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France Student Visa Rejection Reasons: What is the Success Rate of France Student Visa for Indian Students?

Rohan Deshmukh

France is the dream destination of Indian students. France universities are renowned for their world-class exposure, thriving student culture, and higher academic standards. So if you are aspiring to join a French university, you are on the right track. 

In spite of the extraordinary perks, France student visa success rate is feasible provided you are passionate about the course, have an impressive application, and avoid procedural errors. Most of the students fail to obtain a student visa due to the common mistakes in their application that could have been avoided. Read this blog to avoid rejection reasons and start your educational journey in France. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Success And Rejection Rate Of France Student Visa
  2. 8 Mistakes to Avoid for Rejection Of A France Student Visa
  3. Three Ways to Reapply for A France Student Visa 

Success And Rejection Rate Of France Student Visa

France is one of Europe's fastest-growing student destinations. According to the most recent statistics, there are currently 370,000 international students registered in French higher education institutions. France consulates receive over 3,684,404 Schengen visa applications, hence France student visa success rate for Indians depends on their qualifications and confidence displayed during the application process.

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8 Mistakes to Avoid For Rejection of A France Student Visa

To obtain France study visa success rate, one should excel in their academic path to be one of the 1.5 million students in the country. Due to common application errors, one may miss out on this learning opportunity. The following can be France student visa rejection reasons:

  1. Unfinished Application Form

Incomplete application is one of the most prevalent France student visa rejection reasons. Make sure that no blanks on the student visa application are left unfilled. If you omit important facts, your visa will be rejected outright.

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  1. Lack of Finances

Your application may be denied if the French consulate believes you are unable to meet the visa's financial requirements. Financial criteria include proof of funds for the duration of the course, as well as ticket fares, college fees, and other expenses.

  1. Invalid Passport

A passport is a primary document for studying abroad. An applicant must have a passport with three months of validity remaining after visiting a Schengen country. In addition, the passport should include two blank visa pages. One of the France student visa rejection reasons could be damage to the passport. 

  1. Failing Academic Criteria

If the student is unable to meet the academic requirements, it could lead to France student visa rejection. Every university and course has a different academic requirement. Hence, before you apply, ensure that all your IELTS/ GRE scores, co-curricular activities, and language requirements are met.

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  1. Lack Of Itinerary Planning

Your application may be dismissed if you do not provide a proper schedule for your travel to and within France. It can also be rejected if you choose the incorrect Embassy of a different Schengen Area. The itinerary should consist of the flight tickets, accommodation during the stay, and contact details. 

  1. Perceived As A Threat To The Country

If a France embassy views an applicant as a security risk, it could lead to their France student visa rejection. A threat might be defined as someone who has a criminal record, uses drugs, or has been charged with a serious offense previously.

  1. Insufficient Explanation Of The Purpose Of Travel

The student visa application should include a cover letter that clearly states the objective of the trip, as well as all other pertinent information and papers.

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  1. Invalid Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for a study visa in France. If an applicant fails to provide adequate proof of travel insurance for the duration of the trip, the application may be rejected.

3 Ways to Reapply for A France Student Visa

The France student visa rejection rate is comparatively high due to their world-class education programs. Even if your visa is rejected, you should not lose hope. The right to appeal for a visa is specifically stated in Art 32 (3) of the Schengen Agreement's Visa Code. The three ways to reapply for a student visa are as follows:

  • Appeal for Re-Evaluation To The Embassy

One can request a re-evaluation of their French student visa application at the French embassy or consulate in India if the application is rejected. The appeal against the decision must be filed in French within two months from the date of the denial, with all supporting documents. 

  • Appeal Before An Commission

You can appeal to the Commission de Recours Contre les Décisions de Refus de Visa, the commission charged with a visa refusal. The appeal has to be made within two months of visa rejection. 

Note: If the applicant has not received a decision after two months of submitting the file, the application will be considered rejected.

  • Appeal In Court

If the commission also rejects your visa application, you can opt to file litigation in the administrative court within two months. 

These were some of the common mistakes which leads to France student visa rejection. So, keep these pointers in check before beginning the process of student visa application. Are you all set to begin your higher education in France? If you're still unsure about the visa application process, you can get in touch with Yocket consultants for the success rate of France student visa. 

Good luck!

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