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Merrimack College

Massachusetts, United States


Private University


Established in 1947


Merrimack College is a private college situated in North Andover, Massachusetts. It is an Augustinian university founded in 1947 with the initial intention of educating all World War II veterans. It is a Top Rank college near Boston that provides a good selection of courses for both undergraduates and graduates. 

Some of the programs to look out for are:

Although Merrimack College offers many programs, some of the more popular ones here are:

  • Human development, family studies, and related services
  • Psychology
  • Criminal justice and law enforcement administration
  • Marketing and marketing management
  • Health services, allied health, and Health Sciences
  • Business administration and management
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Journalism and mass communication
  • Education

Top Reasons to Study in the Merrimack College

As St. Augustine believed, Merrimack College believes that experience is often the best guide that teaches us about ourselves and the world. Some of the major reasons to study at Merrimack College are 

  • There is a wide choice for students for experiential education opportunities.
  • Since there are exchange programs, students can study abroad for a semester in some of the world's best and most cultural cities.
  • Field research is conducted by faculty members, where students can participate actively.
  • Merrimack College provides many life-changing activities and experiences that may prove invaluable to those studying here.

Cost of Studying at Merrimack College

Average tuition fee



Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Rankings for The Merrimack College

More rankings for this university

The Merrimack College world ranking is highly impressive. Some of the more mentionable Merrimack College rankings  are:

  • Merrimack College ranks 3rd among the most innovative schools
  • In the list of best value schools, it ranks 41st
  • Among all the regional universities, north Merrimack College holds the 34th position

Admissions at The Merrimack College

How to Apply at Merrimack College

There are two ways to apply for a course at Merrimack College – either complete the common application form or the Merrimack College application form. Neither requires any application fee at all. It is best to complete the following

  • Sign up at the university portal to fill out the online application form.
  • Upload all your transcripts from secondary school, high school, and any other related courses that you may have completed.
  • It is good to get all your transcripts evaluated by authorized agencies.
  • Submit your English proficiency scores
  • Submit your Aptitude scores as well, such as GRE.
  • Mention your GAP scores.
  • Submit all other required documents as mentioned in the Merrimack College portal.

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

Merrimack College Cost/Fee for application: None

Documents Required to Apply to Merrimack College

  • English language test scores
  • Official secondary school transcripts certified and translated into English
  • Official post-high school transcripts (for graduate courses)
  • Merrimack College International Students' Health Insurance
  • Financial documents
  • Valid photo identification 
  • Copy of passport and valid study permit (if you have it already)
  • A Letter of recommendation from your school counselor or teacher.

Exams Accepted By the University

There are different requirements for the different Merrimack College courses. So students should acquaint themselves with the Merrimack College requirements:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements


299 or higher (course dependent)


(Not required)





English Proficiency Requirements

To get through the Merrimack College admission process, students have to qualify for the following English proficiency tests:


Minimum Test Requirements 


6.5  or higher 


53 or higher


79 or higher 


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Nantha Gopal

Nantha Gopal

Computer Science


Fall 2016

Muhammad Bilal Jamil

Muhammad Bilal Jamil



Fall 2018

Vishal Shiroya

Vishal Shiroya

Public Affairs


Fall 2021





Spring 2019

Shishir Bansal

Shishir Bansal



Fall 2018



Public Affairs


Spring 2020


Some of the mentionable alumni of Merrimack College are:

  • Barbara L'Italien -American politician 
  • T J Donovan -Attorney General
  • Karl Stollery -Professional Ice Hockey Defense man
  • Stephanie Da Costa -Ice Hockey Player
  • Charlie Day -American Actor

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how is Merrimack college,Massachusetts #AskEveryone

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how is Merrimack college,Massachusetts
how is Merrimack college,Massachusetts


Campus locations

Transportation in the city

The Warrior Shuttle is a free service for the faculty, students, and staff at the Merrimack College. The shuttle offers transportation to the off-campus parking lot for resident students -located at the Andover Train Station, The Andover Landing, and the Loop in Methuen.

