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O'Sullivan College of Quebec

Quebec, Canada


Private University


Established in 1916


O'Sullivan College of Quebec is a valued institution that has been guiding students to a bright future since it was founded in 1916. The bilingual environment provides the students with the best opportunity to learn from different cultures and methods.

The college was established back in 1916 in downtown Montreal. This has given the college the unique convenience to stay surrounded by medium to large-sized businesses in the area. This, in turn, helps the students get more placement opportunities.

The college offers both DEC or Diploma of Collegial Studies and AEC or Attestation of Collegial Studies programmes. They rank high among the institutions in Canada for these excellently designed programmes.

Top Reasons to Study in the O'Sullivan College of Quebec

  • O'Sullivan College of Quebec provides its students with a bilingual environment. They communicate in both French and English in the Institute.
  • The college is located in downtown Montreal which conveniently gives them the opportunity to help their students get connected with the small and large businesses around the area easily.
  • Some of the top jobs students get after graduating from the Institute are paralegals, legal assistants, medical information techs, and more.

Rankings for The O'Sullivan College of Quebec

More rankings for this university

According to webometrics, a website that ranks various Institutes around the world, O'Sullivan College of Quebec ranks #7420 among all institutions around the world for its openness.

According to UniPage, O'Sullivan College of Quebec ranks #122 among all institutions in Canada owing to its excellent educational environment, job placement after graduation, internship opportunities, and more.

Admissions at The O'Sullivan College of Quebec

Application Fee


How to Apply at O'Sullivan College of Quebec

  • Students can apply for the O'Sullivan College of Quebec courses online.
  • They will need to open an account on the college website and pay a required admission fee.
  • Lastly, the students would need to upload all the required documents and the test scores.

Documents Required to Apply to O'Sullivan College of Quebec

Students would need to pay an admission fee when they are applying for any courses. Local students need to pay CAD 50 (INR 2,997) along with their application form and CAD 200 (INR 11,985) after they receive a receipt of the contract. International students need to pay CAD 100 (INR 5,993) along with their application form and CAD 250 (INR 14,981) after they receive a receipt of the contract.

They would further need to submit the following documents: 

  • Personal identification proof.
  • Official academic transcripts. 
  • English or French proficiency test scores.
  • Foreign credentials approved by a Governing body.

Exams Accepted By the University

The following examination scores are accepted as part of O'Sullivan College of Quebec admission requirements.

Entry Requirements For O'Sullivan College of Quebec

For UG and PG 

IELTS (Minimum score: 6.5)

TOEFL (Minimum score: 79)

For UG

Valid High School Completion Certificate

For PG 

Valid Bachelor’s Degree


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The college has a strong alumni program connection. The alumni stay connected through annual events, newsletters, and more. College alumni even help current students find jobs after graduation.

Some notable alumni are - Matthew Conway (Managing director of Capital Hill Group, Director of Pilote, Montreal), Jacqueline Quintos (Lawyer at Eidelmann Law Firm), and more.


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

The exact address of O'Sullivan College of Quebec is - 1191 de la Montagne Street, Montreal, Quebec. Students can easily reach the Institute by train and metro.

When travelling by train, students need to reach the station, Gare Lucien-L'Allier or Central Station. If they are travelling by metro, then they need to reach metro Peel stations or Lucien-L'Allier to reach the Institute easily.

Services offered by the university

Other than an excellent education, O'Sullivan College of Quebec also provides a few more services that help students become successful.

  • The college counselors help the students with financial aid, which is mainly provided by the government.
  • The college has no age limit, so students can go back to college at any stage of their life to complete their dream of pursuing a degree.
  • The college provides good internships and placements for all students.

Student life

O'Sullivan College of Quebec has a Student Life Coordinator who works with several class representatives to make the life of students easier on campus. Some of the things the coordinator focuses on to keep campus life enjoyable are:

  • Holding various annual events, like the celebration of multicultural days, contests, fundraising for charities, and more.
  • Students have the opportunity to join their choice of student committees formed for purposes, like health and prevention, social life, environment, and more.

On campus accomodation

O'Sullivan College of Quebec does not provide on-campus accommodation for students. However, there are many housing complexes near the Institute that are ideal for students.

There are several housing apartments near the Institute for rent. Some of these can be found quite near the Institute while some may be a little away and the rent may differ. Students can find them according to their preferences quite easily online. Usually the living expenses of a student under 18 years of age in Quebec is about CAD 6,742 (INR 399,771) and for a student over the 18 years of age can be about CAD 13,481 (INR 799,364).


University Faculty Stats

O'Sullivan College of Quebec has faculty staff from all around the world. All faculty staff can assist the students in either of the two languages - English and French or with both of them. Over 20 extremely qualified faculty are listed on the Institute website.


Research opportunities at university

The Institute does not have any research programme of its own. However, the programmes are designed to stay ahead of the progressing technological advancements. This equips the students with all the knowledge they require if they wish to venture into research work in their field of choice.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Most programmes in the college require the students to get work experience during the course of their studies. The college website has a dedicated portal where students can search and find part-time job or internship opportunities.

The college also has a team for Placement Services that helps the students find their preferred internship opportunities. However, the students would be required to apply for the internships on their own and find suitable internships by themselves. This makes them ready for the future.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The college is uniquely placed in downtown Montreal. This has put the college in a convenient situation where they can help their students connect with all large and small organisations around the area.

The Placement Services of the college holds multiple workshops where students can understand their interests, and skills, connect with companies, and alumni to find suitable jobs.The average salary that students in the city of Montreal gets is around 134,000 CAD (79,83,088 INR)





840 Saint-Jean Street, Quebec City, Quebec G1R 1R3

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1. Is O'Sullivan College of Quebec good? 

Yes, the college has a good reputation for its study programmes and job opportunities.

2. Do students need to know French to apply for the Institute? 

English and French both languages are both acceptable at the college. However, some subjects are exclusively taught in French.

3. What are the programme prerequisites? 

The only prerequisites for any AEC or DEC program at the college is the student's D.E.P., D.E.S., or equivalent. Only the DEC programs will require CST or secondary 4 mathematics.

4. What is the average tuition cost of studying at the college? 

The average tuition cost at the college is approximately CAD 11,700 (INR 693,298).

5. Can the students apply for a university after they complete an AEC program? 

Yes, but depending on the University the students are interested in, there will be some criteria they would be required to meet.