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GRE Vs GMAT: Which Exam is Right For You in 2023?

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GRE Vs GMAT, which exam should you consider? Multiple students apply abroad for better education access and to build a bright future in their chosen field. While securing good academic scores is one aspect, clearing entrance exams is another one which is equally important in the admission process. Taking the GMAT or GRE exam is important to study in the best business institutes globally. But what is the difference between GRE and GMAT? And which one should a candidate prefer between the two?

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GRE and GMAT allow top business institutes to analyse the skills and knowledge of students in multiple domains, such as analytical thinking, mathematics, English writing, and more. But there is always confusion on which to study, GMAT or GRE? Thus, in this article, to help you make this decision, we have covered all essential details related to GRE vs GMAT: syllabus, exam costs, difficulty level, etc.

Latest Update for GRE Aspirants: The GRE General Test fee will increase by $15 USD and cost $228 USD for test takers in India from November 1, 2022. Besides, the cost of additional score reports will increase to $30 USD globally.

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Difference Between GRE & GMAT

What is GMAT vs GRE difference? The basic difference between GRE and GMAT is that GMAT is typically asked by business schools for admissions, whereas GRE is accepted for various graduate programs. Besides, the two tests have different patterns, formats, testing policies, modes of sending scores, etc.

Before you can proceed towards understanding the common queries, such as which is harder, GMAT or GRE or what is the difference between GRE verbal vs GMAT verbal, let’s first analyse the differences between these two exams:

Distinguishing Factors

GRE Exam


Exam Sections

GRE tests aspirants on the basis of Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning

GMAT has an additional section of Integrated Reasoning along with the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical sections.

Verbal Reasoning

Focuses on vast vocabulary

Focuses on grammar

Quantitative Reasoning

2 sections

1 section

Analytical Writing

2 essays

1 essay

Testing Style

Section Adaptive

Computer Adaptive

Exam Duration

3 hrs 45 min

3 hrs 7 min

Top GRE Accepting Universities

Shortlisting universities for GRE and GMAT can be tough. But worry not. We have explained the GRE/ GMAT eligibility criteria, syllabus, exam pattern, difficulty level, etc. After understanding the differences between the two, you can make your choice about the exam and top universities asking for the scores.

How to choose GRE vs GMAT

GRE Vs GMAT: Eligibility Criteria

There are no guidelines when writing for GMAT or GRE exams. However, there is a common requirement that is followed by both, such as:

  • No age limit (However, students below 18 years should get written permission from their legal guardian or parent to write the exam)
  • Availability of a graduate degree
  • Availability of a valid passport (Now Aadhar card is also accepted)

GMAT to GRE Conversion

Now you know the eligibility criteria. Next, let’s explore…

Syllabus Comparison Between GRE & GMAT

GRE and GMAT syllabus has a few differences. Based on your choice, the syllabus will vary according to the present exam sections. To help you have a better understanding, here is an overview of the GRE vs GMAT syllabus:

Distinguishing Factors

GRE Syllabus

GMAT Syllabus

Analytical Writing

An argumentative essay

An issue-based essay

An argumentative essay


Modifiers and Parallelism

Idioms and Idiomatic expressions

Verb tense

Pronoun Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement

Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns

Synonyms and Antonyms

Modifiers and Parallelism

Idioms and Idiomatic expressions

Verb tense

Pronoun Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement

Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns


Strengths and weaknesses



Synonyms and Antonyms




Data Analysis




Data Analysis


Integrated Reasoning


Multi-Source Reasoning

Table Analysis

Graphics Interpretation

Two-Part Analysis

How to Study Well for GRE Exam?

GRE Vs GMAT: Exam Pattern

Now let’s move towards understanding the exam pattern for GRE vs GMAT. Here is an overview for a simpler understanding:

Exam Sections


GRE Duration


GMAT Duration

Analytical Writing

2 questions, 2 essays

60 minutes

1 question, 1 essay

30 minutes

Quantitative section

20 x 2 questions

35 minutes x 2

31 questions

62 minutes

Verbal section

20 x 2 questions

30 minutes x 2

36 questions

65 minutes

Experimental Section

20 questions

30 minutes



Integrated Reasoning



12 questions

30 minutes

You further understand the GRE exam pattern in detail by exploring this video by Yocket’s expert counsellors.

GRE Vs GMAT Difficulty

Answering the most common question of students, GRE vs GMAT difficulty? Is any of them easy? Here is an overview to answer this query better:

You must understand that the GRE and GMAT are both aptitude tests designed to check if you’re capable of becoming successful in the future. Thus, both of these tests are challenging. However, experienced test takers claim that GRE is comparatively easier than GMAT.

