Project Management in USA?

Pursuing MS in project management in USA educational institutions is recognized for productivity in offering knowledge and the culture and a consistent environment. The benefits of studying project management MS in USA are:

  1. Accelerated Degree Options: Project management courses in USA for international students are a 2-to-3-year program provided via part-time, full-time or hybrid modes. There is also an option for completing the program fully online. Some universities offer the accelerated option for the achievement of the MSC project management USA. This option is planned for the working professionals who want to update their knowledge or are looking for a job switch.
  2. High Paid Jobs: There are various job fields where project managers are high in demand with an average salary of 85,000 USD/ per year. And as per BLS. USA management sector is predicted to grow by 6% by 2024, and around 505,000 new job openings are anticipated for project managers in the upcoming 7 years. The following sectors for program managers are engineering, clinical research, information technology, construction, telecommunication etc.
  3. Extensive Curriculum: The Curriculum for a master's degree in project management in USA is planned to teach international students theoretical and practical features of the management field by the end of the program. The Curriculum is separated into the core courses, capstone courses, and electives and sorted through the semester. The subjects included in an MBA in project management in USA are:
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Data management and presentation
  • Human resource management and employment law
  • Contract management and accounting concepts
  • Organisation design and structure
  • Risk analysis and quality assurance
  1. Earn Your PMP Certification: When you search for master's in project management in USA, check for ones that comprise a PMP exam preparation course. Passing this exam and receiving your PMP certification can benefit you in terms of progressive job opportunities and higher salaries. This exam is a well-respected assessment that shows employers how enthusiastic you are at outshining in this kind of work and keeping up to date with industry standards.

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Best Universities for MS in Project Management in USA

There are some recognized universities offering project management in USA universities. The following list of universities in USA for MS in project management are:

  1. New York University
  2. Pennsylvania State University
  3. University of Maryland
  4. Boston University
  5. Northwestern University
  6. University of Houston

So, these are some of the project management colleges in USA for international students. Let’s discuss it in detail:

1.  New York University

Pursuing MS in project management at New York University is a STEM-accredited graduate degree course where international students can take online lessons or join them on-premises. The course makes students proficient in taking up diverse project management roles in numerous industries. These include construction, engineering, healthcare, technology, and others. The course also teaches high-demand skills in this industry and caters to future obligations.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Program Offered

MS in Project Management


1.5- 2 years

Tuition Fee

43,038 USD/per year

2.  Pennsylvania State University

It is one of the best universities to pursue project management courses in USA. The course is particularly curated to help students manage large and time-bound projects. The students learn how to become resource planners, good leaders and smart managers while helping them prepare for a more combined and inexpensive world ahead. The course is online and accredited by the AACSB International board, adding another feather to students’ accomplishments.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Master of Project Management


1.5- 2 years

Tuition Fee

39,720 USD

3.  University of Maryland

M.Eng in Project Management is provided by A. James Clark School of the Engineering University of Maryland. Project management in USA is about gaining a complete understanding of the applicable subjects and understanding the distinctions of the job. The faculties in the university describe the processes and techniques students need to follow to confirm high-end project management and delivery, along with helping them learn about ordinary tasks.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Program Offered

MS Project Management


2 years

Tuition Fee

17, 983 USD/year

4.  Boston University

Pursuing MS in project management from Boston University enables international students to select required courses and electives that match their academic interests. The course is adaptive to the needs of the students and the living environment they will be working in. Besides helping to learn the core fundamentals of the subject, it also helps students to learn about communication, stakeholder management and leadership.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Program Offered

MS in Project Management


2 years

Tuition Fee

58,560 USD/year

5.  Northwestern University

Graduates of the MPM (Master in project management) program are prepared to enter the workforce in an extensive variety of areas. This program combines education with important concepts of civil and architectural engineering design with the practical concepts of business management and behavioural science. The course here covers managing projects in civil, construction, operations, and environmental engineering projects. The students can choose from part or full-time courses rendering to their schedules.

QS World University Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Master of Project Management


1.5 years

Tuition Fee

56,232 USD/year

6.  University of Houston

It is the best university for masters in project management in USA for international students. The courses offer in-depth preparation in project management skills. Being able to plot and manage projects of all types is a progressively significant skill for those working in a diversity of industries. Moreover, the STEM program recognizes the consistency of the program and provides the added profit of an extended optional practical training period of an extra 24 months for international students.

