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GMAT Slot Booking: Know How to Book GMAT Slots in 2024

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GMAT scores helps business school aspirants stand out. Your GMAT score shows you're committed to business school by measuring skills they value the most. It's becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a suitable GMAT slot booking at the right location as the number of applicants grows each year. About 52% of full-time one-year and 56% two-year MBA programs reported a rise in applications in 2021, data from GMAC suggests. While around 26,129 Indian students appeared for GMAT in 2020, the number for 2021 was 27,445. Considering such massive influx of GMAT test takers, know how to do GMAT slot booking efficiently.

  Table Of Contents:
  1. GMAT Registration vs GMAT Slot Booking: What’s The Difference?
  2. Breakdown of The GMAT Exam Slot Booking
  3. Fee Details For Registration, Rescheduling and Cancelling

GMAT Registration vs GMAT Slot Booking: What’s The Difference?

There is indeed a distinction between registering for the test and booking GMAT exam time slots. When you register for an exam, you create a one-year account, however when you want a GMAT slot booking, you are reserving a specific GMAT exam date booking, time, and testing location. It would cost $275 to get a seat for each exam you plan to take during the year.

Starting from your registration date, you can take the GMAT a maximum of five times in a year. It's important to note that even if you plan to take the exam more than once per year, you need to register for the exam once in that year and reserve a slot each time you intend to attempt it. In addition, as of Dec. 17th, 2016, a candidate cannot take the GMAT more than eight times in his/her lifetime.

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Breakdown of The GMAT Exam Slot Booking

It is highly recommended that you sign up for the GMAT test and complete GMAT exam slot booking as soon as possible since, as applicants have the freedom to select a location in the country and any time of the year that works best for them in terms of their schedules. This can be accomplished in the following ways:

To Register for GMAT

There are three ways to register for the GMAT in 2024:

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Postal mail
  • To register online:

  1. Launch the official GMAT website in your web browser.
  2. Go to the page that is authorised for registration.
  3. Log on to the online portal/Create an account
  4. Provide the essential basic information, such as your name, address, and other pertinent details.
  5. Setup username and password.
  6. Pay the application fee of $275 online via credit card, debit card, or net banking.

To Book Slot for GMAT

Here’s how to book GMAT exam slot online:

  1. Log on to the official website
  2. The website will initially inquire as to the city in which you now reside. After you have entered the name of your city, the website will provide you with the locations of test centres that are available in both your city as well as the cities that are closest to your city.
  3. When checking for GMAT slot availability, you have the option of selecting up to three different centres. After you have made your selections for the centres you prefer, you will be taken to a new page that contains a list of those centres. The first centre in the list is the one that is active by default. This centre is combined with a calendar-like interface that highlights the days on which GMAT exam slots have GMAT test slot availability at the selected centre and displays them in green. To view the time for GMAT exam slots that are open on a particular day, click on any of the days that are shown in green.
  4. To check available spaces at a different centre on the list, click on the centre you wish to make active before proceeding. This triggers the display of the calendar interface for that centre on the page.

You should register for your desired time and test centre 1-2 months in advance. It's also a good idea to reserve a time window throughout your test-prep period. 

GMAT Registration, Rescheduling and Cancelling Fees

  • GMAT Registration Fee

The GMAT costs $275, which equates to about INR 20,600. Applicants will also be charged extra if they need to switch testing locations or book gmat date to a different one.. If you don't show up for your GMAT exam, you will be charged the full amount.

  • GMAT Cancellation Fee

Candidates will be charged $200 and $50 returned if they cancel their test registration 1-14 days before the book GMAT test date. For exam cancellations between 15 and 60 days prior, you will be charged $175 and refunded $75. If you cancel your GMAT test slot more than 60 days in advance, you will be charged $150 and given a refund of $100.

  • GMAT Rescheduling Fee

You'll have to pay $150 if you need to change your exam date within one to fourteen days of the scheduled time. Rescheduling the GMAT test between 15 and 60 days prior to the scheduled date requires a $100 rescheduling fee. Lastly, you'll have to pay $50 if you reschedule your exam more than 60 days in advance.

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Ensuring you’ve completed the GMAT slot booking at least two to three months in advance is highly recommended when the application season begins, around November each year. When you book a time slot, you seal the deal on a definite exam date, and hence, should begin a more intensive study regimen. This will help you stay focused and organised, as well as save you time in the future. If you follow a systematic GMAT study plan, you are significantly more likely to get a good score. Clarify any doubts you might still have by being part of the largest study abroad community at Yocket!


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