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Public University


Established in 1957


Oakland University, established in 1957, is a public research university in Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, Michigan. It is regarded as the second largest university in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. It is affiliated with Space-grant. Through on-campus sitting, Oakland University provides courses in seven different subject areas. In addition to on-campus courses, students have the option of enrolling in 28 other courses offered at the Macomb County campus or taking courses online. Students at Oakland University are referred to as "Golden Grizzlies."

 It has more than 20,000 students, out of which 919 are Oakland University international students representing various countries at the Oakland University campus. Among these, 16,000 are Oakland University undergraduate course students, and 4400 are Oakland University's postgraduate course students. 

Top Reasons to Study in the Oakland University

An inclusive and varied community is nurtured to its greatest potential at Oakland University. It has an impact on Michigan and the rest of the globe through education, research, scholarship, and creative endeavors as a public doctoral school. Additional benefits to studying here are:-


  • To incoming freshmen and currently enrolled students who are alumni of schools chartered by Oakland University, the Office of Public School Academies offers USD 3,000(INR 210,000) annual renewable, competitive academic Oakland University scholarships.
  • Students who chose the standard exchange program spend a year studying at Oakland University. The "1+1 program" allows students to study for one year at their home university and another year at OU while simultaneously earning an engineering or computer science degree from both institutions.
  • You can explore cultures and sets other than Southeastern Michigan by studying abroad as an exchange student, according to the National Student Exchange website. You'll learn about the subjects of your studies (people, art, languages, and ecologies) firsthand and utilize educational tools not offered at OU.

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Admissions at The Oakland University

Avg acceptance rate (Bachelors)


Application Fee


How to Apply at Oakland University

For Oakland University, admissions applicants must follow the following steps to complete their application: 

  • Apply online through the Online application 
  • Fill out all the required information for the program you want to enroll in
  • Review your application and upload the necessary documents
  • Apply and pay the application fee 

Note: The Oakland University application fee is zero. 


Documents Required to Apply to Oakland University

This is the list of documents required to fulfill Oakland University admission requirements:- 

  • Official academic transcripts
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Criminal record check
  • Copy of passport
  • Affidavit of support English Language Proficiency Test

Exams Accepted By the University

The Oakland University admission requirements are mentioned here:-











English Proficiency Requirements  

Oakland University international students are required to submit proof of their English Language Proficiency as mentioned:-










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Yocketer profiles

Suchit Patchigolla

Suchit Patchigolla

Biomedical Engineering


Spring 2022

Tejas Honne

Tejas Honne

Embedded Systems


Fall 2022

Ishan Tyagi

Ishan Tyagi

Embedded Systems


Fall 2016



Industrial and Systems Engineering


Spring 2016

Vedant Patil

Vedant Patil

Mechanical Engineering


Fall 2016

Rajib Dey

Rajib Dey

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Fall 2016

International Students

% of international students in the university


Total International Students in the university



After graduating from Oakland University, students automatically and without charge join the alumni association. Students who join this organization are eligible for advantages and discounts at Brook Hall, the theatre, the art gallery, the bookstore, and the cinema book club. 

Some of the noteworthy alumni from Oakland University are Curtis Armstrong: Film and TV actor, Rob Shelby: Music Producer, Fran Amos: State Representative, Deborah Cherry: Senator, David J. Doyle: Politician, and Gary Yourofsky: Animal Right Activist.

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Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

View on Google Earth University-Brochure

Transportation in the city

From the Oakland International (OAK) and San Francisco International (SFO) airports, direct train service to Oakland and other East Bay communities is provided by Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART). The development of protocols for the secure transportation of the material to and from Oakland University will be required of any researcher or staff planning to drive a vehicle carrying biological, diagnostic, or genetically modified specimens. When creating transportation procedures, at a minimum, the following transportation regulations must be taken into consideration.

Services offered by the university

In order to support Kresge Library's vital purpose of fusing instruction, knowledge, and technology to foster academic success and information literacy, the University Libraries are a component of Oakland University's Aspire. Advance. Achieve. fundraising initiative. Supporting the University Libraries at any level enables us to address the changing academic demands of Oakland University's community, faculty, and students.

  • The Kresge Library makes sure that its contents are up to date and useful, including special materials that adhere to the academic curricula. Academic and professional success depends on expanding our assets (both print and internet resources) in significant and developing academic subjects.
  • In order to reduce the overall cost of attending college, Kresge Library is collaborating with teachers to encourage the adoption of reasonably priced textbooks through "open educational resources" and texts on reserve. Similar initiatives across the nation help students succeed while saving them thousands of dollars without compromising academic quality.
  • A hands-on, cross-disciplinary resource featuring 3-D printing, laser/vinyl cutters, and more, Kresge Library's MakerSpace and its team of trained professionals and students support students in using cutting-edge technology, engaged learning, and creativity to enrich their education.
  • The Oakland University Therapy Center assists the university's academic purpose by offering confidential, high-quality counseling that is available quickly.

Student life

The stunning 1443-acre campus of Oakland University is made up of more than 50 buildings that hold administrative offices, lecture halls, practice labs, specialized laboratories, dorms, and student support facilities.

