Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall

Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall

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Mid Sweden University’s name is based of its location. It is in the middle of Sweden. There are around 13,000 students. 40% of these students are for distance education. In this university study programmes and research are combined, so you can continue with a research programme after you finish your course.

They have Master programme in Business Administration, Marketing and Management. It is a 1 year course. The course is designed to qualify you for positions in communication departments, marketing and sales. The programme focuses on the relationships between firms, customers and suppliers. The consumer behaviour, communication, leadership and marketing in networks as well teaching you the methodology of developing your own research so that you can adapt to the unique eco system your company exists within.


SEK 96,120

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SEK 96,120

Average Living Expenses (Masters)



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Sundsval is one of the largest cities in Northern Sweden. Which is not saying much as there are only 94,000 inhabitants. There is some good news as Sundsvall has been elected as the most student friendly municipality. Fortunately, there are a lot of athletic clubs and fitness centres in the city. Moreover, if you enjoy skiing there are 5 slalom slopes nearby and over 300km of skiing tracks. If you need to do shopping there are limited options but there is a large shopping mall called Birsta.

For sports fan the Norrporten arena hosts many events like football, ice hockey and basket ball. There are also a lot of adventure sports in the area, like diving, mountain climbing, parachute jumping. If you do choose to go to Sundsvall then you should not miss the city festivity of Gatufesten which is a musical festival.


The university has necessary infrastructure for students with disabilities. There is student counselling for mental health problems and health services. Aside from the above, other amenities like a gym, or sports centre are present. There are very few restaurants or catering in the area.

Residing Options

Mid Sweden University does not provide student accommodation, although it does help you get in touch with student housing companies. These companies will provide you with dormitory rooms, student flats with single or double rooms, apartments,etc. The rent varies from 2000-4000 SEK per month.


In Mid Sweden higher education is theory-based and as a student, you are responsible for your own studies. Courses are usually a mixture of lectures, seminars, group work, laboratory work and independent studies. They may also consist of fieldwork or placement periods arranged by the university. The Swedish university system relies heavily on self-study and you are expected to take an active part in the learning process. The university ranks 590th in Europe.

Jobs and placements

The university offers placements and mentorship programs. They have a website called Karriarsok that lists available opportunities. Moreover there are career activities throughout the year that helps you establish contacts with possible employers. Activities includes career fairs.

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