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How to Send IELTS Scores To Universities: Step by Step Guide

Kashyap Matani

Here is a quick description of the IELTS test before you learn how to send official IELTS score to universities.

IELTS scores assist you in mapping out a plan for relocation, higher studies, or job opportunities to a country where proficiency in the English language is required. The list of countries is New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

The purpose of this exam is to evaluate the level of English language competency of overseas students in the areas of listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

If you wanted to study in an English-speaking nation, you must take the IELTS Academic test, and if you want to immigrate, you must take the IELTS General Training test. Here we will answer all of your questions about IELTS scores in this blog and give you all the information you need, including instructions on how to send IELTS results to universities.

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Step by Step Process of Sending IELTS Scores to Universities

Firstly, you must know that authorities of IELTS allow overseas students to submit their IELTS scores to at least five universities of their choice, which they can select during the IELTS registration time. 

Here's a simple step by step process to effortlessly send your IELTS scores to universities:

  • Step 1: Open the IDP IELTS website and create your account.
  • Step 2: Once you're logged in, navigate to & click on the "Request a Test Report Form" link.
  • Step 3: Choose your desired universities. Select them from the comprehensive list provided, or easily search by country for your convenience.
  • Step 4: Time to personalize your application! Fill in your personal information and payment details with confidence. Your data is secure, and this final touch sets your score-sending process in motion.
  • Step 5: Hit that submit button, and voila! Your request is on its way. Sit back and relax as your well-deserved scores gracefully make their journey to the universities you handpicked.

Within just 10 working days, your scores will be safely delivered, opening doors to incredible academic opportunities.

NOTE: Make sure that you filled out all the information correctly; you can cross-check if everything is correct. The test centre will send copies of your IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) free of cost to the top five universities you've selected after you fill out the form.

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How Long Does It Take To Send IELTS Scores To Universities?

If you are thinking about how long does it take to send IELTS scores to universities then here's the answer to your question. To send your IELTS score, you need to send it through TRF (Test Report Form), which is the full form in IELTS. It is a copy of your IELTS scorecard. You can get your TRF within 13 days of the IELTS test day. You can collect your TRF from your near IDP IELTS office after the results are out. It is advised that you need to bring your identity proof which was used during your registration process.

Additionally, sending your IELTS results online to institutions takes about five business days, whereas sending a hard copy scorecard to universities takes between five and ten business days.

NOTE: You will only get one original TRF unless you are applying for UKBA aka United Kingdom Border Agency or CIC aka Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In these cases, you will get two Test Report Forms after you provide the application proof to the UKBA or CIC.

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What Are The Mode of Payment For Sending Your IELTS Score To Universities?

Candidates have the following payment options for sending their IELTS scores:

  • Online using a card, eWallet, or net banking
  • Fill out ICICI payment slips and bring cash to any ICICI bank branch.
  • It is possible to make a demand draught payment to either the "British Council payable at Delhi" or the "IDP Education India Private Limited, payable at New Delhi"

NOTE: Candidates should be aware that none of the IELTS offices accept cash or credit cards for payment.

How Much Does It Cost to Send IELTS Scores?

It is absolutely FREE for sending to upto 5 universities. If you are looking to send your IELTS scorecard to more than five universities, an extra amount of $3.75 will be charged to you, for every additional university you choose to send it to. Moreover, this charge applies the same if you wish to send your scores physically to your desirable universities.

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Further, you must submit a document called an application for the issue of Additional TRFs if you want to ask institutions for additional TRFs after your test has been over a month old. For each ATRF you apply for, you will need to pay a certain fee.

You should be aware that overseas students may incur additional costs of up to $19 for physically mailing an ATRF to each institution.

Additionally, Yocket is willing to provide you with all the assistance you need if you have any questions about how to send your IETLS score to universities of your choice. However, if you have inquiries about sending IELTS scores to universities, contact a Yocket Counsellors for a more thorough analysis.

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