Sprott Shaw College is a valued Institution that was established back in 1903. Since then, they have grown and helped their students grow towards a brighter future.

With 16 campuses within British Columbia offering over 130 career-oriented courses, the college rightfully prides itself on its teachings. There, the students not only get hands-on training and practical education, but they also learn how to manage simple life issues, like financial literacy, career preparation strategies, and more.

Over 500 students study at the college every year on an average. College values, like diversity, inclusivity, and equity help those students thrive. The college also stands out for its lifelong commitment to its students as the alumni can come back to the college at any time if they need help for educational or employment purposes.

Top Reasons to Study in the Sprott Shaw College, Abbotsford College

  • Sprott Shaw College has a team of Employment Services Specialists that also help their graduated students even years after their graduation.
  • As time progresses and technology advances, graduates can even come back to the college years after their graduation for skill upgrading and refresher courses.
  • Companies, like Pacific Reach Seniors Housing Management, AdvoCare Health Services, and more have given gleaming reviews about their Sprott Shaw graduated employees.

Rankings for The Sprott Shaw College, Abbotsford College

More rankings for this university

The college has been ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau of BC. Additionally, according to UniPage, the college ranks #178 among all colleges in Canada.

The student housing facility, GEC VIVA ranked #7 in North America and #3 in Canada in the 2016 list of 'Most Luxurious Student Housing Community'.

Admissions at The Sprott Shaw College, Abbotsford College

Application Fee


How to Apply at Sprott Shaw College, Abbotsford College

  • The students applying for Sprott Shaw College can find the application form online.
  • They would have to upload the required documents along with the application form.
  • Additionally, the students would have to pay an application fee.

Documents Required to Apply to Sprott Shaw College, Abbotsford College

As students are applying for any programme at the Sprott Shaw College, firstly, they would be required to pay a non-refundable fee of CAD 350 (INR 20,965.5) along with their application form. The few additional documents they would need to upload are -

  • Official study transcripts.
  • Valid passport and study permit.
  • English Proficiency Test marks or Sprott Shaw Entrance Assessment completion marks.

Exams Accepted By the University

The following examination scores are accepted as part of Sprott Shaw College admission requirements.

Entry Requirements For Sprott Shaw College

For UG and PG 

IELTS (Minimum score: 6.0 overall)


For UG

Valid High School Completion Certificate

For PG 

Valid Bachelor’s Degree

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Sprott Shaw College has a strong alumni association where they stay connected with each other through annual festivities, newsletters, and more.

Some famous people to graduate from the college are - Emily Carr, a world-renowned artist, Bill Hughes, the former Vancouver Canucks CEO, Ernie Rose and Jack Cullen, legendary broadcasters, and more.


Campus locations
British Columbia

Transportation in the city

Sprott Shaw College has 16 campus locations within British Columbia. The province holds all kinds of transportation systems, including taxis, buses, trains, and even ferries and boats.

Transportation for the residents comes easy. Additionally, 16 campus locations provide the students a wide range of options to find their campus of choice.

Services offered by the university

While Sprott Shaw College is respected for its admirable quality of education, it additionally provides students with that extra set of amenities that make their life easier on-campus. 

  • The Institute provides various types of financial aid, including healthcare, business, military, indigenous scholarships, and more.
  • The college has a Student Support programme which students can use freely for mental health support with studies, personal relationships, careers, to name a few.
  • Most programmes at the college include essential life lessons that would help them later in life, like time-management skills, student loan repayment strategies, wellness, self-care, and the likes.

Student life

The students get the opportunity to thrive at their studies because of the flourishing student life they enjoy at Sprott Shaw College.

  • The Institute celebrates several social days, like Anti-Bullying Day, World Mental Health Day, and other holidays and cultural days as well.
  • Several like-minded students can become part of the several sports teams, exchange/tutoring programmes, student clubs, and alumni associations that the college has to offer.

On campus accomodation

Sprott Shaw College has 16 campus locations, but they don't have accommodation facilities on campus. However, they have three facilities near the campuses where students can live quite a luxurious life.

The three facilities the college has to offer for its students are located near the campuses. GEC Burnaby Heights is located at a bustling location near parks, bus lines, and shops. The living cost at the facility ranges between CAD 280-700 (INR 16,782-41,956) per week depending on the rooms. GEC Granville and GEC VIVA, are both located in Downtown Vancouver. Living costs at GEC VIVA is around CAD 335-800 (INR 20,080-47,950) and GEC Granville is around CAD 1155-2275 (INR 69,228-136,358) per week.


University Faculty Stats

The Institute offers over 130 courses and on average, over 3,500 students study at the 16 campuses. The college has a large number of brilliant full-time faculties along with a larger number of part-time faculties for all the programmes. They help the students get ready for a brighter future.


Research opportunities at university

As of 2022, the college does not provide any research opportunities to its students. However, their teaching methods are unique and extraordinary. This equips their students with all the knowledge they require to pursue research in the later stages of their life.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Sprott Shaw College has a number of programmes that include internships. Students get three types of internship opportunities during these courses:

  • Practicum - An unpaid internship where students work under the supervision of a company employer and are then evaluated at the end of their internship.
  • Co-op education - Students balance a harmonised routine of paid work and study throughout their academic term.
  • Clinical placement - An unpaid internship where students perform clinical procedures on actual patients under the supervision of an instructor where the instructor to students remains no more than 1:12.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Students can find temporary, part-time, permanent, contractual, or any other kind of jobs on the college website. Companies, like Westbank First Nation, Nightingale Electrical Ltd., OneSky, Mission Public Schools, Ask Wellness, and more post available jobs on the website for the benefit of the students.

The college also offers its alumni, employment services where they can come back years after their graduation and they would still get help.


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1. Is Sprott Shaw a recognized college?

Yes, they are accredited and registered with the Private Training Institutions Branch and hold Education Quality Assurance designation.

2. Is Sprott Shaw a good college for nursing?

Yes, their Practical Nursing Program and other hands-on nursing programmes make them one of the best options to study nursing in British Columbia.

3. Are Sprott Shaw programmes accredited in Canada?

Yes, the programmes are accredited through British Columbia regulatory bodies, like MACTE, ITA, CPCA, ECEBC, and more.

4. Is Sprott Shaw College good for international students?

Yes, the college believes in inclusivity, diversity, and equity which help the 500+ international students that study every year on average, thrive on campus.

5. Are Sprott Shaw credits transferable?

The college has affiliations with several North American post-secondary institutions. Hence, a student's credits are transferable.