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Study Engineering in Netherlands: Best Engineering Colleges in Netherlands for International Students

Rohan Deshmukh

When it comes to studying engineering in Netherlands, it is a hometown of the oldest and some of the top engineering universities in the Netherlands. According to the QS WUR (World University Rankings) of 2021, 13 universities in the Netherlands are graded in the top 400 best educational institutes in the Netherlands. The public and private institutions that offer Engineering in the Netherlands provide an inspiring, innovative and commercial study environment.

Engineering is one of the top courses followed by students for higher studies. There are a few Netherlands best university for engineering offering UG and PG courses to international students. So, if you’re interested in pursuing engineering in the Netherlands, we have detailed below all the information and other prerequisites for successful admission.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study Engineering in Netherlands?
  2. Types of Engineering Specialisation in Netherlands for Students
  3. Top Engineering University in Netherlands
  4. Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Engineering in Netherlands
  5. Documents Required in Engineering University in Netherlands
  6. Admission Process for Engineering in Netherlands for International Students
  7. Cost of Studying Engineering in Netherlands
  8. Top Colleges for Masters in Engineering in Netherlands
  9. Scholarships for Engineering in Netherlands
  10. Job Opportunities after Pursuing Engineering in Netherlands

Why Study Engineering in Netherlands?

The Netherlands offers students with internationally recognized degrees in Engineering and Technology some benefits of studying abroad. The benefits of studying in the Netherlands include:

  1. International students who graduate from the best engineering colleges in the Netherlands will get jobs quickly. The large-scale associations that universities and research organisations have with the top companies in the world.
  2. The country offers international students with affordable education and an inexpensive living cost. It makes their lives easier and let them focus more on academics than part-time jobs in Netherlands
  3. The research background helps international students study different topics ranging from robotics to aeronautics, thereby enlarging their career prospects anywhere in the world.
  4. The engineering colleges in the Netherlands for international students have the perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning. It helps  students to understand the concepts taught and implement them in workspaces afterwards.
  5. The Netherlands offers international students’ degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels. The degrees that are presented are at affordable rates for students, making them graduate from the chosen program without any debts.

Types of Engineering Specialisation in Netherlands for Students

Some of the popular engineering specialisations that international students can take while studying engineering in the Netherlands include:

  •  Information and Communication Technology
  •  Aerospace Engineering
  • Big Data Engineering
  •  Logistics Engineering
  •  Civil Engineering
  •  Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  •  Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  •   Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Best Engineering University in Netherlands

The Netherlands offers students bachelor's, master's, and research programs in engineering, all of which have diverse durations. Some of the best engineering universities in Netherlands for international students offering different programs are:

  1.   Eindhoven University of Technology
  2.   University of Twente
  3.   Delft University of Technology
  4.   Maastricht University
  5.   University of Groningen

So, these are some of the  top universities offering engineering in Netherlands, let’s get in detail.

1. Eindhoven University of Technology

It is the best Dutch Engineering and science university. It offers various bachelor and master programs and educate engineers whose scientific foundation is solid and penetrating and have entrepreneurial skills. The university provides about 15+ under graduation and 48+ graduate degree programs across its nine academic departments. It includes built Environment, electrical engineering, industrial design, biomedical engineering etc.

QS World University Ranking 2022


Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor in Applied Science, Biomedical Engineering, Automotive Technology, Electrical Engineering, Data Science, Industrial Engineering

Master’s Program

Master in Applied Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Systems, Automotive Technology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Average Tuition Fees

UG: 11.600 EUR/year

PG: 16.700 EUR/year

2. University of Twente

The University of Twente provides a broad range of high-quality bachelor's & master's programs to international students. It offers excellent, highly personalised education and research in fields extending from engineering and natural sciences to behavioural and management sciences. The university's main objective is to educate international students to become professionals who are capable of routing their career development by giving them better control over their learning process.

QS World University Ranking 2022


Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor in Advanced Technology, Business Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Mechanical Engineering

Master’s Program

Masters in Biomedical Engineering, Business Information Technology, Chemical Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering & Management, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

Average Tuition Fees

UG: 9,666 EUR/ year

PG: 16,500 EUR/ year

3. Delft University of Technology

The TU Delft is ranked amongst the leading Europe based universities of technology. The university has an extensive external and internal quality assurance basis for education and research. A degree program at TU Delft will turn students into professionals with specialised training, analytical skills and the skill to solve multifaceted problems unaided. Also, the program offers ample opportunity to students to carry out research, projects, an internship or a final thesis within a company.

QS World University Ranking 2022


Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering

Master’s Program

Masters in Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Average Tuition Fees

UG: 15.200 EUR/ year

PG: 19.600 EUR/ year

4. Maastricht University

The engineering program at Maastricht University provides an overview of the various engineering fields covered in the Business Engineering program. The international students acquaint with the engineering design cycle, which involves formulating a problem, setting design requirements, producing several concepts, selecting the best solution and realising it. Upon completion, students will classify and explain the elementary procedure steps in scientific instrumentation design, modelling and engineering.

