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GMAT Test Day Tips: Follow GMAT Exam Day Tips to Excel in 2023

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Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer adaptive test taken by more than 200,000 business school students each year. GMAT entrance test scores are considered as a benchmark to get shortlisted for popular MBA courses. GMAT evaluates a student’s skills in analytical writing, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning and quantitative reasoning. 

There are many international students who take the GMAT exam, only a few students achieve a good GMAT score. Whether you take the test online or in a test centre, here are some GMAT exam day tips that will help you achieve a decent score in GMAT.

  Table of Contents:

  1. Tips For GMAT Test Day for International Students
  2. 5 Last Minute GMAT Tips for Test Day 

Tips for GMAT Test Day for International Students

To achieve a good score, you need to follow some tips for GMAT exam day that will help you to be positive and motivated on your test day. The following tips are:

  • Take GMAT Practice Test

Once you book the GMAT slot and test date, the next thing is to take full-length practice tests. The GMAT diagnostic tests will help you understand the different types of questions asked in the GMAT. Also, taking GMAT practice tests will help you get familiarised with the atmosphere on the test day. 

  • Review the GMAT Exam Pattern & Sample Papers

Tips for gmat exam day also include understanding the GMAT exam pattern and practising sample GMAT questions. The GMAT consists of four sections: analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. The aggregate score scale for GMAT is between 200 - 800.

  • Assessment of Math and Grammar Rules

Quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning are the main scoring sections of the GMAT exam, with each section having a score scale between 6-51. For verbal reasoning, learn 20+ new words daily and practice using them in context to sentences. For the Quants section, list down all the GMAT math formulas for quick learning.

  • Go Over Your Practice Problems 

While preparing for GMAT, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on how you can improve your score in the difficult sections of the GMAT. Practice writing essays, explaining any random idea with proper reasoning and arguments. 

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5 Last Minute GMAT Tips for Test Day 

Whether you are taking the GMAT exam for the first time or you have previously appeared for GMAT, these last minute test day tips will help you get a good GMAT score. Other than the day of gmat tips, the 5 important last minute tips for GMAT are as follows:

  • Get Your Documents Ready in Advance

Carry a valid photo ID (preferably a passport) and your GMAT appointment letter to your GMAT test centre. Your valid photo ID must meet the requirements of GMAC test policies or else you will not be allowed to take the GMAT exam.

  • Get Some Exercise and Eat Healthy Food

Eat healthy home-cooked food and stay hydrated during the week prior to your GMAT exam date. Try to meditate for 10-15 minutes daily and do freehand exercise for at least 30 minutes. Getting a full 8 hours’ sleep to relieve the exam stress is one of the most crucial ’day before gmat tips’.

  • Keep Your Stress Low

One of the GMAT last day tips include taking a break from studying. On the day before or on the test day, do not read any books or practise any mock tests for your GMAT exam. This will help eliminate any kind of mental fatigue caused by last-minute studying.

  • Visualise Your Success

One of the most important GMAT test day tips is to be optimistic. On the test day, read all the questions in the GMAT exam thoroughly and decide which one you want to attempt and answer first. This will boost your confidence immediately.

  • Plan Your Route

If you are taking the GMAT online exam at home, learn how to use the onVUE online proctoring mode. You must take the exam on a laptop or desktop computer with a GMAC approved operating system. If you are taking the GMAT in a test centre, plan in advance how you can reach the test centre before time. 

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Along with the GMAT test day tips, take at least 3-4 months’ time to prepare for your GMAT exam. Make a comprehensive GMAT study plan to cover the syllabus thoroughly. Set a target score for your GMAT exam and study for 3 to 4 hours per day. With determination and hard work, achieving a decent score in GMAt is indeed possible. And if you want to know more about GMAT, sign up on Yocket and get all the detailed information. 

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