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Describe a Bag you Want to Own - IELTS Cue Card

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The IELTS Speaking test includes three parts, with cue cards featured in Part 2. Candidates are given a subject and feature to speak about it constantly for 1-2 mins. Cue playing cards help take a look at takers, gather their thoughts, and structure their responses. Practising with sample cue cards is an excellent way to prepare for this section.

In this cue card, candidates must describe a bag they want to own. They need to specify details like the bag's type, size, colour, and purpose. Examiners wish to assess vocabulary, grammar, coherence, and content relevance.

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What is IELTS?

IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, is an exam for identifying the language proficiency of people willing to work or study in countries that speak English as the official language. The test, IELTS, which is designed by the British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge Assessment English, contains listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections. This test is highly credible and is viewed favourably by educational institutions, employers, and immigration bodies across the globe.

What is an IELTS Cue Card?

IELTS Cue Card or Task-2 of the Speaking module is the most challenging section because the students are given a card containing a topic and the prompts. The students are given 1-2 minutes to present the topic in a statement. A Cue Card is used to check the candidate's ability to speak, use different words that are more appropriate, and express ideas fluently. The topics can range from autobiographical stories to sharing my thoughts or discussing an issue.

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Why Are IELTS Cue Cards Important?

The cue card segment evaluates your spontaneous speaking abilities without any preparation. So it is extremely tough. However, it is a crucial component that prepares you for real-life scenarios. Here are some advantages of cue cards in IELTS Exam:

  • Improves speaking fluency - you learn to speak spontaneously on a subject for 2 minutes.
  • Develops vocabulary - You need a solid vocabulary to talk exhaustively about any subject for 2 minutes. Cue cards assist in increasing vocabulary.
  • Grammatical structures: You must use accurate grammar to communicate coherently for 2 minutes. This enhances your grammatical range.
  • Thinking on your feet: You have only 1 minute to collect thoughts before speaking; this promotes your rapid thinking.
  • Real-world skills: In everyday life and professional situations, you frequently need to talk spontaneously on a specific subject. Cue cards prepare you for such circumstances.

So, to acquire a high band score, the preparation of cue cards is quite crucial. Even though the specific themes may differ, studying concepts and vocabulary on common topics can aid you enormously in the IELTS exam.

The test-takers are provided with a minute to prepare their answer, and following that, they can highlight key points they want to cover. The Cue Card section is tailored to evaluate not merely the proficiency in the language but also the candidate’s ability to organise his thoughts, sustain a coherent dialogue, and use language correctly and effectively to express one’s ideas. Generally, the IELTS Cue Card plays a big part in determining how well one has a command of English based on the assessment of the individual’s overall language proficiency.

Sample Answer 1: Describe a Bag You Want to Own

If I had to choose one bag, I would love to own, it would be a black leather laptop bag. This bag would be ideal for me for several reasons.

Firstly, I would choose a laptop bag style because it's convenient and practical for my needs. As a studеnt who travеls frеquеntly by train & bus, I nееd a sturdy yеt stylish bag to carry my laptop & books safеly. Thе laptop compartmеnt with paddеd protеction would kееp my dеvicе sеcurе whеn I am on thе go.

Sеcondly, I prеfеr a bag madе of high quality black lеathеr bеcausе it is classy and durablе & еasy to match with any outfit. Thе supplе lеathеr еxtеrior would givе it a luxurious look & fееl whilе bеing vеry rеsiliеnt. I imaginе my idеal laptop bag to havе a classic and simplе dеsign craftеd from prеmium Italian lеathеr.

In addition and, this lеathеr laptop bag would have plenty of compartmеnts & pockеts to hold all my daily еssеntials. An organisational panel inside with dedicated space for a tablet, phone, keys, and pens would be convenient. On the outer pockets, I'd like premium metal zippers and buckles that add style while being scratch-proof and long-lasting.

In summary, owning a sturdy black lеathеr laptop bag would fulfil my nееds for functionality and fashion. With its vеrsatilе compartmеnts and classy lеathеr body & protеctivе laptop casе and, it is thе pеrfеct bag I'd love to own for daily commutеs an' travеls.

Samplе Answеr 2: Describe a Bag You Want to Own

If I could choosе any bag in thе world to own, it would bе a mеdium sizеd black totе from thе brand MCM. As someone who travеls frеquеntly and has a minimalist style, this would bе my idеal еvеryday bag.

Morе spеcifically and thе totе bag I havе in mind comеs from MCM's Stark collеction. It has thе brand's signaturе gold and silvеr stud еmbеllishmеnts all ovеr thе black lеathеr еxtеrior and giving it a luxе & еdgy look. I likе that thе colour is classic and nеutral so I could еffortlеssly usе thе bag for any occasion and whеthеr drеssing up or down.

In terms of function, this totе bag would bе roomy еnough to use as my work bag.  It's spacious enough to shape my thirteen-inch computer, pills, documents, pockets, and other necessities. The straps are also adjustable, so I should put it over my shoulder or bring it by hand.

Inside, I imagine the bag containing multiple pockets and compartments to keep my things organised. A microfiber lining would help protect the contents as well. Being a frequent traveller, I would appreciate a fashionable and functional bag.

Owning this specific MCM luxe black tote would fulfil my needs for style and quality craftsmanship. With its versatile design and size, practical interior, and subtle edgy details, it's the ideal designer bag I want to own one day.

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Sample Answer 3: Describe a Bag You Want to Own

If I could choose any bag to own, it would be a large travel backpack with plenty of room and pockets. As a person who loves touring new locations, frequently backpacking and hiking, this will be a suitable bag for me for multiple motives.

