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Describe a Useful Website You Have Visited - IELTS Cue Card

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Unlocking the mysteries of IELTS Cue Cards is a journey through the realm of language proficiency like no other. Embellished with prompts and questions, these cards act as doors to your linguistics and conversational house of horror. They are, after all, speaking challenges in an IELTS exam to which you must rise. In this paper, we explore the world of Cue Cards in depth. We examine their nuances, explore strategies for mastering them, and illuminate possible answers in an engaging and thought-provoking way to achieve your potential. 

With every step of the way, from card prompts to elocution-rich responses full of personality and style, every moment serves an educational purpose to help you grow. Enlist our help, and we will provide the key to the castle, an instrumental component in leaving the exam chambers speechless and achieving your desired high score. First, let’s start by outlining what IELTS is.

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What is IELTS?

IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, is an internationally recognised standardised test to measure the English language proficiency of people who do not speak English natively. The British Council, IDP, developed IELTS: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English, testing takers’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. The test is frequently administered for academic admission, immigration visa, and work admission in English-speaking countries. The test is available in Academic and General Training formats, catering to different purposes such as academic admission or immigration. IELTS scores are reported on a scale from 1 (Non-user) to 9 (Expert user) and are valid for two years.

What is an IELTS Cue Card?

The IELTS Cue Card is one of the speaking tests in the IELTS test where examinees are given a particular topic to speech for 1-2 minutes. The examiner provides a cue card with prompts or questions on a specific subject. The speaking time allotted to read and plan the speaking is one minute. This speaking task aims to evaluate the candidate’s speech, flow, and content. Examinees must correctly address each question and sub-question quickly and give as many details as possible, expressing themselves vividly based on the instructive point of view.

Why are IELTS Cue Cards Important?

  1. Enhancing Speaking Fluency: Cue Cards provide a forum for candidates to work on their spontaneous speech skills. Thus making them fluent and coherent communicators. The time factor is another essential element in reproducing actual communication scenarios. There, immediate thinking and articulating are the keys to success.
  2. Broadening Topic Familiarization: By addressing a broad spectrum of issues that can be personal or abstract, Cue Cards allow candidates to experience various content areas that college students will encounter in academic, professional, or social settings. Such conditions encourage contenders to develop into skilful communicators capable of discussing different subjects in general and specific issues.
  3. Facilitating Vocabulary Expansion: On each Cue Card specifically tailored to the topic, the candidates are prompted to address the given topic using specialised vocabulary and idiomatic expressions relating to the topic. In this way, they expand their vocabulary and, more importantly, learn to choose the most suitable language for a given situation.
  4. Developing Organizational Skills: Discussion of Cue Cards requires candidates to be articulate and well-organized within a limited time. This leads to the growth of the ability to organise the work, which includes thinking over the list of ideas, bulking up the main part and presenting them logically - a skill that is highly in demand while communicating academically and professionally.
  5. Aligning with Assessment Criteria: The card responses are evaluated from the established criteria, which include coherence, fluency, lexical resources, pronunciation, and not forgetting intonation. Consequently, Cue Card tasks help candidates understand what is expected of them and adapt their answers to the proficiency level of the assessors, which in turn is a valuable asset on the path to getting excellent results in the IELTS speaking part.

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Describe a Website that You Often Use: Model Answer 1


One incredibly helpful website is Amazon.com. Amazon's innovative platform has redefined the retail landscape and transformed how consumers shop for products of all kinds.

What was the website?

The website offers a variety of products like electronics, clothing, groceries and household items. 

How did you find the address of this website?

I came across Amazon while I was in college, searching for textbooks. As a broke student, I was drawn to Amazon's competitive prices and vast selection of new and used books, which made it possible for me to save money without sacrificing the quality of my education.

What the website contained?

Its user interface, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews that help shoppers make decisions are what sets Amazon apart. Whether you need gadgets or everyday essentials, Amazon's marketplace provides a shopping experience with competitive prices and a vast selection of sellers and products.

Explain why it was useful to you.

Amazon's convenience, competitive pricing and quick delivery options have made buying everything from essentials to gifts easy. Moreover, the Prime membership program comes with perks like two-day shipping and access to streaming services, making the whole shopping experience even better. When I shop on Amazon, I am assured that my orders will reach me promptly and reliably, freeing me up to focus on aspects of my life.


