GRE vs GMAT: What are the Differences Between GRE and GMAT?

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Updated on Oct 5, 2021

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On the quest to navigate your way into a foreign university, you will face many obstacles and confusions. One such perplexity is knowing the exact difference between GMAT and GRE. Aspirants often find themselves in a situation where choosing the best-suited eligibility test amongst GMAT and GRE becomes a tiring task. To make this decision simple for you,  we have come up with an easy to understand guide highlighting the differences between GRE and GMAT.

It needs to be mentioned right at the outset that GMAT is the preferred exam for most B-Schools globally whereas GRE is permissible for a large variety of graduate programs.

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Check with your desired university for their preferred test type.

Business schools usually prefer GMAT scores. However, many schools have recently started accepting GRE as well for Business related courses.

Let’s have a closer look to understand the key differences between GRE V/s GMAT -

GRE V/s GMAT in 2021

As depicted above some of the key differences between GRE and GMAT are with regards to the time given to complete the test, costs of the test, and various sections.

  • A major difference between GRE and GMAT lies in their sections. GRE tests aspirants on the basis of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Whereas, GMAT has an additional section of Integrated Reasoning along with the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical sections.

  • Additionally, GRE has two sections each for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. These are present along with an unscored section. The GMAT paper is quite straightforward with one section each of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical writing. 

Did you know? About 2 lakh aspirants take the GMAT test every year. But, about half a million people give the GRE test every year.

What are the major section wise differences between GRE and GMAT?

Any aspirant struggling to know the difference between GRE and GMAT should stay aware of the section wise variations.

Difference between GMAT and GRE for Verbal Reasoning section:

GRE tests your vast vocabulary. GMAT focuses on your grammatical correctness. You have two Verbal Reasoning sections in GRE whereas GMAT has just one.

GRE Verbal Reasoning 

GMAT Verbal Reasoning

40 (20*2) questions

36 questions

30+30= 60 minutes 

65 minutes 

Scored on a 130-170 score scale

The score range lies between 6-51

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Difference between GMAT and GRE for Quantitative Reasoning section:

Test experts find the GMAT Quantitative section more challenging than the GRE Quantitative section. 

The Quantitative Reasoning section of GRE focuses on your basic mathematical knowledge. However, GMAT is interested in testing your application skills with the same knowledge. 

You have two sections of Quantitative Reasoning in GRE, while GMAT has one. 

GRE Quantitative Reasoning 

GMAT Quantitative Reasoning

40 (20*2) questions

31 questions

30+30= 60 minutes 

62 minutes 

Scored on a 130-170 score scale

The score range lies between 6-51

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Difference between GMAT and GRE for Analytical Writing section:

GRE comprises 2 essays while GMAT has just 1.

GRE Analytical Writing 

GMAT Analytical Writing

2 Tasks

1 Task

30+30= 60 minutes 

30 minutes 

Scored in the 0-6 score range, with 0.5 intervals.

Scored in the 0-6 score range, with 0.5 intervals.

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Integrated Reasoning - The section that creates a difference between GRE and GMAT

This section is present only in GMAT. The Integrated Reasoning section is a combination of the Verbal and Quantitative sections. Integrated Reasoning tests your data analysis skills. This section might have only 12 questions. But, speaks volumes about your data sorting and problem-solving skills to many organisations.

Each of these sections has a unique way of testing. 

However, the end result of both the exams, GRE and GMAT, is to check if you’re industry-ready. 

Which is easier - GMAT or GRE?

Aspirants usually ask this question a lot while researching “which is easier: GMAT or GRE?”. You must understand that GRE, GMAT both are aptitude tests designed to check if you’re capable of becoming successful in the future. Thus, both of these tests are challenging. However, experienced test takers claim that GRE is comparatively easier than GMAT. 

Although, the other way to look at this is that since GMAT has a challenging Quantitative section, many candidates feel that GMAT is tougher. 

Also, the GRE's verbal section isn’t the easiest to score for most students owing to a vast need for good vocabulary.

To sum it up, some students might have trouble with GRE’s Verbal section scoring while others might face issues with GMAT’s Quantitative challenges. 

If the question of, “Is GRE easier than GMAT” ever bothers you, know this - As mentioned above, even though GRE is comparatively easier than GMAT, the exam you work hard for is the one that will end up being easy for you. Don’t sweat over GRE to GMAT difficulty level. Just prepare well.

GMAT or GRE for MBA?

GMAT is a specialized examination for MBA or other Business courses across the world. If you’re aspiring to pursue your MBA abroad, then GMAT is preferable. 

After weighing between GRE or GMAT, if you’re still confused about which is the best pick for you, here’s something you should know.  

GRE is accepted across the world for many courses other than MBA. For instance, if you wish to pursue a master’s in Psychology, you will need a GRE score.

GMAT is for MBA and B-school aspirants. But, many schools now have started accepting GRE scores for admissions. So, check with your desired college and choose your test.

One more important task before you choose the test is to weigh. Meaning, list out the number of colleges you wish to apply to and look at their respective requirements. 

For instance, if you want to send your scores to five different schools, three of which accept the GRE score. The three colleges accepting the GRE scores also are your top desired colleges. If that’s the case, go with taking the GRE test.    

Scoring Systems: How does the scoring of GRE and GMAT differ from each other? 

Since scoring is different in both exams, it is important to stay aware of the difference.

GRE scoring 

GMAT scoring

Analytical Writing: 0-6

Analytical Writing: 0-6

Verbal Reasoning Section: 130-170

Verbal Reasoning Section: 6-51

Quantitative Reasoning: 130-170

Quantitative Section: 6-51

One unscored section: 0

Integrated Reasoning: 1-8

Total Score: 260-340

Total Score: 200-800

Validity of scores: 5 years 

Validity of scores: 5 years 


How important is your GRE or GMAT score? 

A good GRE or GMAT score will certainly get you admission in some of the finest Universities across the World. A good GMAT score will also impress the top recruiters across the World. With a good GMAT score, you can bag handsome packages and can get placed extremely well. So, remember that you need to put your best foot forward, to hike your game. 

Tests such as GRE, GMAT or others test your IQ using the testing methods of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, language skill tests, Integrated Reasoning, etc. to confirm your expertise on the subject. This ensures that you’re ready to be on board for a successful career. Be it GMAT to GRE, we have compiled the best preparation material for you. Refer the same to ease your learning.  

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5 pertinent questions about GMAT V/s GRE asked by aspirants

  1. Can you apply for a Ph.D. with a GRE score?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for a Ph.D. with a good GRE score. 

  1. What if you’ve taken the GRE examination and one of the universities you want to apply for requires a GMAT score?

Ans: Many GRE score converter websites are available for you online. You can check with your desired university if they accept the conversion scores. If not, you still will have a vague idea of your performance in the GMAT. As you would have attended the GRE, a little more preparation will have you ready for the GMAT. 

  1. Should I take GMAT or GRE for MBA?

Ans: GMAT is best suited for MBA or Business related courses. 

  1. Rate accordingly, GRE V/s GMAT difficulty? 

Ans: Experts say that GMAT is more difficult than GRE. Additionally, you aren’t allowed to use a calculator while taking the GMAT test. 

  1. What is the difference between GRE and GMAT in terms of cost?

Ans: The exam fee of GRE is US $205 whereas that of GMAT is US $250.

Knowing the difference between GMAT and GRE will help you make the right pick for courses and colleges. Whichever exam you decide to go with, start working hard for it at the earliest.

All the best!