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Best Part time Jobs in Netherlands: Types of Jobs, Average Pay, Rules & Regulations & Much More

Rohan Deshmukh

Finding part-time jobs in the Netherlands can be challenging, but you can make it happen with hard work and determination. In the Netherlands, students can work for an extreme of 16 hours per week at a part-time job. Unlike other European countries, for example, Germany, students from India cannot work part-time in the Netherlands on their student visas. 

They would need a work permit to work while studying at a Dutch University. So, if you’re searching for part-time jobs in Amsterdam, we have articulated the information regarding part-time jobs in Amsterdam in this article.

Table of Contents:

  1. Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Amsterdam for International Students
  2. Eligibility Criteria for Part Time Jobs Amsterdam for International Students
  3. Work Permit for International Students in Netherlands
  4. Rules & Regulations for International Students to Work in Amsterdam
  5. Bank Requirements for Opening a Dutch Bank Account
  6. Types of Part Time Jobs for International Students at Amsterdam
  7. How Much Do Part Time Jobs Amsterdam Pay?
  8. How to find Part Time Jobs in Amsterdam for International Students
  9. Tax System in the Netherlands

Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Amsterdam for International Students

Working as an international student brings various benefits, as the country is integrated with different cultures. Finding part-time student jobs Amsterdam comes in multiple options. The key benefits of part-time employment for international students in Amsterdam are:

1. Meeting People

It usually happens when any of the international student hang around with other international student because they may share the same accommodation or travel together to the university. And when it is about working for part time jobs in Netherlands at the company you get an opportunity to meet new people from various other European countries and build a good networking that can help international students for further career aspiration.

2. Work Experience

Gaining experience in today’s time is very important as it is a key to success. Part time jobs in Amsterdam for international students will help them in learning a new Dutch culture. A student’s job differs from company to company but it’s good to expand your current knowledge and experience. If you think you may like something, doing a job for a period of time in any preferred field can really help you understand whether you actually like it, how you approach a working atmosphere, how you work with others, and how you resolve problems.

3. CV Building

It is understood that nowadays having an experienced CV is way better than the basic one. By working part-time jobs in the Netherlands, international students can upgrade their CV, which can help them switch jobs and earn a good amount of money.

Eligibility Criteria for Part Time Jobs Amsterdam for International Students

As an international student, your eligibility is dependent on where you are from, the kind of Visa you have, and other pertinent aspects relating to being eligible. So, here are some requirements that need to be fulfilled by the non-EU citizens to work in the Netherlands.

1. BSN service number is a unique number provided to each citizen of the Netherlands. You need to get one once you start studying in the Netherlands.

2. For part-time jobs in Netherlands, an international student can work a maximum of 16 hours per week. However, if you are a freelancer, you can work endless hours.

3. International students who study in the Netherlands need to have Dutch health insurance, so if you want to do the job, you are covered on the insurance front.

4. After completing your studies, you are required to switch the reason for your residence permit. This switch will be to authorize for highly skilled migrants or get a residence permit to treasure a job.

5. A "zoekjaar" is the period you are approved after completing your studies to look for work in the Netherlands or discover other educational opportunities. You are required to apply for this directly & pay a fee. The condition to apply for this search year is you can only use it once per study.

6. To get a working permit, you are required to be employed at a company known by the immigration and naturalization service of Netherlands. The company will then apply for a working visa for you, as you cannot do it manually.

Now you’re known with the criteria required to work for part-time jobs in Amsterdam for international students. Let’s get over to the types of work permits in the Netherlands.

Work Permit for International Students in Netherlands

International students from non-European economic areas need a work permit, of which there are two types of work permits.

  1.       Employment Permit (TWV)
  2.       Single Permit (GVVA)

Let’s know it in detail.

1. Employment Permit

It is a work permit that an employer can request for a student. It must happen at least five weeks before service. An international student can only work if they have this specific work permit and can work for an extreme of 16 hours a week during the year or full-time during June, July, and August.

2. Single Permit

The Single Permit comprises a residence document and an extra document. The additional document states which employer the foreign national may work with and under which conditions. This permit is for employees who work in the Netherlands for less than three months; and students who have a residence permit for study determination.

Rules & Regulations for International Students to Work in Amsterdam

Some severe rules need to be followed by students when working in the Netherlands during their studies. Some of the following rules & regulations are:

1. Part Time Work During Your Studies

  • International students from non-European countries will need a work permit
  • The work permit is free of cost
  • The number of working hours a student is allowed to work in the Netherlands is restricted
  • Every calendar year, you must select Seasonal work in June, July, and August. Both part-time and full-time are permitted
  • Part-time work throughout the year, but not more than 16 hours a week
  • A student cannot do both

2. Volunteer Work During Your Studies

  • The volunteer declaration is applicable for international students who have a legal Dutch resident permit
  • If any international student is interested in volunteering, they don’t need a work permit
  • Dutch basic health insurance is necessary during the time of your volunteering

3. Working as a freelance during your studies

  • International students and self-employed knowledge migrants are exempted from the employment permit. However, a student needs to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
  • As an international student, you need to fulfil the conditions for your residence permit.
  • It also involves registering at the Dutch tax office, and the tax office collects tax four times a year on every product or service sold in Netherlands.
  • The work permit compulsion is valid for international students.

