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MBBS In Ireland: Comprehensive Guide to Study Medicine in Ireland for International Students

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As an economically developed country, Ireland takes special interest in their educational and health sector. It has a long history of academic excellence and some leading universities and research centres. Medical Science in Ireland is one such domain occupying a prominent place across the world. MBBS in Ireland is an opportunity to learn, explore and grow while residing in a culturally rich country.  Over the years many aspiring students have been flocking to this vibrant country to pursue medicine. So, in case you are one of those interested to study medicine in Ireland, this blog will act as your complete guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Why study MBBS in Ireland?
  2. MBBS in Ireland: An Overview
  3. Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process for MBBS in Ireland
  4. Cost of Studying MBBS in Ireland
  5. Top 5 Universities for MBBS in Ireland
  6. Career Opportunities after Completion of MBBS in Ireland

 Why Study MBBS in Ireland?


Before we go into the details of how to study medicine in Ireland, let us understand the reasons to choose Ireland as a destination for pursuing medicine -:


  • Recognition: MBBS in Ireland has an international appeal and is well recognized by MCI and WHO.
  • Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction in all universities of Ireland is English.
  • Job Opportunities: There are multiple job opportunities in Ireland for international students after completing their MBBS.
  • Quality of Education: MBBS in Ireland offers outstanding research and training opportunities from an early stage. This makes the students confident to excel in their profession after completion of their course.
  • Affordable: The fee structure for MBBS in Ireland is quite affordable when compared to other popular destinations such as the UK and USA.


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Now that you know the reasons to study medicine in Ireland international students, let us take a look at the admission requirements and process.



MBBS in Ireland: An Overview


The MBBS course in Ireland is a perfect blend of academic learning, practical experience and intensive research. The courses of MBBS in Ireland are mostly of 6 years duration – 5 years of academics and 1 year internship. All the courses are designed to be patient-centric and focus on overall growth of the students.


For those wishing to study MBBS in Ireland, here is a quick overview of the program:


Course Name



5 years + 1 year internship

Instruction Language


Average Fee per year

30,000-50,000 EUR

Popular Specialisations








Clinical Diagnosis and Therapeutics

Top Universities

Trinity College Dublin

Royal College of Surgeons

National University of Ireland Galway


NOTE: In Ireland all undergraduate medical courses are categorized as BSc programs. However,  the curriculum is similar to that of MBBS courses in other countries. For the convenience of our target audience, we have made use of the term MBBS here for their better understanding.

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process for MBBS in Ireland 


The process of admission and eligibility criteria depends upon the university you choose. Every university has their own procedures and requirements to study medicine in Ireland.Mentioned below are some common MBBS in Ireland requirements:


  • A 10+2 or equivalent exam certificate is a must to pursue MBBS in Ireland. You must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology as compulsory subjects with minimum 60% grades in the qualifying exam. Some universities prefer a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Maths too.
  • You must be above 17 years of age. An age proof certificate is required.
  • Qualifying NEET is compulsory to apply for MBBS in Ireland for Indian students. You must be able to present a valid NEET certificate.
  • Some medical schools in Ireland for international students require students to take the Graduate Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) and Health Profession Admission Test (HPAT). Therefore, it is important to check the exact requirement from the university’s official website.
  • Language proficiency is another criterion to pursue an MBBS in Ireland. Language tests and required score are:
  • A valid passport and student visa are a must for all international students to opt for any course in Ireland. Do keep in mind to apply for your visa at least 3 months prior to the expected date of travelling.


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Admission Process for MBBS in Ireland


Now that you know the MBBS in Ireland requirements, let us understand the application process. The universities in Ireland follow an online application process. Here’s a quick look at the process:


  1. Choose a course and a university of your choice.
  2. Visit the official university website and collect all data relating to eligibility and admission.
  3. Apply for the program through the online enrollment system, called Central Applications Office (CAO).
  4. Take language proficiency IELTS or TOEFL or PTE
  5. Students may have to appear for the Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT) examination test.
  6. Fill in the application form and upload scanned copies of all the required documents.


Cost of Studying MBBS In Ireland


MBBS being a 6 years long journey in Ireland creates a lot of speculation amongst students. One of them is the cost factor. Pursuing MBBS in Ireland is indeed costly as compared to other courses, but it is definitely worth it. A degree from the top most universities of Ireland will pave the way for your career to flourish.


