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ACT Math Books: Find the Best ACT Math Prep Book in 2024

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Looking to ace the ACT Math section and boost your overall score? We've got you covered! From the best ACT Math prep books to crack math problems to expert tips and shortcuts - explore it all here. Learn how to leverage the right study resources and craft smart ACT test-taking strategies for math. 

Read on as we dive into everything you need to strategize, prepare, and score big in the ACT Math test. Stay tuned as we wrap up with recommendations from Yocket Premium's ACT Math prep arsenal to further step up your readiness to conquer the test!

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Overview of ACT Math Section

Math questions are often standalone or grouped (e.g., each about the same graph or chart). Collegiate math prerequisites are emphasized. Problems don't demand complex formulas and computation recall. ACT-approved math calculators are allowed. Math skills are rated in eight categories. ACT reporting categories are weighted as follows:



Preparing for Higher Math: This category covers the more recent math students are learning, starting when they use algebra to express and solve equations. It has five subcategories.


Integrating Essential Skills: This category tests your ability to synthesize and apply knowledge to solve complex problems. Rates, percentages, proportional relationships, area, surface area, volume, average, and median are covered. Solve non-routine problems that require skill chains, application in varied contexts, understanding connections, and fluency.


Modeling: This category covers producing, interpreting, understanding, evaluating, and improving models. Each question is counted in other categories. This category measures how well you model math topics.

Coupled with above listed topics

ACT students have 60 minutes to answer 60 questions in the math section. You can use the best ACT math and math prep books to prepare for these sections. 

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Is ACT math tough to crack? 

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Why Should You Use An ACT Math Practice Book?

Many students feel that studying for the ACT with an ACT math practice book will help them get into more renowned colleges. Although any score over the national average is regarded as acceptable, certain institutions have stricter requirements.

Study using a prepared guide to prevent admission troubles, improve your marks, and receive fantastic scholarships to your chosen college. Consider your weaknesses while choosing a study guide.

Ace the ACT with Yocket! Elevate your preparation with expert insights, top-notch resources, and personalized guidance. We're here to empower your ACT success journey. Explore Yocket for a strategic approach to ACT preparation!

Top 4 ACT Math Practice Books for Preparation

This section contains a list of the best prep books for ACT Math: 

  • Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT, 2nd Edition
  • For the Love of ACT Math
  • ACT Math: The Guide, 1st Edition
  • Kaplan's "ACT Math & Science Prep, 4th Edition”

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Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT, 2nd Edition

This book will help you ace ACT math. It can be utilized alone or alongside ACT resources. Updated ACT math information is included. Students with above-30 math score potential can focus on content. Students with modest ambitions may skip advanced material. New questions reflect the test's increasing difficulty, and the tactics section has been updated. Pacing, practice exams, and test-taking strategies have been incorporated.


INR 1,930

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For the Love of ACT Math

Review of the entire math test to help prepare. With this ACT Math Prep book, you may familiarise yourself with the types of math questions for the ACT and grasp math concepts in the problems you'll solve on the test thanks to extensive explanations for every official ACT Math question. Only book with genuine ACT Math questions organized by category and thorough explanations.


INR 1,280

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Struggling with ACT prep? Let Yocket be your guide to ACT success. With personalized study plans, top-notch test materials, and expert mentoring, we empower you with the ultimate ACT prep to boost your score and ace this test. Partner with Yocket Premium for the winning edge in ACT mastery!

ACT Math: The Guide, 1st Edition

This guidebook is the best-act math prep book because it is designed to work more like an ACT prep class than it is a typical prep book, which may appeal to students who prefer structure to their studies. It includes

  • Strategy for each question type
  • 400+ step-by-step ACT math practice questions
  • 90+ Videos covering each topic
  • Translation guide for your ACT score report
  • The section on practicing, preparing, and providing insight into ACT's weaknesses


INR 2,010

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Kaplan's "ACT Math & Science Prep, 4th Edition”

Kaplan's ACT Math & Science Prep is the best ACT math and science prep book for strengthening math and science skills. This ACT practice book includes:

  • 500 math and science problems
  • Question sets to determine your potential
  • A guide to the 100 most important math topics for the ACT
  • Realistic, test-like content to avoid surprises on test day.


INR 1,360

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These four books listed above by Yocket are among the most thorough ACT Math preparation materials available. However, the book's usefulness to test-takers is contingent on their past arithmetic knowledge and consistent execution of math exercises. Nevertheless, it is possible to ace the ACT with one of the best ACT math prep books and sufficient practice. 

Master the ACT with Yocket! Our personalized approach to ACT preparation ensures you're ready for success. Elevate your scores and boost your chances of getting into your dream program. Start your ACT journey with Yocket today!

From the Desk of Yocket

Mastering the ACT Math section is within reach with the right resources. These top ACT Math prep books provide a strategic advantage, offering insights, practice, and a structured approach to tackle every question. From targeted content reviews to in-depth explanations, these books ensure comprehensive preparation. As you gear up to conquer the ACT Math test, leverage these valuable tools and solidify your path to success. Remember, consistent practice and understanding your weaknesses are keys to achieving your best performance. So, equip yourself wisely and confidently to face the ACT Math Challenge.

For a successful journey through ACT Math preparation in 2025, turn to Yocket. Discover the best ACT math prep books, expert insights, and effective strategies to boost your scores. Elevate your performance with our comprehensive resources and guidance. Unlock the path to ACT Math success with Yocket in 2024!

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