LOR Samples for MS in Data Science: How to Write Sample LOR for MS in Data Science?

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The LOR samples for MS in data science are a critical element in your MS application because your other application materials, such as SOP and application essays are subject to bias. This is because it’s ‘you’ who are writing these essays. However, the LOR samples for MS in data science are a testimony to your work ethic, interpersonal qualities, and personality coming from an external perspective. The LOR is usually written by a professor, manager, or team leader who is an expert in the field hence their opinion on your technical and professional capabilities plays a vital role in your application.

Different LORs for MS in Data Science

Universities usually require two academic LOR samples for MS in data science written by a professor/HOD/research supervisor. This professional LOR from a manager or senior from work or an internship will help strengthen your application. However, the LOR requirements may change from one university to another.

How to Write a LOR for an MS Program

How to Write a LOR for an MS Program?

In an ideal scenario, your recommender will have to write the LOR samples for MS in data science or fill out the recommendation form consisting of various questions related to the suitability of your candidature for the course.

This is because a LOR written by your recommender makes it real and authentic. If your recommender is willing to write your LOR, then it is best to share with him/her your talking points, resume, and any other relevant information that can help them gauge your candidature. For MS in Data Science, a professor, lab instructor, or research guide from related subjects like machine learning, AI, big data, programming in python, etc, would be a good fit as a recommender; however, it is not mandatory.

An SOP Guide for Data Science!

In any case, we recommend the following blueprint for writing effective LOR samples for MS in data science.

1. Academic Sample LOR for MS in Data Science

  • Introduction

The recommender must introduce himself/herself. They must mention their title at the institution. They may include the number of years they have worked and their area of expertise. Additionally, they must mention how they know the applicant.

  • Body Paragraphs

The recommender must speak about the qualities of the student that they believe make them unique. They may mention the particular qualities that they think will help the student succeed in a rigorous graduate program.

In-depth examples must be provided to back up the statements. Mentioning the applicant's technical skills in programming languages related to data science like R, Python, etc, may help the applicant's case. They may also speak about the projects they have helped the applicant with.

  • Conclusion

The recommender may conclude by stating some good aspects of the applicant's personality, demeanour, and professionalism. They may conclude the LOR for MS in data science with their wishes for the applicant's success. However, it is recommended to add their contact information so the admissions committee may reach out to them in case of any queries.

2. Professional Sample LOR for MS in Data Science

The professional sample LOR for MS in data science can be written in a similar style as the academic LOR. However, the recommender (often a senior or manager) must address the performance of the applicant in the workplace. They must describe the applicant’s involvement in the projects they have been assigned to. They may speak about the applicant’s technical acumen with examples. Besides, the applicant’s professionalism and willingness to learn may be highlighted.

Sample LOR for Masters (MS)

LOR Requirements of Top Universities for MS

Following are the top three universities for pursuing MBA and asking MBA recommendation letter from employers, along with their LOR requirements and guidelines.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Rice University
  3. New York University

Let’s check them one by one!

1. Carnegie Mellon University

This University requires three letters of recommendation for data science. Therefore, the recommenders should know you relatively well and be able to evaluate the quality of your previous work. At least two LORs should be from faculty or recent employers. With the online application, letters will be requested and submitted electronically. Paper recommendations will NOT be accepted. You can check the university’s official website for submission deadlines.

2. Rice University

The letters should be from direct supervisors or people in similar roles, professors, research advisors, or others who are familiar with your skills and experience in data analytics, business analytics, statistics and math, engineering, data science or related fields. You should not submit letters from friends or family members. You may submit more than two LORs, but no less must be submitted with your application.

3. New York Univerity

Recommendations for admitted students are invariably excellent, with references holding applicants in the highest esteem relative to other students or employees with whom they have interacted in the past several years. References from professors or employers who can comment directly and in a detailed way on the applicant’s case and aptitude for data science projects are treated with the most weight. Though not mandatory, they prefer all the sample LOR for MS in data science on a letterhead.

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Important Tips for Writing LOR for MS in Data Science

Following are the tips to write a LOR for MS in data science:

  • Since it’s a letter, keep all the formalities to the left-hand side as per modern letter-writing convention.
  • Communicate and stay in touch with your potential recommenders (academic or professional) when you plan on requesting recommendations from them, well in advance.
  • Target the purpose for which the letter is written clearly once at the beginning and once at the end.
  • Ensure that each LOR has distinctive anecdotes and qualities to showcase.
  • Assess your strengths/capabilities and present them candidly without exaggerating what is not true.
  • The letter should demonstrate the familiarity between the student and the recommender. If the recommender does not know about the student, he/she should have sufficient information to substantiate such familiarity.
  • The candidate's capabilities, interests, and observed conduct should be specifically stated with anecdotes and examples.
  • Share your resume, a scanned copy of the LOR, and the content of the LOR with your recommender, when an online recommendation form is required to be submitted as part of the university application. This will help the recommender vouch for your candidature better.

Letter of Recommendation Guide for MS, MBA, and Others

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