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Study in France without IELTS: Know About Best France Universities without IELTS

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IELTS is an accepted and globally recognized English proficiency exam required during the admission process abroad. Today, almost all universities abroad consider IELTS scores for admission and student visa. But a few countries such as France allow international students to study in France without IELTS. 

France’s education system, student life, and valuable learning experience are the major contributors of immigrants in the country. France has eased the international student application process by allowing study in France without IELTS. International students can also apply for France study visa without IELTS. 

So, which are those universities in France for international students without IELTS? What are the alternatives to France without IELTS? This blog covers all the essential details to help you understand the process better. 

Table Of Contents:

  1. Alternatives To Study In France Without IELTS
  2. List Of Top Universities In France For International Students Without IELTS

Alternatives To Study In France Without IELTS

For students looking to study in France universities without IELTS, the country offers a range of alternatives. These alternatives are applicable for the admission process, and student visa in France:

  • Other English language proficiency exams
  • University interview
  • Studied in English language institute
  • Educational transcripts
  • University acceptance letter

1. Other English Language Proficiency Exams

Apart from IELTS, there are other English language proficiency tests that can be undertaken. The popular and widely accepted exams are TOEFL, PTE Academic, C1 Advanced. These same exams scores can be used when applying for a student visa in France. 

2. University Interview

Most universities schedule an interview in order to understand and examine how well students speak the English language. If the interview goes well and the university officials are happy with your English skills, this will be accepted on behalf of the English proficiency test. 

3. Studied In English Language institute

Most international students write an English proficiency test because their in their previous institute, English wasn’t their first language. However, if students can prove their qualifications are from an English institute, this will be considered on behalf of the English language proficiency test. 

4. Educational Transcripts

Multiple times, university in France without IELTS accept great academic scores on behalf of the ELP (English language proficiency) tests. Thus it is a great deal to score good marks in your previous qualifications to crack such admission processes. 

5. University Acceptance Letter

Most university in France without IELTS accept international students if they have the acceptance letter from their chosen university. This acceptance letter also works to help students apply for a student visa. 

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List Of Top Universities In France For International Students Without IELTS

France is home to QS-ranked universities across the globe. Most of these universities accept other alternatives to IELTS as well. Thus we have covered the top France university list without IELTS below:

France Universities Without IELTS

Alternate For IELTS scores

EPITA (School of Engineering and Computer Science)

  • TOEFL iBt- 80
  • TOEIC- 800

Paris School of Business

  • TOELF, PTE, CAE scores
  • Educational qualifications
  • Interview (Video or Virtual)

Toulouse Business School

  • English mother tongue or IELTS equivalent
  • TOEFL- 90 (Master programs aspirant) 
  • Cambridge- B2  (Master programs aspirant) 
  • TOEIC- 800  (Master programs aspirant) 
  • Interview 

The American Business School, Paris

  • Previous educational qualifications
  • TOEFL scores
  • Interview


  • English MCQs
  • Interview

ISC Paris

  • Fluent in English
  • Previous Academic qualifications

Rennes School Of Business

  • Studied from English Insitute
  • TOEFL iBt- 50 ( Bachelor programs aspirant)
  • TOEIC 500 ( Bachelor programs aspirant)
  • Placement English Test
  • Native Language English


  • Previous academic qualifications
  • French/English Baccalaureat

Neoma Business School

  • French/English Language Proficiency
  • TOEFL, Cambridge, Duolingo, GMAT/GRE scores

Skema Business School

  • TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge English Proficiency scores
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • Previous educational qualifications

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The home of startups, providing affordable tuition fees and the exciting nightlife are key magnets that draw multiple international students to consider the French culture as their study and work base. While you are now aware that you can apply to study in France without IELTS, let’s explore the cheap universities in France to begin the application process. 


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