Although the other way to look at this is that since GMAT has a challenging Quantitative section, many candidates feel that GMAT is tougher than GRE. On the contrary, the GRE's verbal section isn’t the easiest to score for most students owing to a vast need for good vocabulary.

To sum it up, some students might have trouble with GRE’s Verbal section scoring, while others might face issues with GMAT’s Quantitative challenges.

GMAT cutoff 2022

GRE Vs GMAT: Marking Scheme

Now that you are getting a better understanding of GRE vs GMAT in this category, let’s learn about the marking scheme, also known as the scoring process.

GRE Scoring

GMAT Scoring

Analytical Writing: 0-6

Analytical Writing: 0-6

Verbal Reasoning Section: 130-170

Verbal Reasoning Section: 6-51

Quantitative Reasoning: 130-170

Quantitative Section: 6-51

One unscored section: 0

Integrated Reasoning: 1-8

Total Score: 260-340

Total Score: 200-800

Which universities offer GMAT/GRE waiver?

GRE Vs GMAT: Exam Fees

The cost of GRE vs GMAT exam is as follows:

Best GMAT Coaching in India

GRE Vs GMAT: Exam Attempts

Students are not restricted to attempting for GMAT or GRE exam after one attempt. Based on the exam choice, students are allowed a maximum attempt of:

  • GRE- Upto 5 attempts, the test can be taken once every 21 days
  • GMAT- Upto 2 times


GRE Vs GMAT: Accepted By

When you decide to write either the GMAT or GRE exam, you should also consider where your scores will be accepted the most. For instance, with GRE, the score is accepted by MS, MBA, and PhD. For GMAT, the score is accepted by business schools. Next, let’s explore the top universities accepting GRE/ GMAT scores.

GRE Vs GMAT: Top Universities

Following is the list of top 5 universities accepting GRE and GMAT scores.

GRE Accepting Universities

GMAT Accepting Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Stanford University

Stanford University

California Institute of Technology

McGill University

University of Oxford

University of Melbourne

University of Chicago

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

GRE at Home

GRE Vs GMAT: Which Exam Should You Choose?

So what do you think, which one is easier GMAT or GRE? GRE usually has a less difficult quantitative section compared to GMAT. So if you have better mathematical skills, choose GMAT or vice versa. However, the selection between GRE and GMAT depends on factors like your selected course, university requirements, test style preference, GMAT vs GRE score comparison, career goals, etc.

No matter which exam you choose, attaining a good GRE and GMAT score can help you get accepted into a globally recognised and prestigious institute. With good GMAT/ GRE scores, you can bag handsome packages and get placed well. So, remember that you need to put your best foot forward and up your game! Further, check out this video explaining the list of universities that accept 300-310 GRE scores.

Aptitude tests such as GRE, GMAT, or others evaluate your IQ using the testing methods of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, language skill tests, integrated reasoning, etc, to confirm your expertise on the subject. This ensures you’re ready to be on board for a successful career. Knowing the difference between GRE and GMAT will help you make the right pick for courses and colleges. Whichever exam you decide to go with, start preparing for it at the earliest.

If you decide to take the GRE test, explore our Yocket prep product, including free GRE diagnostic tests, a priority planner, and a complete prep package with GRE prep+. This service will help you strategise your GRE preparation under expert guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Vs GMAT

Ques: What is the difference between GRE and GMAT in terms of cost?

Ans: The exam fee for the GRE is USD $228 (with effect from November 1, 2022), whereas, for the GMAT, it is USD $250.

Ques: Is GRE and GMAT syllabus same?

Ans: GRE and GMAT are aptitude tests taken to seek admission abroad. However, the tests are different in terms of sections, question types, scores, syllabus, and cost.

Ques: Is GRE easier than GMAT?

Ans: Every test taker has this question in mind; GMAT vs GRE, which is easier? Experts explain that even though the quantitative section of the GRE can be easier than GMAT, those who prefer logic problems over geometry questions can take the GMAT. However, the difficulty level depends from person to person based on their command over the GRE/GMAT test, the pattern, syllabus, etc.

Ques: Should I take the GMAT or GRE for MBA?

Ans: GMAT is best suited between GMAT vs GRE for MBA or Business related courses.

Ques: What if you’ve taken the GRE examination and one of the universities you want to apply to requires a GMAT score?

Ans: Many GRE score converter websites are available for you online. You can check with your desired university if they accept the conversion scores. If not, you still have a vague idea of your performance on the GRE. As you would have attended the GRE, a little more preparation will have you ready for the GMAT.

Ques: Can you apply for a PhD with a GRE score?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for a PhD with a good GRE score.

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