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ACT Exam Fee 2023: Know Everything about ACT Test Fee

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ACT or American College Testing is an undergraduate entrance exam taken by high school students in English-speaking nations. Currently being administered by ACT, this is one of the most taken exams with approximately 2.5 million students taking up the exam every year. The number is not only indicative of its importance but also its competitive nature. The ACT is majorly preferred by US universities, and the ACT registration can be done both online and offline mode.

With the exam dates around the corner, we will acquaint you with the ACT test fee structure and the details of every cost required to start with the ACT exam!

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Overview of the ACT Test

It is important to understand the exam we are preparing for. Let us begin with acquainting ourselves with the ACT exam structure. The ACT is a 2 hour 55 minutes computer-based test. The test duration exceeds upto 3 hours 35 minutes if you choose to opt for the 40 minute essay. A short break is provided after the second test.

Given below is the precise structure of the ACT exam:


Number of Questions

Time Limit


75 Multiple choice questions

45 minutes


60 Multiple choice questions

60 minutes


40 Multiple choice questions

35 minutes


40 Multiple choice questions

35 minutes

Writing (optional)

1 essay

40 minutes

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ACT Exam Fees

The ACT exam fees in India are INR 4,835.25, without writing, or INR 6,754, for taking the exam with writing. ACT test late registration fee and test centre/date change are INR 1,918.75.

Here are some of the other details regarding the ACT test price:

Fees Details

Amount (in USD)

Basic  ACT Registration Fee without the writing test


ACT registration fee with the writing test


ACT exam cost for international students outside of the U.S.


ACT test late fee if you register after the deadline but before the final late registration


ACT waitlist fee if you register after the late registration deadline


ACT reschedule fee if you make changes to the test date, centre, or type


ACT fees for revealing the mistakes you made in the questions and answers (optional)


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ACT Exam Fees Payment Method

ACT exam fees can be paid via debit or credit cards or online fund transfer. In case of late registration, candidates need to incur an additional fee of 2,716 INR.

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To sum up, the ACT exam price depends on whether you wish to take up the writing test or not. You can pay the fees via credit, debit, or online fund transfer. You might have to pay the ACT test late fee of  36 USD if you fail to register for the exam within the stipulated time. This was all about the ACT registration price. Having known all about the ACT test cost, it is now time for you to prepare well for the test with appropriate strategies. We hope you crack the ACT test with flying colours!

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