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The University of Stuttgart, also known locally as Universität Stuttgart, is a free-for-all institution based in Stuttgart, Germany. It was established in 1829 and was formerly known as the Technical College of Stuttgart. It prides itself as one of the oldest technical Universities in Germany. It is revered for its outstanding programs in industrial, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. It has a global recognition in the fields of efficient industrial and automated, advanced automotive engineering, manufacturing, aerospace engineering, process engineering, and activity-based costing. Let it not surprise you, but rather, inform you that the inventor of the automobile, Gottlieb Daimler was a graduate student at the University of Stuttgart.

This university is not just a leader or effective in the area of being old, it has been able to garner itself a reputation that is evidently backed up by its rankings by various international ranking surveys and bodied. QS World University Rankings named it the 79th in the World in the area of engineering and technology. It ranked 42nd and 3rd worldwide and locally respectively, in the ranking of Universities as regards the fields of manufacturing, aeronautical and mechanical engineering.



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The university is located in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Stuttgart is not only in Baden-Wüttemberg but also in Stuttgart-Vahingen. Baden Württemberg is an urban location, which stands as the capital and largest city of Baden-Württemberg. Whereas, Vahingen is a suburban location. It is situated on the Neckar river and has a population of 609,219. The city features lots of exciting basic amenities that promote the standard of living of its inhabitant. For symphony, orchestra, theatre, opera lovers, the State Opera is located within the state theatre. The transport system of the city is well adapted for convenience and easy mobility around the city. As a matter of fact, its airport is regarded as the sixth-largest airport in Germany. Shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and other recreational outlets are common sites in the city. The largest and one of the archaic Christmas markets in Europe can be found only in Stuttgart.

More so, the city stands out as an economic hub of the nation with several major companies headquartered in Stuttgart. These include Bosch, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, and Dinkelacker. The city is lively. There are lots of shopping malls and other retail outlets where shopping can be done conveniently.


The university has a well-established infrastructure on each of the campuses. It would be mouth-watering and heart-filling to discover that the highest building in the world with a textile cladding on the facade, is actually located in Rottweil, Baden Württemberg. It is a tower that stood 246 meters, and among the lead tallest edifices in Deutschland. Thyssenkrupp test tower prides itself as one of the tallest with a height of 232m which avails a grasping view of the areas around the town. Other notable edifices include Mensa building at the main campus, the International Centrum, the Student Hall Pfaffenhof II, K1, and K2 Student Hal, the new "Raumfahrtzentrum Baden-Württemberg"l in Vaihingen among others.

Residing Options

Housing in Stuttgart university town is cheap. The university offers a number of housing units to its students through its Housing Services Office. These include single apartments, shared apartments, family Housing, and on-post housing. On-Post housing is meant strictly for military personnel. The rooms are well furnished and are provided with the needed facilities for a more reliable stay.

The Studentenwerk Stuttgart provides over 7,200 places in 35 dormitories in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen, and Goppingen. Housing halls enjoy quality public transport links that are strategically located near the University campus or exclusively in town.

However, not all accommodating facilities are public. To get comfortable and without little or no interference, you can opt for a private residence. The student hall in Stuttgart is known as “Pfaffentrop II." Housing packages are divided into short term rentals and tenants. If you had gone to Stuttgart for a short period of time, accommodation is readily available. Hotels, student subletting services, boarding houses in the city of Stuttgart provides a home away from home. Students and visiting lecturers have got no cause to worry. In addition, visitors to places in the town and business voyagers are also always welcome in the hotel.


The University of Stuttgart has undergraduate, graduate and doctoral faculty to student ratio of 1:9 with the largest chunk of its students being undergraduates. With a total figure of 27,686, the student population consists of 13,136 undergraduates. This is followed by postgraduates with a total figure of 7,309. The feat of an impressive number of doctoral students, which is 1,682, can be attributed to its ability to grant doctoral degrees in technical disciplines that started in 1900. The academic staff members total stands at 3,152 whilst administrative staff figure stands at 1,794. The University can be divided into ten faculties namely; Faculty of Architecture and urban planning, Faculties of Engineering, and the Faculty of Economics and Social sciences, etcetera.

Jobs and placements

The University of Stuttgart has an excellent reputation nationally and globally due to its highly efficient teaching program. With this, the chance of securing a job after graduating from university is high.

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