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Colleges Accepting TOEFL Score 80 and Below: List of Universities Accepting TOEFL Score 80 or Lower

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All universities around the globe accept TOEFL scores as an element of the admissions policy. Students who wish to enroll in programs of higher learning overseas must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL.

It is primarily offered to measure a user's level of English cognition because it focuses on how English is used in educational environments. Instead of relaxed or everyday English, the TOEFL exam sections employ official, academic language and strong vocabulary. As a result, it is the exam that students take the most often as an element of admission enrollment worldwide.

The test comprising 4 sections takes a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes to finish. Each part has a 30-point composite score. The exam is divided into four sections: speaking, writing, listening, and reading. After adding these sectional scores, a final, overall score of 120 points is acquired.

However, there are two main test types—IBT and PBT—each having a range of possible scores. IBT tests are internet-based, while PBT tests are paper-based.

We'll go into more detail about the score range and which universities accepting TOEFL score 80 or below in this blog. Let's get moving!

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Is Having a TOEFL Score of 80 or Less Good Enough?

Let's take a closer look at what the sections consist of before we answer this question. The reading section consists of 3–4 paragraphs with 12–14 questions per passage, whilst the hearing section varies from 6 to 5 questions per lecture or conversation. They both include multiple-choice questions. The writing phase that follows has two parts: a 30-minute individual writing activity and a 20-minute integrated writing task. The speaking portion of the exam follows a preset structure.

After finishing all four sections, you receive a final score out of 120. Now, there are universities accepting TOEFL score 75 or less but as you move further down the road TOEFL score 70 universities or 65 and so on the number of universities you can apply to with these scores keeps thinning out. Yes, there are quite a few TOEFL 80 score university but below that will be a battle that you’ll need to find. The majority of elite universities halt admissions at a maximum score of 90. To avoid having to ask this question, work hard in your studies and strive for the highest possible score. Now let’s take a look at the options!

List of Universities Accepting TOEFL Score 70 or below through 80

Most institutions need a minimum score before considering an applicant for admission. These requirements differ from university to university, from course to course, and occasionally even from section to section. These requirements are set by colleges for various courses. Let’s take a look at the universities that will welcome you with a score of 80 or less:


Score Range

University of Pacific


Oregon State University


University of New Castle


Pittsburgh State University


Arizona State University


Bowling Green State University


University of Wollongong


Cleveland State University


East Tennessee State University


Deakin University


University of New Mexico


Clark University Worcester


University of Tulsa


University of Montana


Golden Gate University


Ohio State University


Indiana State University


University of Manchester


King’s College, London


University of Bath


University of St. Andrews


Lehigh University


California Institute of Technology


Dartmouth College


University of East Anglia


University of Melbourne


The University of Adelaide


RMIT University


University of York


McGill University

79 and above

University of Auckland


University of Canterbury


University of Otago


Auckland University of Technology


University of Waikato


A higher TOEFL score will maximize your chances of getting into the university of your preference. There are universities accepting TOEFL score 75 or even less but work hard in your studies to secure a spot at one of the top colleges, or the very least, the institution you have your sights set on. The higher you score the higher will be your chances of admission. Keep up the good work and for any queries contact our experienced counselors. Subscribe to Yocket premium today!

Frequently Asked Questions About TOEFL Score 80 or below

Ques. TOEFL IBT and PBT scoring ranges do they vary?

Ans. They do, indeed. The PBT score ranges from 310-677, while the IBT score ranges from 0-120. 

Ques. Do we still have the chance to try PBT?

Ans. The answer is both yes and no. You can only attempt the PBT if the testing facility where you will take the exam does not have an internet connection. Otherwise, you must take the IBT. Additionally, the majority of colleges specifically refer to the "IBT score" policy in their published cut-offs.

Ques. How long does the TOEFL exam last?

Ans. A candidate has four and a half hours to attempt the exam and finish all four of the portions that are required.

Ques. Why is TOEFL thought to be a more accurate indicator of a candidate's proficiency with English comprehension?

Ans. Because TOEFL uses academic language and high-level vocabulary rather than informal or conversational English, it is a suitable way to assess a student's English proficiency and ability to comprehend their course material if they plan to study abroad.

Ques. Is the TOEFL required?

Ans. If the college you wish to apply to demands it and you don't speak English as your first language, then unquestionably YES.

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