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Universite De Tours

Tours, France


Public University


Established in 1969


Universite De Tours is a public university in Tours, France.  The institution, established in 1969, was earlier known by François Rabelais. It belongs to the Leonardo da Vinci consolidated University regional university association. There are around 29000 national and international students. The Universite De Tours has 10 academic departments, schools, and technical institutes that offer a variety of Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees, and Doctoral Programs. Arts & Humanities, Advanced Renaissance Studies, Law, Economics, and Social Sciences are a few of the subject options.

Top Reasons to Study in the Universite De Tours

The University of Tours provides a setting for learning that promotes original thought. It attracts exceptional employees and students who want to change the world. Some additional reasons to study here are: -

  • Universite De Tours’ Campus Bourses grant search engine compiles a comprehensive list of all scholarships accessible to international students based on their profiles. 
  • The search engine displays the scholarship programs provided by governments, local governments, businesses, foundations, and institutions of higher learning. Universite De Tours Eiffel Scholarships - The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs suggests the Eiffel Program to French higher education institutions to help them draw top international students.
  • The University of Tours students are prepared to enter the workforce and excel in both their professional and personal lives owing to their education and experience.
  • The Universite De Tours' education system, which is offered in a secure setting with diverse cultures, is well regarded worldwide. Compared to other nations that offer high-quality education, the cost of living and tuition are significantly lower here.

Admissions at The Universite De Tours

How to Apply at Universite De Tours

These are the steps to apply for The Universite De Tours admissions: -

  1. Apply through the official website
  2. Choose a student course
  3. Fill up the student's details
  4. Upload required documents
  5. Submit the application 

Note: There is no Universite De Tours application fee.

Documents Required to Apply to Universite De Tours

Students are required to submit the listed documents for The Universite De Tours admissions: -

  • Official education transcripts
  • Study permit
  • Letter of recommendation
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Proof of financial availability
  • ACT or SAT score

Exams Accepted By the University

Here are some of the admissions requirements that international students need to follow in order to secure an admission at the Universite De Tours -




IELTS: 7 & Above, TOEFL: 100.0 & Above, 


TOEFL: 90.0, IELTS: 7 & Above


IELTS: 7 & Above, TOEFL: 100.0 & Above 

English Proficiency Requirements

The Universite De Tours international students are required to submit proof of their English Language Proficiency as mentioned: -


Minimum Score


100 or higher


7 or higher


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International Students

% of international students in the university


Total International Students in the university



The University of Tours boasts a vast network of alumni who excel in their respective disciplines. The alumni association holds a number of activities, such as Homecoming, seminars, social gatherings, and more. Some alumni of The Universite De Tours are Marie Laure Augry- France journalist; Philippe Briand - Member of the National Assembly; Adolé Isabelle Glitho-Akueson - Professor of Animal Biology at the University of Lome; Moshe Prywes - Israeli physician and first president of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Harry Roselmack - journalist. Bruno Latour - French philosopher.


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

There is a transport department for the efficient operation of the transportation options, and it looks out for the students to uphold order and promote anti-ragging. The department discusses issues with the transportation facilities and, if necessary, takes corrective action. The majority of France's bus system is managed by the SNCF, the country's national railroad, with some routes complementing or replacing train lines. Paris's public buses are easy to use and have marked routes. In France, the bus is the most widely used mode of urban transportation. Other public transportation options exist in some cities. Most of the time, switching between modes of transportation is simple.

Services offered by the university

The University of Tours Library fosters undergraduate students' growth as potential researchers and provides graduate students, lecturers, and faculty with access to vital academic materials. Readers and students are welcome to use the library at The University of Tours.

  • The Health Sciences Librarian can help you find the materials you need by guiding you through the library's resources.
  • For campus life, libraries are important locations. There are 21 libraries devoted to teaching and research at Université de Tours. The Interuniversity Library of Health (Medicine and Pharmacy), a national & international reference in the field of health, as well as disciplinary libraries close to the elements and teachings, are all part of this network of libraries. The university library at Grands Moulin's campus is one of the largest libraries in Paris.
  • Université De Tours is laying out the fundamental principles of a comprehensive policy on the dissemination of scientific information, knowledge, and know-how.
  • Its foundation is quality mediation for all audiences, including partners from the Université de Tours as well as students, instructors, researchers, and professionals; a plan for the development and promotion of open science; a variety of electronic documents;
  • Healthy eating is the first step to a healthy mind. Every day, The Universite De Tours Food Services team prepares meals from scratch utilizing materials that are acquired locally. Visit the food court for a fresh food experience whether you live on campus or just come for a few hours each week.
  • Student support services provide guidance, therapy, resource recommendations, and health information for sexual/reproductive, emotional, and physical well-being.

