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German Blocked Account: Everything You Need to Know About Opening a Blocked account in Germany

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Have you been accepted to a German University? Did you just jump out of excitement to apply for a student visa? Sadly, you have one more formality to tick off. You need a block account for a Germany student visa. What is blocked account Germany? It is a blocked amount that will prove that you have enough funds to study in Germany. This explanation might probably not be enough. Let’s discuss this in more detail to help you gain more clarity.

Table of Contents:

  1. German Blocked Bank Account: What Is Blocked Account & Why Is It Needed?
  2. Documents Indian Students Require To Create A German Blocked Bank Account
  3. How to Open Blocked account in Germany?
  4. Most Used German Blocked Accounts: Which Is The Best Bank For Blocked Account Germany
  5. Deutsche Vs Kotak Vs Fintiba: Comparing the Top 3 Options
  6. German Blocked Account : When & How to Use It
  7. De-blocking Your Blocked Account: What Will Happen To Your Blocked Account If Your Visa Gets Rejected?

German Blocked Bank Account: What Is Blocked Account & Why Is It Needed?

A German blocked bank account is a special student bank account created by international students going to study in Germany. This account acts as proof that they have enough funds to survive the first year of study in Germany. You are allowed to use this bank account on arrival in Germany.


International students accepted at the universities of Germany need to open a German blocked bank account except the European Union, USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and a few others.

You are required to block about €10,332 to prove that you have enough funds to finance yourself in Germany for at least a year of your education. Also, Block account for Germany Student Visa is an essential requirement.

Since this is a special account to be used by you in a foreign country, any general bank wouldn’t be able to provide you with this account. There are only a few German recognised banks that will allow you to open a blocked account.

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Documents Indian Students Require To Create A German Blocked Bank Account

A block account for Germany student visa is a must. This is the funding proof you provide to get a student visa. So, if you want to open a blocked account, you will need to submit the following documents.

  1. University Acceptance letter
  2. Passport
  3. Passport copies
  4. Passport-size photos
  5. Bank statements of the account the amount is transferred (This depends on the bank you will create the account in) 

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How to Open Blocked Account in Germany?

The process of opening a German blocked account may vary from one provider to another, but the basic steps below are quite similar-

  1. Choose the Bank or  provider.
  2. Apply online  through their portal for a blocked account.
  3. Download and fill the application form
  4. Deposit the funds in the account .
  5. Get  the confirmation of the blocked amount.
  6. Make an appointment with the  German embassy
  7. Access Your Funds


Most Used German Blocked Accounts: Which Is The Best Bank For Blocked Account Germany?

Students consider many factors such as the safety, credibility, accessibility and quality services to international students before opening a blocked account. Huge Germany blocked account amount affects the student’s visa status. Therefore, choosing the best bank for blocked account Germany is crucial.

Shortlisting from the available options, the trusted banks you can open your account with are:

  1. Deutsche Bank
  2. Kotak Mahindra Bank account
  3. Fintiba Bank

These are the top three banks you can have a blocked account in. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  1. Deutsche Bank Blocked Account:

Deutsche Bank blocked account is one of the best and trusted banks in Germany to have a blocked account.

How to Open German Blocked Account with Deutsche?

The steps to follow for opening student Blocked Account Germany are -

1. Download the application form from their official website.

2. Complete the application form electronically and then print two copies. There are several pages of questions and regulations, so be sure to answer them correctly, and read the instructions carefully. Once you print the application form:

3. Send the following documents to the German Embassy/Consulate to be legalized:

  • Your valid passport
  • A copy of the Acceptance Letter at your school/university
  • A prepaid envelope from a private service provider (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.).
  • Proof of the source of your funds

4. Submit the documents and a copy of the application form to the German Embassy/ Consulate in your country/nearest to you.

5. The German Embassy or Consulate will send the application to the relevant Deutsche Bank branch in Germany via mail.

6. Once the application has been processed, Deutsche Bank will send you your IBAN and BIC either through your email or registered address. (You select your preferred method of contact at the time of application). This is usually after a few weeks.

7. Transfer the money to the Blocked Bank Account in Deutsche Bank.

8. Once the bank receives your money, they will notify you via email or registered post.

NOTE: If you will open your Blocked Bank Account through this method, make sure to start the process well in advance from the time you intend to arrive in Germany.

  1. Kotak Mahindra Blocked Account

If you wish to open a Kotak Mahindra blocked account, you will need to first choose the branch of Kotak you will open the account from (Not all branches open a blocked account).