QS World University Ranking 2023

 751- 800

Program Offered

Master of Science in Technology Project Management


1.5 – 2 years

Tuition Fee

19,428 USD/year

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Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for Masters in Project Management in USA

To pursue masters in project management in USA universities, international students must follow some eligibility criteria and admission requirements to get admission efficiently. The following criteria are:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Work Experience
  3. English Language Proficiency Scores
  4. GMAT or GRE Scores
  5. USA Student Visa
  6. Additional Requirements

These are some of the basic requirements from top universities in USA to get enrolled in project management courses. Let’s discuss it in detail:

1.  Bachelor’s Degree

One of the major requirements that international students must fulfil is to have 16 years of education- 10+2+4, which means a student should have a four-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.

2.  Work Experience

There are some universities in USA that ask for at least 2 to 3 years of work experience to pursue a master's in project management in USA.

3.  English Language Proficiency Scores

International students need to send English language proficiency scores such as IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum score required for the IELTS exam is 6.5, and the TOEFL minimum score is 550.

4.  GMAT or GRE Scores

To study any masters program in USA universities, ask for GRE/GMAT scores to get admission successfully.  A minimum GRE score of 151- 158 each is required, and for GMAT 700 or above score is needed.

5.  USA Student Visa

To get a USA student visa, international students need to have an acceptance letter from the applied university. When acknowledged, a student will receive a Form I-20 from the Institution’s International Students Office, which is a paper record of data in the database known as the student and exchange visitor information system.

Documents Required for MSC Project Management USA

There are some additional documents required for project management MS in USA and some of them are:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Updated Resume
  • LOR’s
  • SOP
  • Proof of Funds
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Valid Passport
  • Current Photographs (passport size)

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Admission Process for Master Degree in Project Management in USA

To get admission to one of the top master's colleges in USA, international students need to follow the admission process for their desired university.

  1. Being an international student, you need to select some of the best MBA in project management in USA universities and fill out the application form available on the respective university website or application portal.
  2. Check all the needed documents required for the master's program.
  3. Gather all the documents like academic transcripts and other essential documents required by the particular US university.
  4. Submit the English language proficiency scores and wait for the admission result.
  5. Once your application is accepted by the selected universities, you'll get an email regarding admission confirmation and the interview process.
  6. Prepare for the interview rounds with the university and the embassy as well.
  7. After clearing the interview, if you get selected for the applied master in project management program, you will get an acceptance letter from the US university.
  8. You need to revert with the confirmation within the allotted timelines to secure a seat in one of the applied master's universities and pay the tuition fees.
  9. After completing and ensuring the official formalities, apply for a USA student visa permit as soon as possible.

Cost of Studying MS in Project Management in USA for International Students

An international student planning to study a project management course in USA needs to be aware of the cost of studying and the cost of living in USA.

1.  Tuition Fees

The cost of a master's in project management in USA varies from university to university. The overall program fees range between 17,000 – 70,000 USD/year.

2.  Cost of Living in USA

The cost of living in USA will be contingent on the lifestyle, city, and other factors. The accommodation expenditure ranges from around 3000 - 8000 USD annually. It also depends upon various factors such as the kind of student accommodation in USA you choose; off-campus or on-campus.

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Scholarships for Project Management in USA Universities for International Students

There are different types of scholarships offered to international students, but some of the best scholarships for MS in project management courses are:

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria

Benefits Offered

PEO International peace scholarships for women

A full year of coursework must be left for completion.

12,500 USD

National Overseas Scholarship Scheme

Minimum55% in UG


Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship

UG from Indian University


International Student Tuition Grant

Meritorious international students

2000 USD

Dean’s Scholars Program

Minimum GPA 3.7, students must have 12 credits of the program.

10,000 USD

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Job Opportunities After Masters in Project Management in USA

After completing MS in project management from USA universities, international students have various job opportunities. The Project Management industry is predicted to grow by 31.34% by 2027 in the USA. Some of the job opportunities and their average salary in USA are:

Job Options

Average Annual Salary in USA

Project Control Manager

111,000 USD

Project Manager

82,000 USD

Quality Assurance Engineer

87,000 USD

Management Analyst

85,000 USD

Facility Manager

86,000 USD

Clinical Project Manager

86,000 USD

Product Manager

87,000 USD

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To build up your project management skills, you need to acquire the appropriate skills to land a job at a large-scale organisation. And if you’re planning to do MS in project management in USA, you can connect with our Yocket Professionals and get to know all the needed information about universities in USA and other aspects to pursuing masters in project management.


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