Shinshu University, Matsumoto Campus

Shinshu University, Matsumoto Campus

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Shinshu University, abbreviated to Shindai, is a Japanese national University. The University has several campuses namely: Matsumoto, Nagano, Ueda, and Minami – Minowa. The school was founded in 1873 and it was established as a University in 1949, at which time the following institutions were subsumed into it: Nagano Normal School, Nagano Youths Normal School, Matsumoto High School, Matsumoto Medical College, and Nagano Prefectural College of Agriculture and Forestry.

Globally, the Shinshu University ranked 698th according to Best Global University Rankings, 801th according to World University Rankings and 801th according to QS World University Rankings. More so, the Times Higher Education ranked the University 54th in Japan University Rankings 2018.



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The Matsumoto campus of Shinshu University is located in Matsumoto. Matsumoto is a city in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Matsumoto is designated a Special city. It's a large city with an estimated population of 241,102. There is an organized transportation system in the city. The city has an airport (Matsumoto Airport), several highways and railway lines such as JR East - Shinonoi Line, JR East - Ōito Line, and the Alpico Kōtsū - Kamikōchi Line. Matsumoto is a highly attractive city due to its traditional culture, calm climate, and local products. Other attractive centers of the city include Matsumoto Castle, Kaichi School Museum, Asama Onsen, Kamikōchi mountain area as well as the Kiso Valley.


Shinshu University consists of a number of buildings and infrastructures on campus. In addition to the main campus buildings, it has some other buildings - Fiber Innovation Incubator, Center for Shinshu Medical Innovation of Regional Technology (CSMIT), Satellite Venture Business Laboratory (SVBL), Shinshu Incubation Center for medical device and functional food Development, Shinshu University Tokyo Office and Shinshu advanced Science and Technology Center. The objectives of the Satellite Venture business laboratory are to promote exploratory research and development for Venture Businesses and to cultivate Human Resources with a specialist business capability and entrepreneurial spirit. Fiber Innovation Incubator has a pilot line capable of research and development ranging from production of practical prototype products and analysis and evaluation, using the most advanced fiber engineering equipment. Similarly, the other buildings are used with their specific purposes.

Residing Options

There are several housing options available to students of the university. These include International House, Dormitories, and other private owned apartments for a living.

In the Matsumoto campus, there is a special housing unit for international students know as "Matsumoto International House." The International houses are provided with different facilities such as - Laundry rooms, Lounge, and Meeting room. Student dormitories are located around each campus. Since these dormitories accommodate students without distinction, nationality, international students will have opportunities to communicate with Japanese students. Students can also use apartments but apartments in Japan are usually unfurnished. If one wants to live in a private apartment, he/she should check the room in advance.


Shinshu University has a faculty to student ratio of about 1:9. The university has a total number of academic staff of 1,179 and the total number of students is 10,970, including 3% of international students. Student ratio of females to males is 32:68. There are 9,202 undergraduates and 1,768 postgraduates. The teaching and administrative staffs are highly professional and supportive. Their aim is to prepare students for their professional working life.

Jobs and placements

Since the University has a number of notable alumni and notable faculty, they can provide best - ever knowledge to their students which helps them in getting best - ever jobs and placements around the world. Moreover, the University conducts a number of programs related to the career path of the students which helps them in acquiring more knowledge about how to grow their career.

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