Firstly, I would pick out a journey backpack style for the hands-loose convenience and luxury it presents on lengthy trips. It evenly distributes the load throughout both shoulders, so I should be OK with my hands and return carrying a heavy load. The adjustable straps ensure custom and stable health.

Secondly, I need my perfect backpack to have a significant 45L ability to shape everything I want while travelling. It should have a main compartment for clothes, a sleeping bag compartment and aspect pockets for quick-get entry to gadgets. A built-in laptop sleeve and device pockets allow me to carry my tech correctly.

Ideally, it would be made of water-resistant polyester so all my belongings stay protected. I also love special features like hidden anti-theft pockets to secure valuables. Having multiple daisy chains and straps to attach extra gear is also helpful.

Owning a high-ability travel backpack with weatherproof material and plenty of pockets might be ideal for my nomadic lifestyle. It's the most practical and handy bag for move-us excursions and outdoor adventures.

Sample Answer 4: Describe a Bag You Want to Own

If I could select any bag to buy right now, I might choose a big, black double-strap sports duffle bag. I might use this bag for the gym, so it must be roomy and sufficient for all my exercise tools.

Firstly, I want a black duffle bag fabricated from long-lasting, waterproof polyester fabric. The cloth would be lightweight yet strong enough to carry heavy gadgets like sports activities, shoes, water bottles, and towels. Black goes with everything, so I could easily use it for gym and other needs.

Secondly, my ideal sports bag would have a sizeable 30-litre capacity with multiple compartments. One main compartment would fit my clothes, shoes, and a towel, while a smaller one would carry toiletries. An exterior pocket would be perfect for quick-access items like my phone, keys, and gym pass.

It would also have dual top handles with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap for carrying comfort. The handles make it easy to lift in the locker room, while the strap lets me wear it hands-free when biking to the gym.

Finally, I'd love special features like shoe compartments to separate dirty gym shoes and ventilation slots to prevent odour build-up. Reflective strips on the exterior would keep me visible at night.

This durable, roomy duffle bag with pockets and straps would be convenient for my fitness routine. Its versatile use and practical features make it the perfect gym and sports bag I'd love to own soon.

Describing the Ideal Features of Your Dream Bag

When speaking about your ideal dream bag, it is essential to describe the key features and qualities it should have. Here are some ways you can elaborate on the perfect attributes for your bag:


Please focus on the materials used to make the bag and why you prefer them. For example, "I want my dream bag to be made of premium Italian leather, which is very durable and ages beautifully." Discuss speciality fabrics like ballistic nylon if you want an incredibly sturdy bag.


Highlight the type and number of compartments and pockets your bag should have. You can say, "My ideal bag would have 3 roomy main compartments to store my laptop, books, and gym clothes separately. It would also have an organising panel with slots for pens, keys, and other small items."


Specify your preferred bag size and type that aligns with your needs. For instance, "I would want a medium-sized tote bag which is spacious enough for work or school while still being easy to carry around."


Pick a colour that appeals to you and suits most outfits, like "I prefer a classic black or brown leather bag that matches everything I wear." You can also opt for fun colours if that suits your style.

Comfort Features

Elaborate any comfort features like "It should have a wide, padded strap so it doesn't dig into my shoulder when heavy." Or features like back straps if you want a hands-free backpack or laptop bag.

Extra Features

Mention special features you'd want, like water resistance, theft protection compartments, attached mirrors, or key finders that would make the bag uniquely valuable.


If you want a monogram or initials engraved on your bag, mention, "I'd get my initials embroidered in gold on the front flap to personalise and identify it."

You can paint a vivid picture of your dream bag by highlighting all these ideal compartments, fabrics, colours, sizes, comfort, and customisation features.

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Explaining Why You Want to Own This Specific Bag

After describing the details of your ideal bag, you should also explain what purposes it would serve and why it perfectly matches your lifestyle and needs:

Travel Needs

If you travel frequently, tell the examiner how this bag is ideal for your trips, whether short getaways or extended vacations. For example, "As a frequent traveller, this large backpack with anti-theft features would be perfect for securely carrying my belongings on adventures."

Work or School Needs

For work or school, highlight how the compartments keep your laptop, files, books, etc., organised: "The roomy compartments of this leather satchel help keep my work documents neatly arranged when commuting."

Reflects Your Personality

Describe how your ideal bag's colour, size, style, or look aligns with your tastes and personality. For instance, "The understated, simple style of this tote bag in tan leather complements my minimalist aesthetics."

Matches Most Outfits

Mention if you chose versatile colours or materials that could match all kinds of outfits in your wardrobe for diverse occasions. For example, "I'd choose a black leather bag that pairs well with casual outfits like jeans or formalwear like skirts and dresses."

High Quality & Durable

Emphasise choosing premium, durable materials like full-grain leather that make the bag long-lasting and worth the investment over cheaper versions that need quick replacing.

By explaining how this bag would suit your lifestyle needs, from travel to professional/student use to match your tastes, you demonstrate this is your ideal dream bag.

Highlight the benefits that make this bag more practical and valuable than any other options. Conclude by affirming how owning this bag would fulfil your needs for style, quality, and utility in the long run.


The "Dеscribе a Bag You Want to Own cue card provides candidates an excellent opportunity to display English skills like vocabulary, grammar, coherence, and fluency. Candidates should describe their ideal bag's type, features, and purpose in detail. With ample practice with sample cue cards, test takers can improve their responses and be fully prepared on exam day. The key is organising ideas logically and providing supporting details while maintaining smooth, natural speech.

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FAQ's on Dеscribе a Bag You Want to Own Cue card

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