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Established in 1838, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is a public research university located in Richmond, Virginia. The university was founded Hampden'Sydney College, becoming the Medical College of Virginia in 1854 and has maintained its prestige in Medical section. Today, more than 31,000 students pursue 226 degree and certificate programs through VCU's 13 schools and one college. Known for its medical department does this university have more to it or does it bind itself to that department? Let's find out.



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Richmond, an independent city was founded in 1742. Today with a population of over 204,214 the city is third-most populous metro in the state. Richmond is located at the fall line of the James River which has been of importance since its foundation. Richmond, VA is a fun and exciting city to live in, with lots of historical sites nearby. Richmond is definitely much cheaper than New York as far as social spending is concerned and offers all kinds of cuisines, including delicious and affordable Greek and Chinese restaurants, plus lots of entertainment and natural space. Shopping in Richmond offers lots of variety, there are several branded stores here including Louis Vuitton and Coach. There are many things to do over the weekend and the great thing about Richmond is that entertainment is quite affordable and there are always coupons and discounts that can be availed at the Virginia Museum of Arts and the Maymont Center. Richmond is also very green and walking to the nearest stores and centers in the residential areas is quite safe and fun and the communities are quite close knit and have local churches, schools and clubs. There are several parks and trails that make the city a great place to live for families. For those who enjoy night life, Richmond has quite a few restaurants and coffee shops open around the clock. There are quite a few night clubs and live music restaurants including a must try on Walnut Aly called Alley Katz.


VCU sits on 144 acres of campus in urban setting. No doubt that this is pretty small campus for enrollment of 34,000 and it seems difficult to fit all those in here but don't worry, university has structured the campus in such a way that you won't feel clustered in such a big crowd. Being in urban setting one doesn't feel like walking through one inside the campus, it is quite and buildings are beautiful in terms of their structures. The campus has a lot of greenery compared to what is may seem like. There are few cafes and bars to spend some time for fun within the campus but can't guarantee if you'd like the food in there. Over-all if you are free and want to listen to your music or read book in private then you will find quite a soft spot to make use of your time.

Residing Options

There are in-campus housing facilities available at VCU and its pricing would vary from 5,000 to 8,000 US$ depending on the kind of place you choose to live in. The prices are pretty affordable and they provide with basic amenities such as Wi-Fi and repairs etc.


Faculty at any university is the most considerable fact to join that university and in case of VCU the faculty is mediocre. Almost 7 out of 10 alumni found 80% of the faculty unexperienced and felt they were teaching for the sake of it. The reality being you can't just this situation unless you experience it. But, there were few people who feel they had best professors and couldn't expect anything better from the school. The arts department of the university is said to have the faculty by far and considering the fact that this university is in an Urban setting, a lot of faculties have turned up to be participants for teaching here and they actually have one of the best faculty group in the city of Richmond.

Jobs and placements

VCU does not guarantee a career with in-campus placements but they do have a career center which can help you with jobs. Now as far as few alumni are concerned, they do not suggest any one to visit the career canter as they are unhelpful and that process is frustrating, instead they want everyone to look for their jobs by themselves. Now, few students found help through the same career center but almost 60% of the alumni felt that VCU was not at all helpful regarding career and they found jobs by getting in touch with their alumni and ex-student.

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