QS World University Ranking 2022


Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor in Business Engineering, Circular Engineering

Master’s Program

Masters in Artificial Intelligence, Imaging Engineering

Average Tuition Fees

UG: 12,800 EUR/year

PG:18, 200 EUR/ year

5. University of Groningen

The faculty of Science and Engineering is a mixture of disciplines and research strengths. The university offers 14 Bachelor's and 26 Master's degree programs. International students will be trained with the vital knowledge and skills to resolve problems and complete tasks in a laboratory setting, both self-sufficiently and in a group. Some Bachelor of Engineering programs also require students to gain practical experience through an internship.

QS World University Ranking 2022


Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence

Master’s Program

Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Average Tuition Fees

UG: 11,766 EUR/ year

PG: 17,416 EUR/ year

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Engineering in Netherlands

Before applying to the best engineering colleges in Netherlands, international students need to meet the eligibility criteria and admission requirements.

  1.   Academic Transcripts & Bachelor Degree
  2. English Proficiency Test Score
  3.   Additional Requirements

Let’s discuss in detail about these requirements.

  1.   Academic Transcripts & Bachelor Degree

To study engineering in Netherlands, students need to have academic transcripts for every level of study. For masters in engineering, students should have a bachelor’s degree with a study duration of 3 to 4 years in the same field or equivalent.

  1.   English Language Proficiency Test Score

An international student who is not from a European country needs to have English language test scores. It includes IELTS, TOEFL or PTE Exam etc. The required minimum score for the IELTS exam is 6.0, and for TOEFL 55 for paper-based or 213 for computer-based.

Documents Required in Engineering University in Netherlands

To apply for any of the best engineering colleges in Netherlands there are some additional documents required at the time of admission process:

  • All academic transcripts
  • SOP
  • Updated CV
  • Valid Passport
  • GRE/GMAT Score (Optional)
  • Medical report
  • A passport size photograph
  • Letter of Recommendation

Admission Process for Engineering in Netherlands for International Students

There are some simple steps that international students need to follow to get admission to engineering colleges in the Netherlands.

  1. Before filling out the application form, decide what kind of program and university you want to apply.
  2. Choose a degree program that is best for you, select the level of studies that you are looking for, for example, bachelor or master’s program and fill out the application form.
  3. Check the required documents and submit them, including academic transcripts, SOP, updated CV, etc.
  4. After submitting all the documents and application forms, you may be asked for the interview rounds.
  5. Prepare yourself well for the Interview rounds.
  6. Wait for the admission result.
  7. Once you’ve been invited to enrol at a higher education institution in the Netherlands, initiate the Netherlands visa application process as soon as possible.

Cost of Studying Engineering in Netherlands

Students who want to study in the Netherlands will find the cost engineering Netherlands. Most of the courses offered in this country are affordable and cheaper than in other countries. The cost of studying in the Netherlands includes cost engineering Netherlands and cost of living.

Cost of Studying Engineering

A bachelor's degree can take 3 to 4 years depending on the university/college and the international student's specialisation. The average fee for a bachelor's program is between 8,000 to 15,000 EUR per year.

The master's program takes two years regardless of the field the international student has chosen, and the research programs can take five years or more depending on the area of research the student has taken up. The average fee for a master's course is 8,000 to 20,000 EUR per year.

Cost of Living

Before moving to the Netherlands for higher studies, international students need to outlook some of the major expenses, i.e., includes food, book, transport, accommodation, clothes and other leisure activities. A student will need around 800- 1,200 EUR/ month to cover all these expenses.

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Top Colleges for Masters in Engineering in Netherlands

Many top universities in the Netherlands offer master's engineering programs for international students. Some of the following universities and courses are:

University Name

QS World University Ranking 2022

Maastricht University


Leiden University


Hanze University of Applied Sciences


University of Groningen


Tilburg University


Scholarships for Engineering in Netherlands 

To pursue engineering in the Netherlands, international students need some financial support. There are various scholarships offered to international students but some of the best scholarships for engineering students are:

Scholarships Name

Eligibility & Benefits

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is valid for international students pursuing MSc from Delft University.

Benefits: Covers full tuition fees and a monthly allowance for living expenses.

Holland Scholarship for International Students

Students who are non-EEA are qualified to apply for the scholarship as long as they are applying for a bachelor’s or master’s program.

Benefits: The award amount 5,000 EUR

Orange Knowledge Program

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsor the whole program, and scholarships are open to all mid-career professionals in specific countries.

Benefits: Covers the costs of living and costs such as tuition fees, travel, visa, insurance etc.

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Job Opportunities after Pursuing Engineering in Netherlands

The Netherlands has an advanced chemical industry that substantially contributes to the economy. Students with a bachelor’s or master’s in Engineering or a qualification above the same will easily treasure jobs within the country. The following job options are:

Job Options

Average Annual Salary

Civil Engineer

25,700 – 30,200 EUR

Electrical Engineer

50,724 – 90,152 EUR

Project Engineer

92,307 EUR

System Engineer

46,360 EUR

Within the framework of these critical industry assets and future ambitions, the Netherlands is an excellent place to study engineering and have a chance to contribute to future cutting-edge invention, design and technology. So, if you’re planning to study engineering in the Netherlands, connect with our Yocket Professionals today and get the guidance of gaining admission at the top universities in Netherlands.


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