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GRE Prep Strategy for Working Professionals

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Are you a full time working professional and want to travel to the US for education? If yes, I bet you will be eager to know how to cope with the extreme stress in your workplace as well as focus on the first step towards it, GRE! Almost 48% of the applicants are working professionals who take the GRE exam every year across the world! So, how do you go about it? There must be several questions running through your mind but the most important question would be “how can I balance my full-time job with the GRE preparation” We’re here for that, keep reading because we will be providing some important tips that you need to follow in order to walk through the slim edge and balance yourself till the end.

TIP 1: Stop Thinking & Start doing

Time doesn't wait for us and in order to get the best out of the time that is remaining you have to plan fast and start executing it already. Start your planning and execution early. For instance, if you are planning for Fall 2021 intake start planning your strategy and preparation right now! As a wise man once said, “Time is Money”.

TIP 2: Pick an exam date and register for the GRE

There are many types of people in this world, some can work hard with concentration without a deadline but some people require deadlines for making their work more efficient. Why take the risk? Book your GRE date and time before starting your preparation so that you have a deadline in your mind. This is a highly effective technique that we recommend to all the aspirants! This will boost your efficiency and your focus towards the GRE Prep.

TIP 3: Work 9 to 5 but study 9 to 12 too!

I know you must be thinking that this tip is so easy to read but harder to practically do. But, trust me if you are completely committed to your goal, your results will shine brighter! Work in working hours then after a quick rest study for the GRE too. Also, remember that fruit doesn’t ripe in a day. So keep being consistent and pouring consistent efforts to your GRE Prep.

TIP 4: Take out time for Mock Tests

There are so many mock tests just waiting to be taken which includes ETS mock tests, Princeton mock tests, Manhattan mock tests, etc. Make a time table and keep following it. In that time table keep including Mock Tests at regular intervals so that you know what is the progress that you’ve made in the past week or a couple.

TIP 5: Maintain flashcards or Root words for GRE Verbal Section

Maintaining a record in a busy schedule sometimes might get tough and hence we advise you to prepare for the GRE Verbal section with the help of flashcards and root words. You can either write them down or even use Yocket’s GRE Flashcard App. With this, you can easily know which word was hard for you to remember and which one was comparatively easy. This will moreover help you in the last few days of your GRE exam while you revise.

TIP 6: Maintain a Handwritten Maths Formula Book of your own

If you are traveling in a bus or even a train, how easy it would be to just remove your personal Maths Formula book and take a glance for just 10 minutes. Imagine doing this! We highly recommend you make a formula book. You can keep updating the book when you are doing the problems and come across some new formulas. Just write down. This effective technique will do wonders!


TIP 7: Use and Time your holidays wisely

Last but not least if you decide to take a leave on any working day remember that you leave should be fruitful and hence take a holiday wisely. Use the holiday to get along with the GRE Prep and take it to the next level.

Trust us, you aren’t alone in this pickle where you want to balance both your full-time job and prepare for GRE as well. Many people give GRE and score well on it with their full-time jobs too! Keep these 7 tips in your mind and see the result after your GRE exam. Don’t stop now because you have made your mind that means you already have made the harder decision and so this should be easier. Maintain your Professional life and Relive your Student life too!

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