ACT Practice Tests: Find Out the Latest ACT Sample Papers & Practice Tests

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Updated on Oct 5, 2021

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Attempting ACT sample papers on a regular basis helps students evaluate their preparedness for the final exam day. The practice tests comprise every type of question found in the actual exam. Therefore, as an aspirant of ACT, you can constantly focus on areas of improvisation w.r.t reading skills, writing skills, correct usage of grammar,  mathematical abilities and scientific interpretation of data.

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7 FREE Full-Length ACT Sample Papers with Answers

Given below are the links to all official ACT practice tests that are completely free. The seven tests given below are full-length practice tests comprising four sections. They also include scoring keys, allowing you to grade your performance.


Test & Scoring Key Pages 

ACT practice test for 2020-2021


ACT practice test for 2018-2019


ACT practice test for 2015-2016


ACT practice test for 2014-2015


ACT practice test for 2011-2012


ACT practice test for 2008-2009


ACT practice test for 2005-2006



Take the Official Online ACT Practice Tests

The official ACT website allows students to take an online ACT practice test for free. This free practice test allows you to know your weak areas. This test can be taken up by signing up for MyACT account.

If you are interested in practicing for a particular subject, given below are the links to the official sample test questions from each of the sections. 

Along with the questions, you are also provided with the correct answers for each of these questions.

Recommended Official ACT resources for practice tests

The official website for ACT recommends the following books and resources for ACT preparation. These contain ACT practice papers, review explanations and more.

1. The Official ACT Prep Guide 2021-2022 Edition

This is the latest edition of the official ACT exam which allows students to practice with real practice tests. This is one of the best and the latest version of the ACT preparation guide.

Cost (Approx.)

Paperback – 33 USD

Kindle - 32 USD


  • 6 official ACT practice tests

  • 400 online flashcards

  • Review explanations for all correct and incorrect answer choices 

  • Recommended strategies and test-taking tips


2. ACT Official Subject Guides – 2nd Edition

Four Official Subject guides are available for students who would like to individually prepare for the subjects.  These guides can be used if you are looking  for ways to strengthen a particular section. The available guides include -

  • Official ACT English Guide

  • Official ACT Math Guide

  • Official ACT Reading Guide

  • Official ACT Science Guide

Cost Per Guide (Approx.)

Paperback – 21 USD

Kindle - 17 USD


  • 1-year access to Online Question Bank

  • 200 new questions and explanations in each subject


3.The Official Beginner's Guide for ACT 2020-2021 

This is the official preparation guide for ACT for the year 2020-2021.  This book is meant as a guide for students interested in all the information about all the new enhancements made to the ACT exam.

Cost (Approx.)

Paperback – 20 USD


  • One full length online PreACT Diagnostic test

  • An Official ACT practice test offered in the book and online

Tips for attempting ACT sample papers for maximum benefit

Once you have access to the ACT sample papers and practice tests, you should use them to your advantage. A few tips to help you reap maximum benefits from these practice tests are being shared below.

1. Take the test in proper order

Take the entire paper in one sitting and in order starting with English, then Math, followed by reading and science. You may also take the optional writing exam once you are done. You should also give yourself a 10 to 15 minute break between Math and Science exam, just like the actual exam.

2. Time yourself like the actual exam

The four-section exam takes 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete. Each section is assigned a time slot.  Make sure you allow yourself precisely that time. Use a stopwatch for precision.

English - 45 minutes, Math - 60 minutes, Reading - 35 minutes, Science – 35 minutes, Writing (Optional) - 40 minutes

3. Don’t switch calculators

If you are planning to use a permitted calculator for your math section in the final exam, make sure you use the same calculator for the practice test.

4. Score yourself

All the practice tests are provided with the scoring key.  Once you complete the exam make sure you use the key to get your composite result.

5. Evaluate Your scores

The final scores will help you evaluate your performance and identify the weak areas.

6. Take multiple tests before exam day

Try to take at least three ACT practice tests dedicatedly  before the final exam under typical exam conditions. This will prepare you physically and mentally for the actual exam. 

The ACT sample papers provided above are taken from the official website and are the closest experience to the real exam. They will help you strengthen your ACT preparation and prepare you mentally for the real thing. 

All the Best !