4. Internship Regulations During Your Studies

  • An international student should ask their internship coordinator if the particular internship applies to the study program.
  • The internship needs to be a part of the program.
  • Students need to sign the EP-Nuffic internship promise and sometimes also an internship bond format of the company.
  • During the length of the internship, students can keep their international Health insurance; they do not need to change
  • Liability insurance is strongly recommended

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Note to Remember

1. The working permit demanded by an employer can completely be used for the employer that requested the permit. Students are not allowed to work at another company that is not stated in the document.

2. The Inspectorate SZW carries out inspections to crosscheck whether work permits were issued.

3. Students need to get at least 50% of the compulsory credits for each academic year to maintain your residence permit

Bank Requirements for Opening a Dutch Bank Account

There are many banks to choose from, varying from the traditional, retail kind and other modern mobile ones. Before opening a bank account in any of the types, here are three general requirements for opening a bank account. The following are:

  • You must have a Dutch address where you will live during your stay
  • You must have a valid identification document such as a valid passport
  • You need proof of enrolment at the Dutch university

Moreover, banks will also ask for your “BSN Number,” a unique identification number given at the time of registration with the city. Banks only open a bank account if you stay in the Netherlands for at least one entire semester.

Types of Part Time Jobs for International Students at Amsterdam

As a student in the Netherlands, the two main types of jobs are internships and part-time jobs. Being an international student, working on campus will benefit from meeting new people, advancing language skills, and gaining some appreciated experience. You will possibly spend more time with your friends from the university since many students work on campus. Some of the on-campus job options are:

  •       Designing courses
  •       Student assistantship
  •       Research assistantships
  •       Web courses
  •       Teaching assistantships

Students who advance employment in service jobs must have basic knowledge of the Dutch language for customer interactions. Some of the off-campus job options in the Netherlands are:

  •       Home tutoring
  •       Restaurant waiters
  •       Delivery jobs
  •       Servers
  •       Cooks
  •       Housekeeping

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How Much Do Part Time Jobs Amsterdam Pay?

International Students are allowed to work for a maximum of 16 hours per week and full-time during vacations. Part-time working students can earn up to 20 EUR per hour and generally pay lesser; student employees are also indebted to pay taxes.

Some of the part-time job options for international students and its average pay per hour in Amsterdam are:

Job Options

Average Pay Per Hour

Hotel Receptionist

11 EUR

Delivery Driver





12 EUR

How to Find Part Time Jobs in Amsterdam for International Students?

There are various ways to find part-time jobs for international students in Amsterdam. But before that, international students need to update their resume according to their preferred job industry. The following ways to hunt for part-time student jobs in Amsterdam are:

1. Contacting Recruitment Agencies in Amsterdam

Recruitment agencies are situated all over the city, including large firms like Adecco and Kelly Services. Some agencies specialise in provisional roles, while others focus on permanent positions.

2. Online

If you want to start looking for job openings right away, job search engines such as the Nationale Vacature Bank, LinkedIn, and Monster board are worth discovering.

3. Coaching

Many companies in the Amsterdam Area bid coaching and training services for English-speakers looking to advance their skills or re-assess their career goals and aspirations.

4. Bulletin Boards

It is the most common source of finding Netherlands part-time jobs for students. Students can keep a usual check and get updated with the new openings.

Tax System in the Netherlands

If you earn currency while living in the Netherlands, you must pay taxes. The Netherlands is a socially mindful country, and higher earners can assume substantial taxation on their salary up to 49.5%.

You need to pay tax over your total Dutch income for the year. Scholarships may also be counted as income and add to the total. If you have both a taxed scholarship and a part-time job, you might have less money than with only a scholarship.

The Dutch tax system divides different types of taxable income into 3 boxes, each with its rate, into the following groups:

Box 1: Taxable income from profits, employment, and homeownership: pensions, social benefits, wages, and value of the owner-occupied property.

Box 2: Taxable income from substantial interest

Box 3: Taxable income from savings and investments

Non-resident taxpayers can privilege a basic allowance in tax Box 3 when defining their benefits from Netherlands-based investments and savings.

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The Dutch tax year tracks from 1 January to 31 December. You must file your tax returns in the following year. The particular deadline depends on your tax position and the kind of form you should file.

When searching for an appropriate job, it is important to consider the laws in your country of study and whether there are some restrictions to the number of hours, etc. Different countries have diverse regulations regarding working available to international students. So, if you’re planning to work part-time jobs in Amsterdam, connect with our Yocket professional and plan your journey efficiently to the Netherlands.


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