Student life

The Universite De Tours campus is a combination of an educational and cultural hub and is located in France. Along with the many academic, residential, and research facilities that are dispersed throughout the campus. Students can learn with enjoyment at the Universite De Tours. The university's campuses are dispersed around Tours' municipal limits and frequently serve a single faculty:

  • Plat of Tears (administration and offices)
  • Tanneurs (languages & literature, arts, and humanities)
  • Tonnellé (medicine)
  • Portalis/Deux-Lions (engineering, law, economics, geography)
  • Grandmont (sciences, pharmaceutical studies)
  • Pont-Volant (contains a University Institute of Technology)
  • Campus life is just as much a part of a student's experience at The University of Tours as are lessons or labs. A diverse group of bright students who are eager to take advantage of any academic, social, and recreational possibilities they come across will accompany the students.
  • You may have a real collegiate experience at The Universite De Tours. Living on a stunning, traditional campus places you in the middle of everything. Living on campus makes it simple to locate your crowd at student groups, socials, and campus hot spots, regardless of whether you select a residence hall, fraternity, or sorority with on-campus accommodation. 
  • The Universite De Tours provides various programs and resources to assist families, including food banks, counseling, and medical care for students without a primary care physician.
  • Existing Universite De Tours students inform house advisers about the resources and support services available in residence and across campus, such as health and wellness and safety initiatives.
  • The Student Life department at The Universite De Tours is committed to the academic success of its students and seeks to increase their sense of belonging to the campus. Student Life organizes frequent events, workshops, and service opportunities for all The Universite De Tours students under the direction of civic leaders referred to as "student ambassadors." Orientation and the Weeks of Welcome at The Universite De Tours are likewise under the supervision of the Student Life division. 

On campus accomodation

The Universite De Tours allows students to learn and develop in a stimulating environment with on-campus accommodation.

  • There are twin beds, a desk, and a chair in the bedrooms.
  • The sofa, coffee table, dining table, and four chairs are all part of the living room's furniture.
  • A full-sized refrigerator, stove, as well as other small equipment and cookware, are included in each kitchen.
  • Each reservation includes parking and access to WiFi.
  • Academic peer advisors are available to offer specialized academic support. The opportunities for community interaction are fostered by resident assistants to promote interpersonal bonds.  
  • The Universite De Tours’ yearly hostel and meal fees are around USD 1000 (INR 79000). 


University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

The Universite De Tours claimed around 2500 total faculty members. The student to faculty at The Universite De Tours is 26:1, with a male-to-female ratio of 40:60.


Research opportunities at university

Through its Graduate Center for the Renaissance and its ambitious research at the Institute of European History and Culture of Food, the university is at the forefront of social science and humanities research in the study of the Renaissance. In addition, the University of Tours stands out for its work with ST Microelectronics at CERTEM in the area of materials research for energy technologies.

The University Hospital of Tours research also includes biomedicine, medical imaging, oncology, and particularly the study of autism. Environmental science and geosciences combined with examining insects at the Institute for Research on Insect Biology (IRBI). Today's CESA Planning Department France is regarded as the leading nation in Polytech'Tours' study of cities, regions, and societies. The Laboratory of Theoretical Physics & Mathematics at the University of Tours also conducts mathematical research.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Internships are a vital addition to The Universite De Tours student life because they allow students to put new skills into practice and collaborate with accomplished individuals to address business issues. Programs for internships in tourism and hospitality are tailored to your career objectives, giving you the chance to get practical experience, develop a strong sense of cultural sensitivity, and hone soft skills. These are really important if you want to succeed in the fast-growing and cutthroat tourist and hospitality sectors.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The Universite De Tours placement cell constantly boosts candidates' professional careers and promotes their overall growth. The Universite De Tours has a specialized career service & employment portal for its students. The Universite De Tours has a 90% placement rate. Approx 90% of students secure jobs within three months of graduating. The average annual earnings of The Universite De Tours graduates are USD 58,000 (INR 45,82,000).





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1. How many types of scholarships are available at The Universite De Tours?
There are six types of scholarships sponsored by Universite De Tours.

2. What are the total living expenses at The Universite De Tours?
The living expenses at  The Universite De Tours is around USD 7500(INR 5,92,500 approx.)

3. What is the transportation plan at The Universite De Tours?
The University of Tours has implemented a sustainable mobility plan that aims to decrease single-occupancy vehicles and to make it easier for people to choose environmentally friendly modes of transportation like public transportation, cycling, and shared transportation.

4. What is the approximate tuition fee at The Universite De Tours?
The approximate Universite De Tours tuition fee is USD 200 yearly (INR 15,800 approx.)

5. What is The University De Tours' acceptance rate for international students?
The Universite De Tours' acceptance rate is 8.9%