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Established in 1969, The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is a state research university in San Antonio, Texas, United States. With over 28,000 students, it is the largest university in San Antonio and the eighth-largest (2014) in the state of Texas. UTSA embraces the multicultural traditions of South Texas, serves as a center for intellectual and creative resources, and is a catalyst for the economic development of Texas. In short, the university is the lone wolf of economic boost in Texas. But, the point is that does it thrive in each and every section mentioned below? Lets see!



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City of San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in the United States of America and the second most populated city in the state of Texas, with a population of 1,409,019. With that a huge number the city seems to lack a welcoming freshness and gives you a boring feeling once you enter it but if you ask around for some help there are a lot of places to visit though. San Antonio also has three amusement parks, six flags and sea world and hundreds of events throughout the year. What you might like the most about San Antonio are its first Fridays. There is a music event that happens in the city every first Friday of the month and large crowd comes to experience the fun there. The bars and cafes are good but not as great as you would expect them to be. San Antonio used to be a crime hub in its 80s but with new installation of security and army base there crime rate has dropped down by 80%. Over all it is a good city to enjoy some time while you complete your studies.


UTSA has three campuses span over 747 acres of land, with its main campus being the largest in the University of Texas System. UTSA offers a wide array of academic studies, with 133 undergraduate, 51 graduate and 24 doctoral programs. UTSA is famous for one thing and that is the amount of money that has been spent to construct and renovate buildings in the campus. The university has beautiful constructions and students find its library one of the most pleasant places in the campus. Though the campus is pretty small it might get difficult for you to look for a quiet place to spend your time at but as an alternative you always have the library. The cafe inside the campus is good which does not provide a lot of food options but tastes better than what weve heard till now. If you feel like having some other kind of food then there are a lot of options available outside the campus. Believe it or not, the campus is looks-wise deceiving enough to make up your mind for admissions in this university.

Residing Options

The cost for room, board, books, supplies and other expenses for on-campus students at The University of Texas at San Antonio totals to $14,302. The amount is pretty expensive and considering the fact that this University is not in NY the amount seems pretty high.


Even though in 2005 UTSA had replaced 20 members from their staff due to their low standards of teaching level, students are still complaining about the staff available there. There are few good professors, but unless a professor denies teaching you syllabus until then one shouldnt define them as incompetent. Eventually, no one can decide the level of faculty unless one has experienced it. But fortunately some students have found best professors there at UTSA and were happy to learn under their guidance.

Jobs and placements

Eventually most of the alumni have confirmed that there were not many in-campus placements happening while they were in college, but they did agree to a lot of socials happen within the campus which helped them get in touch with the alumni of their time and make contacts with them. The factual figures seem pretty happy with the way life after UTSA evaluates. Over all 67% of graduates from UTSA seem to be happy with their job and are earning a good amount of annual income. So judging the after-life from 1000 miles away is quite a difficult job. Also there have been cases where few alumni mentioned that not a lot of recruitment companies were happy to see the certificate from UTSA.

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