Services offered by the university

Among the various Services offered at Merrimack College, here are a few you should know:

The McQuade Library is not only well-equipped, but it is also a great online resource. The library conducts many workshops and sponsors several events, and has regular film screenings and RED-style talks.

Merrimack College has a truly great Healthcare center that offers one-on-one counseling, apart from a plethora of health and well-being activities.

As mentioned already, the career cell is a great place to get all the guidance and help students want concerning their career goals and needs.

Student life

With a varied ethnicity of students joining Merrimack College, it is quite natural that everyone here actually gets a diverse cultural experience. The 220-acre campus has more than 5000 undergraduates enrolling every year, of which 74% live on campus while the remaining 26% live around the campus. Merrimack College is a part of the NCAA I Athletic Association. Students from more than 37 countries attend this university. There is a free shuttle service that staff, students, and faculty of Merrimack College can travel to and from the campus. 

  • Campus Life – Safety is of utmost importance at Merrimack College. White students are given ample freedom; there is a noticeable presence of staff to take care of any situation or issue that may arise. There are various organizations and services within Merrimack College that are always ready to help and guide students in every way they can. 
  • Student Life – Merrimack College has numerous clubs, organizations, forums, activities, and regular academic activities. It is only natural then that students here are always involved in some kind of activity, which will finally help them in their growth. 
  • Sports Activities – Being a part of the NCAA Division I full athletic program, Merrimack College emphasizes a lot of different sports and encourages its students to participate in the multitude of sports activities of the university actively.

On campus accomodation

Merrimack College offers a wide array of residential options. Therefore, you can surely find something ideal for your living. Among the various options are:

  • Apartments are meant primarily for those who wish to live independently.
  • The Ash Centre and Deegan Hall are traditional halls with suites where up to four people can live.
  •  There are other independent living areas and housing at North Residential Village, Royal Crest, South Residential Village, and the many TownHouses.

For single occupancy, the cost of occupation is around USD 9295 (INR 7.24 Lakh). For double occupancy, the cost of occupation is around USD 8408 (INR 6.55 Lakh).


University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

There are more than 5000 undergraduate enrollments in Merrimack College. The student-to-faculty ratio is 17:1, which is better than many other institutes. The pass rate of the average 4-year graduation is around 70%. Around 30% of classes with fewer than 20 students, and about 71% of classes have between 21 and 49 students. It is obvious from these numbers that personal attention is given to most students.


Research opportunities at university

Merrimack College has its research and creative achievement conference that offers students the opportunity to show they work for the college community. Some of the research projects are:

  • Murray Fellowships
  • Foundations of STEM Success
  • SCURCA, and many more

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Merrimack College provides many internships across a myriad of fields. The career center of Merrimack College is well-experienced in helping students search for appropriate internships and externships. Academic departments in the college like communication studies, business, and political science provide ‘for credit’ internships.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Merrimack College is quite popular for the industry connection it has. Most of the students who pass out from this superb university get placed quite easily, especially because of the career cell's active participation and since many career fairs are organized here. There are in-campus interviews that several organizations attend.

Upon getting placed by the college, you can expect the average salary to be around USD 76,392 (INR 59.54 Lakh).




315 Turnpike Street,North Andover, MA 01845

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1. Is Merrimack College a good college?
Merrimack College has been going strong and has risen to 30 5th position among the regional universities in the north during the pandemic itself. This alone should speak for itself.

2. What is Merrimack College known for?
Merrimack College is famous for the commitment that students have toward community efforts. Several student-run organizations have been established.

3. What GPA are scores needed to get admission into Merrimack College?
A minimum GPA of 3.18 will get you through Merrimack College.

4. What is the tuition fee at Merrimack College?
It is around USD 45,974 (INR 35.13 Lakh). 

5. What is the cost of living at Merrimack College?
The total cost of living at the college can be around USD 43,842 (INR 34.17 Lakh).