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Cost Of Studying MBBS in Moldova: MBBS in Moldova Fees for 2022

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Moldova is a country set in Eastern Europe lined by Romania and Ukraine, known for slopes and grape plantations. Moldova is an individual from the Council of Europe and numerous other worldwide associations. The primary college that offers medical training in the nation is Nicolae Testemianu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. It is a state-financed college situated in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The Moldova MBBS fee structure is exceptionally low when contrasted with numerous private universities in India and other European nations.

Moldova, therefore, attracts a lot of international students from across the world. If you wish to pursue an MBBS in Moldova, this blog would definitely help you plan your finances pertaining to the MBBS in Moldova fees. 

  Table of Contents 

  1. Factors Influencing the Overall Cost of Studying MBBS in Moldova
  2. Cost of Studying MBBS in Moldova  
  3. Pre-Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in Moldova
  4. Post-Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in Moldova 
  5. Cost of Living while Studying MBBS in Moldova
  6. Other Essential Costs to Study MBBS in Moldova
  7. Frequently Asked Questions about Cost of Studying MBBS in Moldova 

Factors Influencing the Overall Cost of Studying MBBS in Moldova 

The total cost for most everyday items in Moldova for two-man with average utilisation for one month is approximately USD 565/ INR 43,295, with no leasing cost included. Chisinau is a decent spot for understudies to live in. Be that as it may, as a general note, individuals beyond the country do not highly pursue the universities here. Apart from the Moldova medical university fees, there are some other factors that are in question. These factors are: 

  • Cost Of Studying MBBS In Moldova
  • Cost of Living To Study MBBS In Moldova
  • Other Essential Costs To Study MBBS In Moldova
  • Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Costs To Study MBBS In Moldova

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Cost Of Studying MBBS in Moldova

Unfortunately, Moldova doesn't have countless options of MBBS colleges like other countries. The 6 years of MBBS course in Moldova covers all aspects of the program and prepares students to face the challenges in real life. The cost of studying MBBS in Moldova includes: 

  • Moldova university medical fees (USD 3,789 approximately)
  • Cost of living in Moldova 

The cost also includes pre-arrival and post-arrival expenditure. 

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Pre-Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in Moldova

Before arriving in Moldova, students will incur some costs that will allow them to process for the program. We have to consider these important costs as well for the proper education of the students. The pre-arrival Moldova MBBS fees structure has been discussed briefly below: 

Entrance Exams

The majority of admission examinations are administered by the university to which the students are applying, and they cover courses such as English, physics, biology, and chemistry, among others.

Flight Tickets

The flight’s rates are approximately equal to USD 1,366.70 to USD 1,471.83.

Medical Checkup

It is possible that the cost of a medical exam differs in Moldova. However, if you have medical insurance, you will be reimbursed for the majority of the charges.

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Post Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in Moldova 

Once you arrive in Moldova, there are certain expenses you need to cover apart from the Moldova MBBS fees. The post-arrival costs are approximately around USD 300 per month. 

Cost of Living while Studying MBBS in Moldova

The cost of MBBS in Moldova is determined by a variety of factors, including tuition prices, food costs, and so on. These elements affecting the cost of living and studying MBBS in Moldova will be discussed in depth right here. Other costs may be involved with studying MBBS in Moldova, but these are the most significant.

  • Cost Of Education: Moldova's medical college charges are low for the European country, and the 6-year of MBBS in Moldova fees can cost approximately USD 33,933 or INR 26 Lakhs. 
  • Educational expense: Understudies need to pay USD 4,300 / INR 3,29,469 each year as an educational expense that is moderately low when contrasted with what other European nations and unfamiliar nations charge. The typical use for living reaches between USD 660/ INR 50,569.66, which is likewise very ideal.
  • Hostel Fees: There are a total 16 buildings for accommodation. Students can share the rooms. Hostels have washrooms, small corridors, and balconies for each floor.
  • Food Expenses: Monthly costs for a student are about USD 430/ INR 32,946 without rent. The living cost in Moldova is average.
  • Transportation: Moldova is an affordable country, when it comes to. The transportation cost is around USD 1.26. So, there are many options like underground metro and road for transportation.

Given below is the entire cost of living in Moldova along with the MBBS in Moldova fees: 


Costs (in USD)

Tuition Fee (Total)


Books and Supplies 


Visa Renewal


Hostel Fee




One Time Development Charge


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Other Essential Costs to Study MBBS in Moldova

Apart from obvious costs mentioned above, the Moldova MBBS fee structure also consists of other essential costs mentioned below: 

Student Visa Fees

When it comes to studying medicine in Moldova, there are a variety of visa requirements that students must meet. Students who apply for a student visa must pay a cost of around USD 160. 

Medical Insurance

Students must research adequate health insurance alternatives after arriving in Moldova. Students will be able to apply for private insurance through the university's website.

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Subject experts at Moldovan medical schools have dominated planning understudies to finish public licensure tests and incorporate them into the emergency clinic framework for a future vocation. Moldova is perhaps the most practical European nation for Indian undergraduates to concentrate on medication. Besides the monetary benefits, acquiring an MBBS in Moldova opens ways worldwide. You can even connect with our Yocket Counsellors to know more about the Moldova MBBS fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Cost of Studying MBBS in Moldova 

Ques. Is Nicolae Testemitanu State University good for MBBS?

Ans: This is the only one famous university for MBBS in Moldova. It will be the perfect choice for the students who want medical education with a specified budget.

Ques. What are the factors affecting the cost of studying MBBS in Moldova?

Ans: The fact that affects the expense makes accommodation one variable. Whether you will live in an inn or a leased loft, you should go through some sum at your convenience. Other is the food you will have. You need to organise your lunch supper if you are not remaining in the school.

Ques. Is an MBBS degree from Moldova Valid in India?

Ans: Studying MBBS in Moldova is accepted all over the world and also in India. Nicolae Testemitanu State University is the best medical college in Moldova that offers low-cost medical education.

Ques. What is the MBBS in Moldova duration?

Ans. The MBBS course in Moldova is offered for 6 years.

Ques. Is NEET score required for MBBS in Moldova?

Ans. Yes, NEET score is compulsory to pursue MBBS in Moldova.

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