An outdoor bodyweight circuit training facility, the Priority Health Fitness Court offers all-level exercises that may be finished in as little as 7 minutes per circuit.

Different exercise options are available outside of our indoor facilities thanks to the Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex. The Outdoor Complex is accessible to Members, barring times when it is set aside for organizational usage.

  • Over 600 athletes participate in club sports with University Recreation and Well-Being each year in more than 30 student-run groups. All levels of competition are offered, with clubs that instruct new sports and skills facing intense competition.
  •  The wellness team works together throughout campus to offer all students enlightening, excellent health and wellness activities, and educational opportunities. Resident assistants, academic peer mentors, advisors, academic instructors, student groups, etc. can all request wellness workshops and activities. All are welcome to attend programs, workshops, and activities.
  • There is a 50-meter stretch pool with 1,000 spectator seats and 670 participant deck spaces at the Oakland University Aquatic Center. The Oakland University NCAA Division 1 swim team calls the Aquatic Center it's home and it regularly conducts state and regional competitions in addition to being used for leisure by members.
  • To satisfy the requirements of a varied campus community, Oakland University's Rec Well Sports program offers a range of activities. The program provides both competitive and recreational activities with the goal of engaging university affiliates—students, teachers, staff, and others—in activities that encourage lifelong fitness and wellness practices.
  • The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (SMTD) at Oakland University is a preeminent institution for the study of performing arts in southeast Michigan, providing exceptional learning and performance opportunities to undergraduate, graduate, and community members.
  • You are likely to find your passion and make it your purpose with more than 300 student clubs to select from, as well as innumerable activities and leadership opportunities.
  • An excellent on-the-go snack spot is the Atrium Cafe in the Human Health Building, which serves coffee, bagels, soup, doughnuts, fruit, salad, sandwiches, and more.
  • Oakland University's unique food court, the Pioneer Food Court (Oakland Center), includes restaurants like Subway, Panda Express, and Wild Blue - Japanese Kitchen.

On campus accomodation

On-campus housing options at Oakland University include cottages, apartments, and residential halls. 19% of the students can live in one of the six residential halls or one of the four apartments.

 The Oakland University on-campus accommodation fee is nearly USD 9000(INR 640,000).

  • With a capacity of 670 students, Hamlin is a freshman residence hall with nine stories.
  • With a capacity of 540 students, Vandenberg is a seven-story upperclassman building.
  • The six-story Hill, Van Wagoner, Oak View, and Hillcrest halls can hold up to 1,650 students.
  • Other alternatives for on-campus housing include the Ann V. Nicholson apartment, the George T. Matthews building, and the Greek cottages.
  • Students who wish to live on campus must fill out an online housing application and submit a housing contract.
  • Out of the several dining alternatives, students can select a food plan that suits their needs.


University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

The university hosts nearly 1222 faculty members. The student-to-faculty ratio is 20:1, and the male-to-female ratio is 43:57.


University Endowments Value


Research opportunities at university

The Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, and Psychology are just a few of the academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences that are home to several active biomedical researchers.

  • Undergraduates from Oakland University have a special chance to undertake their own independent research projects under the supervision of Eye Research Institute experts thanks to the Summer Undergraduate Program in Eye Research.
  • Fund for Research Excellence Support for Biomedical Research is meant to serve as a starting point for securing outside grant funding. The possibility that the seed money will result in an external award, particularly one from the National Institutes of Health, is the major determining factor in the funding. Your chances of success are increased the more proof you can present that your application will boost your likelihood of receiving an NIH grant or a grant in a similar field.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

The ideal internship opportunity is available when you need it because of Oakland's location in the center of Automation Alley and its ties to thousands of big and small businesses. An abundance of advice and knowledge concerning internships is available from Oakland University's Office of Career Services.

Internships with the State of Michigan established a continuous collaboration between students, educational institutions, and the State of Michigan, linking organizations with bright young people. There is 18 distinct State of Michigan departments that offer internship opportunities for students to get real-world experience, networking opportunities, and a competitive edge when applying for jobs there.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

By making an appointment with a career adviser to talk about their resumes, practice interviews, or find a job, students can get ready for interviews with alumni. Many well-known employers for Oakland University placements include Beaumont Health, Henry Ford Health Systems, Ascension Health, FCA Corp., and Ford Motor Company. The university provides excellent placement possibilities for students. Graduate students at the university make 68,152 USD(INR 49,00,000) annually.





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1. What GPA is required to get into Oakland University?
The Oakland University GPA requirement is 3.5 on a scale of 4.0.

 2. What is the cost of living at Oakland University?
The cost of living at Oakland University is USD 20,000(INR 14,00,000).

 3. Is it difficult to get into the Oakland University of Louisiana?
No, it is not so difficult to get into Oakland University. 

 4. What is the approximate tuition fee at Oakland University?
The approximate Oakland University tuition fee is USD 15,000 (INR 11,00,000).

 5. What is the acceptance rate at Oakland University?
The Oakland University acceptance rate is 83%.