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Colleges in Surrey: Best Colleges in Surrey for International Students

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Canada is one of the topmost study abroad destinations for Indian students willing to study at an international destination. Over 34% Indian students constitute the total international student population in Canada. Of the multiple options to study in Canada, the name of Surrey comes up often. Colleges in Surrey provide international students with the right kind of industrial exposure along with an excellent academic curriculum. Colleges and universities in Surrey Canada are not only known for their diverse cultures, but also for humongous employment opportunities they provide international students. Let us now head to know more about Surrey colleges for international students!

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Why Study in Surrey?

Surrey is a blend of modern culture, major employment opportunities, and a diverse international population. Here is a quick look at why Surrey is the best option for you to study in Canada:

  1. Dynamic Environment: Surrey as a city is famous for its rapid, fast growing environment, which is always open for changes.
  2. Affordable Education: Most of the degrees offered at Surrey colleges and universities are highly affordable for international students and do not burn a hole in your pocket!
  3. Highly Preferred Study Destination: Canada is one of the top most study destinations for a majority of the international student population, and so Surrey being a crucial part of the Canadian education system attracts international students from around the globe.
  4. Outstanding Job Opportunities: Colleges in Surrey are known for providing their graduate students with a high employability rate along with the best industrial exposures. This means more opportunities for internships, training and jobs in Canada.

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Having discussed the benefits of choosing to study in Surrey colleges and universities, let us take a look at the type of institutions, the city has to offer:

Types of Colleges in Surrey, Canada

Surrey colleges for international students can be broadly categorised as: private and public colleges. Let us understand what exactly do these two types refer to:

1. Public Colleges

Public colleges in Surrey are generally accredited and recognised by the Canadian government under the Provincial College and Institute Act. Also, programs offered at these colleges are accredited by specific accreditation bodies and organisations. One of the most famous public colleges in Surrey is Douglas College.

2. Private Colleges

The private colleges in British Columbia Canada are accredited by the private training branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.  Also, the private colleges are seen having a tuition fee higher than that of the public colleges in Surrey. One of the most famous private colleges in Surrey is the CDI College Surrey.

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Now that we are clear about the categorisation of  Surrey all colleges, let us now take a look at the top colleges in Surrey-

Top Colleges in Surrey, Canada

Let us now help you find the college of your dreams and take you through the Surrey all colleges list below:

  1. CDI College Surrey
  2. Douglas College
  3. Brighton College
  4. Sprott Shaw College
  5. Oscar International College
  6. Keystone College

Of the colleges listed above, here’s a little more information about the top 6 options for international students:

1.  CDI College Surrey

The CDI College has one of its campuses in South Surrey, offering over 100 programs on the UG, PG study levels to both international and domestic students. The college has an employability rate of 85% and offers programs across several fields including Art and Design, Legal, Business, Dental, Healthcare, Technology and Teaching Education. With 23 campus locations, CDI College is famous for offering students with industrial workshops and experiences.

College Type



South Surrey

Popular Programs

BA Business, MBA, MS Computer Science, Diploma- Social Media Marketing

Average Tuition Fee

10,000 to 40,000 CAD per year

(607656.50 - 2430625.99 INR)

2.  Douglas College

One of the largest colleges in British Columbia, Canada, the Douglas College also has its campus in Surrey. The college is known for granting both international and domestic students with public degrees at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in subjects including Nursing, Social Work, Physical Education, Business Administration, Therapeutic, Child and Youth Care, Recreation Performing Arts, Criminology, etc. The total student population at Douglas College stands somewhere around 20,000 students.

College Type



South Surrey

Popular Programs

BBA Accounting, Diploma in Biochemistry, BEng Engineering and Fabrication Technologies, Bachelor of Social Work, Post Diploma Hospitality Marketing

Average Tuition Fee

18,360 CAD per year

(1115657.33 INR)

3.  Brighton College Surrey

Brighton College Surrey is known to offer students with high placement rates and numerous career opportunities in Canada, in the form of jobs and internships. The college has 3 campuses - Surrey, Burnaby andVancouver. Brighton College observes a practicum placement rate of 100% wherein 85% of graduates are exposed with industry jobs upon graduation in prestigious companies. Moreover, programs offered at Brighton College make international students comfortable with on-field responsibilities through hands-on-learning experiences.




Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver

Popular Programs

Diploma in Civil Infrastructure Design Technology, Diploma in Internet Marketing, Certificate in International Trade, Diploma Construction and Drafting Technician

Average Tuition Fee

10,000  - 18,450 CAD/ per year

(607656.50 -1121126.24 INR)

4.  Sprott Shaw College

Sprott Shaw College is one of the oldest private post-secondary colleges in British Columbia. The College continuously revitalises its programs and courses to keep itself up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. The main goal of this College is to provide industry-recognized and high-quality education to all students. The College follows a monthly intake system with consistent monthly start dates. It also has a 4-5 hours schedule, which means you may use the rest of the time to complete assignments or work part-time, as per your suitability.




British Columbia

Popular Programs

Business & Administration, Tourism & Hospitality, Nursing & Healthcare, Design & Trades, Child, Family & Community Support

Average Tuition Fee

12,385 - 16,625 CAD/per year

(752582.57-  1010228.93 INR)

5.  Oscar International College

Oscar International College is a private college that mainly offers education in Arts/Science/ Engineering/ Law. The main objective of the college is to offer quality education to improve individual performance and uplift professional standards through ground-breaking training programs in diverse disciplines, research and extension activities. The college also provides co-op programs which confirm the best placement opportunities for students with certificate and diploma programs.




British Columbia, Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford

Popular Programs

Diploma in Health Care Assistant,Certificate in Education Assistant, CELBAN Test Preparation, Certificate in Industrial Sewing, IELTS Test Preparation

Average Tuition Fee

13,000 CAD/per year

(789953.45 INR)

6.  Keystone College

Keystone College is an EQA certified college in Surrey; the educational quality assurance term helps the college bring out the best in students by providing a top-quality education. The college strives to renovate lives and the region by inspiring and authorising students to live in a diverse community where integrity, responsibility, mutual respect, and life-long learning flourish. Keystone College is also an Industry Training Authority-approved college; this works with apprentices, industry, employers, labour, training providers, and the government to issue credentials, provision apprenticeships, and give practical knowledge to students.




Northeastern Pennsylvania

Popular Programs

Hairdressing Foundations, Manic Hospitality,Management Diploma, Nail Technician, Hospitality Operations Certificate Cure / Pedicure, Hospitality Management Diploma with Co-op

Average Tuition Fee

15,000 CAD/ per year

(911484.75 INR)

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Surrey as one of the quite popular cities in Canada will offer you quality education, and value for money. An excellent academic record, out of the box co-curriculars along with good proficiency in English, will definitely land you one of the best colleges in Surrey. In case you need assistance with the admission process, you can reach out to our Yocket Counsellors for expert advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Colleges in Surrey

 Ques. What is the cost of living in Surrey for international students?

Ans. The cost of attendance for international students to study in Surrey costs around 14,000 CAD to 18,000 CAD.

Ques. Name one of the best colleges in Surrey for international students?

Ans. One of the best colleges in Surrey for international students is the CDI College located in South Surrey.

Ques. What are the basic admission requirements to study in colleges in Surrey?

Ans. The basic requirements are:

  • High school degree
  • Academic transcripts
  • Bachelor's degree (for PG courses)
  • English proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Additional requirements (LORs/ SOPs/ Resume/ CV/ Interviews/ Work Experience)

Ques. Are public colleges better than private colleges in Surrey?

Ans. Public colleges in Surrey can be considered slightly better because of an affordable cost of attendance, along with higher ROI in terms of placement and employability rates. The private colleges in Surrey too, on the other hand are at par in terms of placement offers, only the tuition fee is a tad bit higher.

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