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Oulton College

New Brunswick, Canada


Private University


Established in 1956


Oulton college was established in 1956 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It is a private college that offers programs in primarily four faculties: Human Services, Information technology, Health Science, and business. It is affiliated with the National Association of career colleges. Located in New Brunswick, Oulton college has an urban campus. 

Most of the programs at Oulton college are student-focused. Their tailored programs do not only help students to learn a particular subject but also to be prepared to view the world. The main Oulton college courses are

  • Faculty of Health Sciences, which includes:
    • Dental hygiene
    • Medical laboratory technology
    • Practical nurse
    • Veterinary assistant
    • Optician and other courses too
  • Faculty of business which includes:
    • Travel in hospitality
    • Sales, marketing, and business development
    • Medical office administration
    • Business management and intrapreneurship
    • Paralegal and legal assistant
  • Faculty of information technology Which includes:
    • Systems management and cybersecurity
  • Faculty of Human Services, Which includes:
    • Policing and corrections foundation
    • Early childhood education
    • Human Services counselor
    • Child and youth care

Top Reasons to Study in the Oulton College

Here are some of the top reasons to study at Oulton College. 

  • The lab groups are small and highly focused.
  • The support systems are truly top class and are there for students whenever needed.
  • There is ample opportunity for those who wish to continue their education.
  • The staff here are absolutely friendly and can help you choose the appropriate program.
  • The staff and faculty at Wilson college are friendly and welcoming and are also very helpful.
  • Most courses are structured with inbuilt hands-on learning experiences.
  • The vibrant and diverse atmosphere truly cherishes for good.

Rankings for The Oulton College

More rankings for this university

According to Webometrics, Oulton College Rankings are globally famous:

  • Oulton college has been ranked 6492 in openness rankings.
  • It ranks at 6652 in excellence.
  • In the country ranking, Oulton college is at 112.

Admissions at The Oulton College

How to Apply at Oulton College

The admission process for Oulton college is as follows.

  • Visit the college portal and study the entire admission process first.
  • Mention the name of the program you're applying for.
  • Submit your English proficiency test scores.
  • Submit the academic transcripts and diplomas duly translated into English.

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

Oulton college Cost/Fee for application: 100 CAD (INR 5,970)

Documents Required to Apply to Oulton College

  • English language test scores
  • Official high school transcripts certified and translated into English
  • Official post-secondary transcripts (for graduate courses)
  • Oulton College International Students' Health Insurance
  • Financial documents
  • Valid photo identification 
  • Copy of passport and valid study permit

Exams Accepted By the University

The following are the Oulton college admission requirements:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements


24 or higher (course dependent)


55 or higher (course dependent)


2.0 or higher required 

English Proficiency Requirements

The following are the minimum English proficiency test scores to get admission to Oulton college:


Minimum Test Requirements 


7.5  or higher 


50 or higher


100 or higher 



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Oulton College is a proud institution of several multiple alumni from within Canada and abroad. There is an alumni network and association for the ex-students to stay connected with the college and each other. They are encouraged to help and guide the students studying at Oulton college with the various aspects of their lives. Some of the notable alumni are:

  • Victoria Marks: Vet Technician Student
  • Katie Lane -Nursing Graduate
  • Kelsey Spilman -Medical Lab Technology professional
  • Robyn Cook -Practicing Nurse Professional


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations
New Brunswick

View on Google Earth University-Brochure

Transportation in the city

Oulton College students have access to the vast parking lot in the campus. Codiac Transpo delivers access to bus services throughout the Greater Moncton region while offering monthly discount passes to the students as well.

Services offered by the university

  • Oulton college provides students with career-related, academic, personal, and other services. There are one-on-one consultations, support for academics, accommodations, etc., for students. On-site peer tutoring is also available. Counseling services can also be found here at Oulton College.
  • Oulton college has a bookstore that uses Librarika, a free integrated library system for managing its entire library online. There are some great libraries near Oulton college, such as Bibliotheque Champlain, Biblio Moncton library, etc.
  • The medical services like health, medical, and well-being services at Oulton college are top-notch. They are well-organized, patient, and good at communication, caring, and understanding.

Student life

  • Campus Life - The Oulton college campus is packed with a lot to do with several facilities, student bodies, support services, etc. 
  • Student Life - Although studying at Oulton college is quite demanding, it is also a truly rewarding experience. There are many clubs, societies, student bodies, etc., for students to participate in. Some events are organized by Oulton college to enrich the student's experience. Overall, it is a fun experience to study at Oulton College. 
  • Sports Activities - Although there aren't mentionable sports facilities at Oulton college, students can join the different sporting complexes near the college to pursue sporting activities.

On campus accomodation

If you choose to study at Oulton college, there are several apartments near the campus for students like you to choose from. The housing is affordable. Contact the student support cell at Oulton college, which will help you with your accommodation requirements. There are several property management companies also with offices near the college campus. It may be a good idea to contact these people as well.

The cost of accommodation at the Oulton College is around CAD 25,600 (INR 15.28 Lakh).


University Faculty Stats

At the university, there is a dedicated faculty department -including Business, Health Science, Human Services, and Information Technology. There are around 80 faculty members at the college. Through their four faculty departments, the Oulton College diplomas have access to more than 20 educational programs for ensuring admissions.


Research opportunities at university

Undergraduate and graduate research and innovation are encouraged by Oulton college, which has a strong tie-up with several other institutions. Students of Oulton college pursue doctoral courses after passing out of the college.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Internships are advocated by Oulton college for students to be able to put into practice what they've learned in their academics. The career and placement cell of Oulton college helps students find appropriate internships and part-time jobs where they can work concurrently while studying at the college.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Where you want to work after graduation is something you should begin to think about as soon as possible. The placement in career services of Oulton college helps students find potential employers. The service also helps students with their resume and interview skills. There are various volunteering jobs that the career and placement cell and help you find. Once you graduate from Oulton College, you can expect to receive an average salary of around CAD 50,400 (INR 30.09 Lakh) per year.





4 Flanders Court, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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1. Is Alton college expensive?
The approximate cost to attend Oulton college is around 26,000 CAD (INR 15.52 Lakh) annually.

2. Is Fulton college public or private?
Oulton College is a private college in Canada situated in New Brunswick.

3. Does Oulton college have its library?
Oulton College is a very well-organized online library for students to access anytime.

4. What is the tuition fee at Oulton College?
The basic tuition fee at the Oulton College is around CAD 15,020 (INR 8.96 Lakh). 

5. What is the living cost at Oulton College?
The basic cost of living at the Oulton College is around CAD 1,900 (INR 1.13 Lakh) per month.