How to Open German blocked account for Kotak?

Opening a blocked account with Kotak isn’t the simplest process. As it is an Indian bank working with overseas institutions, it has its drawbacks.

For instance, you will need to open a blocked account in Germany after you arrive. After this you will have to get the Germany blocked account amount transferred from India.

However, if you trust the bank, have a look at how to open German blocked account with kotak:

1. Download a form from the Kotak official website.

2. Make sure you are filling out accurate details while in the form. As this is an important step, any err in the form might get you rejected. 

3. Along with the form submit-

  • A copy of your passport
  • German university’s admission letter
  • The email of Indemnity in the bank’s format (to qualify that you have a legit blocked account)
  • Your request to change your status from resident to non-resident, and your Resident Account to NRO.
  • IP Cheque for INR value equivalent to €10,332.
  • Student Request Letter – your declaration to allow Kotak Mahindra Bank to apply a Debit Freeze in your blocked account until permission to withdraw money overseas and sharing your blocked account information when landing in Germany.

4. A week later your bank will notify you with an email to confirm your blocked account is ready along with the exact amount of money you have deposited in that account.

5. The process isn’t completed yet. Once you land in Germany you need to open a bank account in Deutsche Bank using their online application portal. You have to fill an application form properly and upload it along with other required documents as described in the online portal.

6. As soon as the DB receives your application they will send the IBAN (the number of your bank account) and BIC (equivalent to Swift Code). You can choose to receive these numbers by mail or by post if you have registered the address of your residence in Germany.

7. After Deutsche Bank confirms the opening of your bank account, you have to request Kotak Mahindra Bank in India to transfer your money to your bank account in Germany and withdraw it as regulated.

8. Around the time they receive your email, they will reach you over the phone to ask you about the details of your account so always have your IBAN, BIC and your passport number handy. Once they collect your information the transfer will be processed. This can account for around 4 to 5 days.

  1. Fintiba Blocked Account

Fintiba is a specialised company that helps students with getting a German Blocked Account. To Open a Fintiba blocked account is really simple as compared to any other bank procedure. So much so that the process that take 10-15 days in other banks, Fintiba takes only 10 mins to set your Fintiba open blocked account. 

How to Open German Blocked Account with Fintiba?

Here are the steps to opening a Fintiba blocked account -

  1. Go to the Fintiba website.
  2. Complete the application form. Once you start the registration process, you will have to 
    answer several questions. Your account will be opened in 10 minutes.
  3. Follow the instructions on the app and upload a scanned picture of your passport.
  4. Transfer the money. Depending on the bank you are transferring the money from and the 
    country, this could take up to five days.
  5. After the money arrives, your Blocking Confirmation will be issued and available in the 
    "Documents" section of your account.
  6. Print the Blocking Confirmation. Attach it with the rest of your German Student Visa 
  7. Submit the Confirmation to the German Embassy/Consulate to apply for your visa. 

Deutsche Vs Kotak Vs Fintiba : Comparing the Top 3 Options

Despite the details regarding the options, it is understandable to have confusions about which is the best bank to have a blocked account. Let’s have a comparison between the three options for opening a blocked account in Germany:





Difficulty level of opening the bank account




No of days to open an account

2-3 weeks

15 to 20 days

10 mins - 5 days

Require opening a blocked account in Germany via embassy/consulate




Minimum blocked bank account amount




Multi-language support

English and German

English and Hindi

English and German



Not upto the mark



German Blocked Account : When & How to Use It ?

You are required to open a blocked bank account immediately after your acceptance at a German University, as the proof of funds is a crucial document for you to get a student visa or a student resident permit.

As of 2023, students need to transfer a minimum of €11,208 while opening a blocked account in Germany.

Students can use the German blocked account from the time of their arrival in Germany. However, you will not be allowed to withdraw the whole amount at once. But, you can withdraw about €861 per month for your living expenses in Germany.

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De-blocking Your Blocked Account: What Will Happen To Your Blocked Account If Your Visa Gets Rejected?

In case your  German Student Visa is rejected, submit your visa rejection letter to the Bank handling your blocked account. You will also have to add a stamp from the consulate or the embassy on the letter to get your account de-blocked.

To de-block:

  1. Submit visa rejection letter
  2. Add request letter to deblock account

By doing so, your bank will unfreeze your blocked bank account and you can continue to use it like a normal bank account.

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