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Shinshu University has its main campus at Matsumoto in the Nagano prefecture in Japan. The other university campuses are also within the same Nagano prefecture in Japan and spread out over Nagano, Matsumoto, Minami-Minowa, and Ueda. The other campus is situated in Tokida, Ueda city. 

The university was founded in 1873. It was set up as a university in 1949. The President of the University is Kunihiro Hamada.

Top Reasons to Study in the Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

Shinshu University, Ueda Campus has many courses offered at the undergraduate, graduate level, postgraduate level, and research levels. The Shinshu University, Ueda Campus courses are what attract students here. 

  • The entire prefecture of Nagano is a really beautiful area to be in, to work and study in peace.
  • Although Ueda is not a big city, it has all the facilities, amenities, shopping, etc., that one can expect in any city in Japan.
  • The university itself is packed with many buildings, facilities, amenities, eateries, canteens, sports facilities, entertainment facilities, and a lot more. 

Shinshu University, Ueda Campus rankings are among the top!

Cost of Studying at Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

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Admissions at The Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

How to Apply at Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

Visit the website and choose a program that you wish to join. There is an “Apply Now’ button. Click it and follow the steps on the new page. The general steps to apply for admission to Shinshu University, Ueda Campus are:

  • Visit the university website by clicking on this link.
  • Check the courses on the subjects offered and choose the one that best suits you.
  • Make sure to go through the entire application and admission guidelines mentioned on the university portal.
  • Apply directly to the faculty in which you would like to enroll in.
  • Take the entrance exam if it applies to you.
  • Submit the necessary documents as mentioned by the representative of your faculty.
  • Pay all the initial, preliminary, and essential fees as mentioned in the application process on the portal.
  • An email will be sent stating that you have been admitted to Shinshu university.
  • Apply for your visa and submit it to the university and all the necessary documents they asked for.
  • Get your tickets and schedule your flight to Japan for your preferred course.

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

Application Fee: As mentioned on the website between JPY 10,000 (INR 5,775) and JPY 30,000 (INR 17,325)

Documents Required to Apply to Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

  • English language test scores
  • The online application form
  • Declaration for financial support
  • Application fee
  • Research proposal outline for M.A. and PhD
  • Medical certificate
  • Health and life insurance
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Personal photo ID

Exams Accepted By Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

You should aptly know the Shinshu University, Ueda Campus admission requirements. Every course at Shinshu University, Ueda Campus, has a specific set of requirements for admission. However, here are some common and generally accepted requirements:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements


37 or higher (course dependent)


75 or higher (course dependent)


3.0 or higher required 

English Proficiency Requirements

The English proficiency test scores required for admission into Shinshu University, Ueda campus are all course-dependent only and are the same as with all the other campuses. However, it is recommended that applicants get a score on the Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT) before applying to the university, be it at any of the campuses:


Minimum Test Requirements 







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Rankings for The Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

US News Ranking


US World and News Report

The World University Rankings


The World University Rankings

More rankings for this university

Here is a list of the Shinshu University, Ueda Campus world rankings

  • Shinshu University, Ueda Campus Q.S. rankings, Shinshu university has been ranking consistently in the 801-1000 bracket these past few years.
  • U.S. News ranks Shinshu university at 878 in their global rankings.
  • In the Times Higher Education global rankings, Shinshu stands at 1201.
  • Shanghai ranks she should consistently among the top 800.
  • GTU has ranked Shinshu at 718.

Students Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

International Students

Total International Students in the university


Alumni at Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

Some mentionable alumni of Shinshu university:

  • Morinobu Endo -Professor
  • Morio Kita -Writer
  • Takahisa Oguchi -Professor

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Reviews for Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

Campus life

Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

Some of the ways through which you can access the Shinshu University Ueda Campus are:

  • Nagano Dentetsu Bus
  • Alpico Bus
  • walking from the Eon Ueda Shopping Center

Services offered by the university

  • Shinshu University, Ueda Campus has a really good library. While the library specializes and has resources in keeping with the subjects taught on this campus, a student from another campus can always request one of these resources delivered to his campus. The library is also open to the common public. Services such as inquiry, copying, referencing, and other related services are accepted. All the reading materials displayed on the open shelves can be borrowed. The rest are exclusive to the researchers and students of the university only.
  • The University Hospital is equipped with beds and some clinics. The medical facilities can conduct advanced clinical and medical research alongside treating patients for emergencies. 
  • Some of the buildings and facilities at Shinshu University, Ueda Campus are – Functional polymer science, Kansei engineering, and bioengineering; Research Center for advanced science and technology; life science research; Advanced textile engineering; open venture Innovation Center; institute for fiber engineering; and many more.

Student life at Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

Shinshu University, Ueda Campus has a special calendar of academic and co-curricular events. The functional health care system, the multitude of student bodies and clubs, different eateries and cafes, sports, games, entertainment, recreational facilities, and many more facilities helps keep every student at Shinshu university engaged and more focused on whatever they are pursuing or involved in.

  • Campus Life – Many student community centers, lounges, cafes, eateries, study areas, sports, and recreational facilities. There are spaces dedicated to recreation, leisure, and networking, making campus life a fun experience. The many events and other activities keep the students engaged and more focused. 
  • Student Life – There are several clubs and societies where students can actively participate in politics, medicine, cooking, etc. Students can hang out and spend time among their friends and classmates at several eateries and cafés. You may simply walk in the pristine surroundings both within the campus and the city. There is simply too much to do at Shinshu University; something students will fondly remember all through their lives. And yet the entire duration that students are at Shinshu University is spent having fun and being part of many activities. 
  • Sports Activities – At Shinshu University, sports and games are essential. They believe that for the general development and growth of the students at the university, it is important to have a wide range of sports and games for students to join and participate in.

On campus accomodation at Shinshu University, Ueda Campus

Although there is on-campus accommodation available at Shinshu University, Ueda campus, some students prefer private accommodation outside the university campus. 

  • The on-campus accommodation has single rooms for students and researchers, couple rooms, and even a family room.
  • There is a laundry room, a lounge, and a meeting room.
  • Every room comes with a desk, bookshelf, stove, sink, bed, cupboard, and an entire bath unit/bathroom.

For on-campus accommodation, you can expect to pay around JPY 20,000 (INR 11,550) per month.

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