To sum up, Amazon has become a part of my shopping routine due to its convenience and dependable service. Its dedication to customer satisfaction and constant innovation position it as a frontrunner in the world. I'm excited to see how Amazon continues to shape the e-commerce landscape moving forward.

Describe a Website that You Often Use: Model Answer 2


The term globalisation has become far more relevant in the modern world since interconnectedness has increased. Consequently, the necessity of international communication has increased dramatically, and mastering of languages is no longer something that can be taken for granted. Among the number of foreign language learning resources on the internet, Duolingo is an online language instruction platform standing out and being the most popular.

What was the website?

Duolingo is easily reachable at www.duolingo.com and is an interactive language learning platform with courses available in over 30 languages. I discovered this site some years ago while researching things on the net to enhance my mastery of Spanish.

How did you find the address of this website?

I came across Duolingo for the first time from a friend who was studying French using this platform. Curious, I decided to give it a try and was surprised how simple it was to incorporate into my schedule and how effective it finally turned out.

What the website contained?

The platform of Duolingo is designed to be easily accessible, thus it uses an approach that makes learning enjoyable, conversational, and engaging. Be it listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises, the app meets needs of various learning styles. Additionally, Duolingo provides feedback. Watch the result to see if you are making improvements or not.

Explain why it was useful to you.

Duolingo has been my choice for those who seeks a journey with languages. Easy and brief lessons perfectly fit me, even if my schedule is rather busy, and I can practice Spanish regularly. Additionally, the dynamic teaching system of the platform gives me lessons that are customized to my proficiency level which means that the learning process becomes very effective and efficient.


In a nutshell, Duolingo is the language learning system that fundamentally changed the way to learn a new language. The many innovations it has, and the curriculum it implies, are the reasons I have chosen this language mastery resource above others.

Regardless of whether you have little or some knowledge of a language, Duolingo has many opportunities to learn depending on your proficiency. Therefore, Duolingo is an essential tool for the constantly changing and unified world.

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Describe a Website that You Often Use: Model Answer 3


In this era where information is easily accessible, one website that has significantly improved my learning journey and productivity is www.khanacademy.org. Has also empowered countless students globally with its innovative educational materials.

What the website was

Known as Khan Academy and found at www.khanacademy.org, it is a platform that provides a range of educational resources covering subjects like math, science, economics, arts and humanities.

How did you find the address of this website?

I came across Khan Academy during my high school years while struggling with challenging math concepts. A quick search on Google led me to this source of knowledge. I've been thankful ever since for stumbling upon such a beneficial resource.

What the website contained

Khan Academy offers abundant math, science, economics, arts, and humanities materials. Its collection of videos, practice exercises, and personalised learning tools, customised to suit individual learning styles, makes it stand out.

Explain why it was useful to you.

Khan Academy has been incredibly helpful when I needed help with my studies or before exams. The interactive lessons and the feature that lets me track my progress have played a role in my achievements. Additionally, the fact that Khan Academy offers education to everyone has motivated me to share my knowledge and support others.


In summary, Khan Academy has become a part of my learning journey. I rely on it for additional study materials. Its goal of making education accessible to all resonates with me deeply. I appreciate the impact it has had on my intellectual development.

Describe a Website That You Often Use: Model Answer 4


In our health era now, the websites that are plentiful online and are dedicated to fitness and wellness, stand to gain a lot. For instance, there is one website I love called FitnessBlender.

What was the website?

FitnessBlender, which can be found at www.fitnessblender.com, is an online source for fitness lovers of all types providing a variety of workout videos and programs as well as nutrition advice. This was the first time I visited this site, and I was particularly looking for home fitness programs.

How did you find the address of this website?

I first came across FitnessBlender via my friend's recommendation and through social communities that are primarily dedicated to fitness. I felt curious as to its feedback, and this is what made me want to find what it had.

What does the website contain?

The FitnessBlender website has a unique library of workout videos created for varied fitness goals including cardio, strength training, yoga and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Every video has its motivation coming from the gym instructors who are certified and guide the users with proper demonstrations, modifications, and instructions which are appropriate for people at different fitness levels. Next, the site features workout plans and meal guides specifically created for their individual needs.

Explain why it was useful to you?

I really owe FitnessBlender a huge favor for the fact that it never lets me fall of the track with my fitness targets.

