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University of Augsburg

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The University of Augsburg was first founded in the year 1970. Approximately 14% of the students in that university come all the way from foreign countries. The University of Augsburg is categorized as one of the newest universities in Bavarian. It offers quite a large number of academic programs, for example, business, law, natural sciences arts, and humanities. The university has collaborated with a number of universities in other countries such as Croatia, South Africa, Russia, and Romania. The university features 7 major departments which include; the faculty of Business Administration, law, Theology, philosophy and Social Sciences, philology and History, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and finally Applied Computer Science. The University of Augsburg in Germany is ranked position 961 worldwide and position 51 country ranking.



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The University of Augsburg is situated on the southern part of the Augsburg city. It is reachable by road transport where there is plenty of public transport. This is one of the places that is congenial to study in. The city is functional and with the modern buildings, it brings satisfaction to the residents and those who come to visit. Students enjoy studying at this university since life is simple and there are enough infrastructures that support education, businesses, and technology. The city of Augsburg is among the oldest cities in Germany and has a great influence on trade and finance all over the world. It consists of top leading technology companies making it one of the richest cities in Germany.


To start with, there is smooth connectivity of operation in the university since different departments are conveniently situated closely enough. Libraries are well stocked with research equipment and students have easy access to them. Lectures are in cooperation with students and they are very helpful during studies for example during research. The University of Augsburg is spacious giving room for enough and large lecture rooms

Residing Options

If you are looking for private accommodation or student residence option Augsburg student services gives housing options that are at a reasonable price. International students prefer rooms at the university since they are less expensive yet furnished. Some of the residences are not close to the university which is why students are provided with semester travel ticket that enables them to enjoy a free ride to school. School dormitory room application is found on the universities website. There are no difficulties getting an inexpensive room in the city.


The university has a faculty to student ratio of 1:16. The population of students in the university is 20,437. The university has a number of competent staffs which include 1,235 academic staff and 2,641 administrative staff.

Jobs and placements

The chance of getting a job after graduating from the University of Augsburg is very high. Note that there are companies in Germany who consider the University of Augsburg alumni to be very knowledgeable and skilled. The university has produced alumni who are currently famous and sets a good example for the university. 

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