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Free ACT Prep Resources: Top 10 Free ACT Prep Resources

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The American College Testing (ACT) is a standardised test for college admissions in the US. Currently being administered by ACT, this is one of the most taken exams with approximately 2.5 million students taking up the exam every year. The number is not only indicative of its importance but also its competitive nature. If you are planning your higher education in any corner of the US, ACT might be your first step towards your dream college!

With the exam dates round the corner, we understand how crucial it is for you to find reliable and efficient free ACT prep resources. Stay with us till the end as we will acquaint you with the best free ACT prep resources to prepare for your upcoming ACT exam!

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Overview of the ACT Test

Before coming on to the free ACT prep resources, it is important to understand the exam we are preparing for. Let us begin with acquainting ourselves with the ACT exam structure. 

The ACT is a 2 hour 55 minutes computer-based test. The test duration exceeds upto 3 hours 35 minutes if you choose to opt for the 40 minute essay. A short break is provided after the second test. Below is the precise structure of the ACT exam:


Number of Questions

Time Limit


75 Multiple choice questions

45 minutes


60 Multiple choice questions

60 minutes


40 Multiple choice questions

35 minutes


40 Multiple choice questions

35 minutes

Writing (optional)

1 essay

40 minutes

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Benefits of Taking ACT Test Prep Resources

Following a specific preparation resource for ACT is not just a process but a necessity. You must follow a concise and comprehensive course and test prep resource. Here are some of the benefits of taking up an ACT practise test free: 

  • Helps you prepare for the exam in a structured manner.
  • You get your hands on a course designed by ACT experts increasing your chances of clearing the exam.
  • Real time test practice and experience before the final exam

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Top 10 Best Free ACT Prep Resources

Having understood the ACT structure let us now look at the best free ACT prep resources. Here is a list of the top 10 free ACT test prep websites that you can refer to for preparing for your ACT exam: 

  • ACT.org
  • The Princeton Review
  • Kaplan
  • Magoosh
  • Khan Academy
  • Varsity Tutors
  • Veritas Prep
  • The Critical Reader
  • Eric the Red
  • Union Test Prep

Let us have a precise look into the salient features of all these free ACT resources: 

  • ACT.org

Users who sign up with ACT.org receive access to a free ACT study guide, a full-length practice test with all four sections and a writing prompt, and helpful test-taking strategies. Here you can go on to take the best free ACT practice test.

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  • The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has several free ACT prep courses options, including a full-length practice test and free online courses on testing strategies. After completing the best free ACT practice test, you'll receive an in-depth score report that identifies your biggest strengths and weaknesses.

  • Kaplan

Kaplan and the ACT have partnered together so you can study with top-rated teachers and official ACT practice questions. Results are scores that will impress you and your college. With Kaplan you will get free act practice questions to help you boost your score.

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  • Magoosh

Magoosh houses a variety of free ACT prep materials for those preparing to take the exam. Through its blog, the test prep company provides detailed tips to effectively study for the ACT, as well as multiple options for creating study schedules.

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  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the name in the air. The academy has been doing commendable work towards providing free ACT prep resources. The material is self explanatory and yields amazing results.

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  • Varsity Tutors

Along with hundreds of free practice tests broken up by subject area, Varsity Tutors offers free ACT diagnostic exams. These tests can help you figure out where you need to focus so you can create an effective study plan that addresses your specific needs. Varsity provides you with the best free act practice test resources.

  • Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep is the largest privately-owned test prep and admissions consulting company in the world. With Veritas you are guaranteed improvement in your ACT scores. They also provide you with the facility to take up practice tests which boost your scores drastically.

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  • The Critical Reader

Founded by test prep expert Erica Meltzer, The Critical Reader is an online catalogue of ACT reading materials that mimic the exam's reading passages. Meltzer has also written ”The Complete Guide to ACT Reading” and has plans to update the popular guide regarding upcoming changes to the ACT Reading section.

  • Eric the Red

If you need more maths-related practice, Erik the Red has extensive resources for conquering the ACT Math section. There are plenty of math quizzes to choose from, and practice problems are organised according to the skills and strategies you'll need to answer them.

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  • Union Test Prep

The small team of highly skilled, passionate professionals works together to make educational resources accessible. Union Test Prep is creating new ways to guide people through what stands between where they are today and where they’d like to be.

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These were the top free ACT prep resources along with their salient features. All the adieu is to reach out to one of these and enrol yourself into the well structured course. Free ACT practice questions will definitely help you gain an edge over the others in terms of solid preparation! You can even connect with our Yocket Counsellors to know more about ACT prep free resources and more! 


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