The customizable nature of these applications enables me to have access to different intensive workout routines from anywhere without a gym subscription or gear. Moreover, the websites pay attention to the technique and the posture; so that every workout will be more effective and I will be able to reach my goals promptly.


In conclusion, FitnessBlender has made a tremendous impact on my fitness journey. It has provided me with necessary tools that has directed my lifestyle. Whether you are an enthusiast about fitness or just a beginner willing to start your journey toward health and wellness, FitnessBlender provides a wide range of resources to support you along the way.

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Sample/Follow-up Questions and Their Answers

  • What is the significance of the IELTS Cue card?

In this cue card of IELTS, you are evaluated by how efficiently you use your language, maintain coherence, and hold yourself confidently within a time limit. They make sure that students' speaking skills are improved, and they have to get familiar with the topics, expand their vocabulary, develop their organisation skills and be in line with the assessment criteria.

  • What is the reason behind the fact that people all over the world use the Internet to communicate more and more?

The Internet has many benefits and reasons for being utilised by people for communications. Among the reasons that this invention gives us convenience in the first place is that we can communicate with each other very easily regardless of whether we are living in different places or engaged in walking, running, sleeping, or flying. Firstly, internet communication is so low cost, and since it is way cheaper than the number of advantages it carries, people from any segment of society with little or no money fear could participate in it.

  • What will be my organizational technique while answering to an IELTS Cue Card?

Start with the introduction, where you will present the website and then explain the content and features and how they are useful. In the end, you should provide your summary of the key points. Apply the given model answers as the design for developing your essay so that you can properly structure the content.

  • Is this the language I should use in my cue card in the speaking section?

It is essential to use the word with a variety of vocabulary but to make your speech clear and coherent, it is no less important. Your language should be natural and clear and ensure your words exactly express what you intend to convey. Don’t use too complex terms if they could only confuse your message, and you don’t want that to happen.

  • How can I elaborate my point really well in my cue card response?

Now consider extending your discussion by introducing more specifics, illustrations or stories relevant to the topic itself. This may be the feature which added in your answer and elucidated it more for the examiner. Nonetheless, be aware of the time restriction and remember that your expansion should not take away the main essence of your sentence but rather be in line with the topic of discussion.

  • What can I do to prepare well for the speaking test and use my time wisely?

Prudence is the key to success, so practice speaking to the cue card prompts and timing yourself to gauge how to pace your speech well. Taking in account the introduction, description, and conclusion within the given timeframe, pay enough time on it.

Tips to Answer IELTS Cue Card

  1. Understand the Topic: Take a moment to realize the essential aspects of the situation you would like to cover. Make sure that the questions or the prompt is understood carefully before you write your response so that you can include all the necessary information.
  2. Brainstorm Ideas: Make use of the one-minute duration for planning your topic. The way you present your thoughts and organize the structure of your response should be clear and coherent.
  3. Speak Naturally: In your response, try to attain a conversational tone and keep the content clear. It is better to sound natural instead of being robotic or using a script. Convey your ideas in simple language and use suitable expressions that can be easily understood.
  4. Expand on Details: Use the detailed information concerning your argument, like an example or an experience of yours, to support your positions. This makes them more “meaty” and attracts the examiner’s attention.
  5. Manage Time Wisely: Remember about the time limit and speak so that you are in time. The key is to be able to say everything clearly, without rushing or going fast in order to cut any point. Practice the piece beforehand to check the tempo and way you say your sentences.
  6. Monitor Pronunciation and Fluency: Be attentive to your articulation, time and the tone with which you speak. Make sure that you talk clearly and beautifully; do not make the words slurred – create the atmosphere to convey information best.
  7. Stay Calm and Confident: Show the examiner that you are confident of what you are talking about during your test. Just try to stay confident and speak in a confident voice – this is the only.

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Successfully fulfilling the IELTS Cue Card task involves comprehensive preparation, solid communication skills, and the ability to remain calm and elaborate when presenting a response. Through these tips discussed in the blog and by practicing frequently, one can improve their chances of passing the IELTS test, though you must improvise your answers while giving your speaking test and eventually pass the speaking section.

To obtain more insight and resources to become proficient on the IELTS examination, Yocket should be checked into. Yocket's in-depth study material, experienced instructors and interactive learning tools allow you to progress in the way you expect, meet your target score and fulfil your academic goals. Don't just aim to pass the IELTS; strive to excel with Yocket by your side.

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