Ireland MBBS Fees


MBBS in Ireland has different fees structures for different universities. The medical universities in Ireland charge a fee of 35,000 to 58,000 EUR per year for its undergraduate medicine programs.


Cost of Living


The cost of living in Ireland depends upon the lifestyle you choose and preferences. An estimated cost per year for international students is 7000-12,000 EUR. It covers all amenities like housing, food, travel, stationery, recreational activities, etc. If you wish to cut on costs you may opt for a student accommodation.


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Let us now take a look at some of the best medical colleges you can choose from in Ireland -


Top 5 Universities for MBBS in Ireland


Now that you know all the details regarding pursuing medicine in Ireland, let us take a look at the best medical schools in Ireland for international students. The top 5 are:


  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • Royal College of Surgeons
  • National University of Ireland Galway
  • University of Limerick


  1. Trinity College Dublin


Trinity College Dublin is one of the best medical colleges in Ireland. The medical program offered here expands for a duration of 5 years. The first and second year exclusively concerns the structure and functioning of the human body in health and disease. A research module is also introduced in the second year to provide a better understanding of the principles of research. From third year, the students attend different departments at hospitals to acquire practical knowledge.  


QS World Ranking


Average Fees

50,000 EUR/ year

Popular Programs

M.B (Bachelor’s in Medicine)

B.Ch. (Bachelor’s in Surgery)

B.A.O. (Bachelor’s in Obstetrics)

  1. University College Dublin


University College Dublin is one of the best options for MBBS in Ireland. The Centre for Medical Education here specifically focuses on all aspects of undergraduate education. It is internationally recognized and accredited in providing the best healthcare education in Europe. It is in partnership with academic and clinical institutions in different countries including Canada and USA. UCD runs two general teaching hospitals too, namely, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and St. Vincent’s University Hospital.  


QS World Ranking


Average Fees

50,000 EUR/ year

Popular Programs

BSc. Biomedical Health and Life Sciences

BSc. Health and Performance Science

BSc. Radiography

  1. Royal College of Surgeons


Royal College of Surgeons is a leading private international medical school and one of the largest in Ireland. RCSI offers education in training in the areas of Pharmacy, Dentistry, Sports and Exercise Medicine, etc. It is indulged in performing research activities both nationally and internationally. The intention behind it is to commercialise intellectual property arising from research and developing collaborative links with educational and research institutes worldwide. 


QS World Ranking

201- 250

Average Fees

55,000 EUR/ year

Popular Programs

BSc. Pharmacy

BSc. Physiotherapy

BSc. Advanced Therapeutic Technologies

  1. National University of Ireland Galway


National University of Ireland Galway aims to provide up-to-date education, facilities and resources for the MBBS program. It takes special interest in physical examination skills and clinical reasoning. The students spend the last year of their course working in different clinical environments like hospital wards, surgical theatre and outpatient clinics. In addition to academics, the university ensures the all round development of their students through extracurricular activities.


QS World Ranking


Average Fees

31,000 - 50,000 EUR/ year

Popular Programs

BSc. Anatomy

BSc. Obstetrics and Gynaecology

BSc. Paediatrics

  1. University of Limerick


The MBBS courses at University of Limerick are open to all graduates from Science background. The curriculum under School of Medicine covers a duration of 4 years, with one year of internship. It aims at delivering the finest education to produce the best healthcare workers. The school emphasizes on integrating students with real-life knowledge and awareness in a favourable environment.   It is considered to be one of the best medical colleges in Ireland.


QS World Ranking


Average Fees

45,000 EUR/ year

Popular Programs

BSc. Medicine and Surgery

BSc. Midwifery (Mental Health)

BSc. Nursing (General)


The opportunities after successfully completing MBBS in Ireland are many. Let us take a quick look at these -


Career Opportunities after Completion of MBBS in Ireland


After finishing MBBS in Ireland, students can pursue postgraduate courses or go on to look for job opportunities.


During the academic and internship period the students get the exposure of working in various hospitals and other healthcare centres. This experience proves to be quite beneficial for them to land in different jobs later. Some such jobs and their average salaries are mentioned below:


Job Title

Average Annual Salary

Physician/ Doctor

77,949 EUR


50,000 EUR

Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

65,000 EUR


We will be wrapping up the blog by answering some of the most commonly asked questions -



Frequently Asked Questions about MBBS in Ireland

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Is it expensive to study MBBS in Ireland?

Is MBBS in Ireland good?

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