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GMAT or GRE for MBA: Know Which Exam GMAT or GRE is Suitable for MBA Abroad

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If you are looking to pursue an MBA abroad, you must have already come across the GMAT or GRE tests. Since both of these tests are well recognised and accepted globally, students are indulged in the debate to take GMAT vs GRE for MBA. While the GMAT is specifically designed for business school aspirants, GRE will gain admittance in masters courses including MBA.

If you are in a dilemma which one to prefer, then don't worry as this blog will cover each aspect of the GMAT and GRE exam in detail, highlighting their key differences, scoring patterns, and costs. Understanding about the GMAT and GRE difference, and whether should you take the GRE or GMAT for MBA is of prime importance and will definitely help you in simplifying your pre-arrival MBA journey.

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Overview of GMAT and GRE Exam

The key purpose of the GMAT and GRE for MBA is to increase the chances of admission to MBA abroad in destinations such as the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and other countries. These test scores help the admission committee in evaluating your knowledge and the learning gained during your previous academic studies. The examining body also considers GRE and GMAT scores while offering financial aid or merit based scholarships in the top universities across the world. Most of the academic institutions do not prefer to have one test over the other and thus both GMAT and GRE have equal importance.

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Should You Take the GMAT or GRE for MBA Admission? 

The answer to this question is definitely GMAT. Although GRE is also used as a competent examination, the GMAT is preferred more. According to the official statistics from GMAT, more than 80% of applicants to top MBA schools in the US rely on GMAT as an entrance exam. Moreover, 9 in 10 students rely on GMAT to get into top European MBA universities. 

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GMAT vs GRE for MBA: Quick Glance

As we know that a large number of aspirants appear for GMAT or GRE for MBA programs. It is a matter of choice for every student to pick which one of the two is better as it differs from student to student. It completely depends upon your personal preference. Some of the aspirants can score better in GMAT while a few of them have a good score in GRE. Both the tests cover some important sections including writing ability, quantitative section and verbal.

The following GRE vs GMAT for MBA comparison chart will give you an overview of some crucial aspects related to both the exam along with highlighting the key differences between GMAT vs GRE for MBA.




Total Students Appeared in 2021

Around 2 lakhs

About 5 Lakhs


5 times

5 times

Scoring Range






Total Time

3 hours & 45 minutes

3 hours & 7 minutes

Total no. of questions

  • MCQs: 80; 
  • Unscored research section: 20
  • Questions: 90

Exam Fee

205 USD

250 USD


GRE scores valid upto 5 years

GMAT score valid upto 5 years

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What is the Difference between GMAT and GRE?

Although the debate between GRE vs GMAT for MBA is never ending, both of the exams almost serve the same purpose, they vary in some aspects. So if you are confused by the question like should you take the GMAT or GRE for MBA, here we have discussed the key differences between the two.

  • The major differences between GMAT and GRE exams lies in their syllabus. GRE tests will ask the aspirants questions from analytics reasoning, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. Whereas GMAT syllabus covers the same aspects but with an additional section of your Integrated Learning.
  • The GRE exam syllabus has two sections each for Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning which are present along with an unscored section. On the other hand, the GMAT is somewhat straightforward with one section each of verbal reasoning, quantitative, integrated reasoning and writing.

However, if you still didn't get the proper answer of the questions, what should you take the GMAT or GRE for MBA. Let's take a brief insight on the difference between each of the sections of GMAT and GRE exam.

  • Verbal Reasoning Section
  • Quantitative Reasoning Section
  • Analytical Writing Section
  • Integrated Reasoning Section

Let's discuss about each section one by one: 

Verbal Reasoning Section

The GRE test scores can test your vocabulary part whereas the GMAT focuses on your Grammatical correctness. The total number of questions that have been framed in verbal reasoning sections includes.


GRE Verbal Reasoning

GMAT Verbal Reasoning

Total Questions

40 questions

30 questions


60 minutes


Scoring Range



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Quantitative Reasoning Section

The quantitative section of GMAT is more challenging than the GRE exam. The GRE quantitative reasoning questions can check your basic fundamentals of mathematics whereas the GMAT likes to check your application in the same questions.


GRE Quantitative Reasoning

GMAT Quantitative Reasoning

Total Questions

40 questions

31 questions


60 minutes

62 minutes

Scoring Range



Analytical Writing Section

You have to write two essays in the analytical section of GRE exam whereas the GMAT will ask you to write only one essay to check English comprehension skills. Therefore it is required to be mindful in your writing skills.


GRE Quantitative Reasoning

GMAT Quantitative Reasoning

Total Questions

2 essay

1 essay


60 minutes

30 minutes

Scoring Range

0-6 score range with 0.5 intervals

0-6 score range with 0.5 intervals

Integrated Reasoning Section

The Integrated Reasoning questions have been asked in GMAT exam only. This one is a combination of both verbal and quantitative sections. This section can check your data analysis skills and consists of 12 questions. The scoring range of GMAT integrated reasoning section is between 1 to 8 marks.

Each of the exams has its own way of testing student's skills. They can check whether the student is ready for industry or not. Let's take a brief insight of some colleges that accept the GMAT or GRE for MBA programs.

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GMAT and GRE Score Requirement of Top B Schools

A large number of Top MBA Universities across the world, along with reputed colleges and institutions accept both the GRE and GMAT exam. Here we have given a list of B-Schools that accepts between GRE or GMAT for MBA program 


Average GRE Score

Average GMAT Score


Above 80%


London Business School, London


Fuqua School of Business



NYU Stern



Warwick Business School


Copenhagen Business School



Tepper School of Business



HEC Paris

65th Percentile in both sections


Babson College



UWA Business School



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Apart from the above-mentioned business schools, there are some other top B-Schools too that accept both the GMAT and GRE for MBA programs. Now let's take a brief discussion on how you should pick the right one for your MBA admissions.

How to Pick Up the Right Test for Yourself? 

To pick up the right choice between the GRE or GMAT for MBA, it is necessary for you to start with giving practice tests. There is a high possibility that only one out of the two will suit you the best.

However, it has been usually observed that a student who comes from a business background goes for the GMAT exam and the students who do exceptionally well in the writing part can opt for the GRE exam. It therefore, becomes an essential for analysing your practice tests and go for the one you are the most comfortable with. 

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One must keep in mind the answer to the question: which one should you take the GMAT or GRE for MBA? is a subjective one and comes with students' own point of view. The syllabus, pattern, duration, costs and other essentials are similar to a large extent and both of them are conducted every year. No matter which may suit you the best or which test you are going to appear in, always remember to prioritise your preparation and structure it well prior to the time. However, if you have even more queries regarding GRE vs GMAT for MBA, you can connect with our Yocket Professionals.

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