McKenzie College

McKenzie College

New Brunswick, Canada


Private University


Established in 1988


McKenzie College was established in 1988 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It is a private college offering radius programs in art and design and social entrepreneurship. The Mckenzie language center is also attached to the college. Since its inception in 1988, Mckenzie college has gone through a lot of restructuring in all its locations across Atlantic Canada. Finally, in 1997 it relocated to Moncton. Today, the college has begun to offer programs in English language training and information technology.

Top Reasons to Study in the McKenzie College

There are several reasons to study at McKenzie college, some of which are mentioned below: 

  • The city of Moncton has several places to visit and many events to attend.
  • The facilities at McKenzie college are not only accessible but also provide all the necessary space, resources, and equipment for students to use.
  • Outside the campus, you can find several coffee shops, tennis courts, sports fields, Centennial Park, and a whole lot of other things.
  • The opportunities that the programs of McKenzie college provide to students are unique in themselves, especially since it’s difficult to find such opportunities elsewhere.
  • The diverse and vibrant environment of the college makes it a far better option for studies.
  • Both the city of Moncton and Mckenzie college are accessible, friendly, accommodating, and very welcoming.

Rankings for The McKenzie College

More rankings for this university

McKenzie college rankings are globally recognized. Mckenzie College is well ranked in Canada and North America, especially since it has a unique approach to imparting education to its students by making internships and part-time work an integral part of the poor structure. According to Canada’s Webometrics stats, McKenzie College ranks 316 amongst the list of top colleges.

Admissions at The McKenzie College

Application Fee

CA$22 - CA$100

How to Apply at McKenzie College

Here is how to apply did Mckenzie college:

  • Sign up at the university portal
  • Complete the application form
  • Enter your personal information
  • Mention your program of interest
  • Confirm your citizenship information
  • Submit your English proficiency test scores
  • Provide all certificates of your current and previous education to date
  • Provide all other related and relevant information
  • Once you submit the application form, a Mckenzie college representative will contact you and guide you through the remaining application process. 

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal

McKenzie college Cost/Fee for application: CAD 99.65 (INR 6000)

Documents Required to Apply to McKenzie College

  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Secondary and high school transcripts
  • Graduation transcripts (for postgraduate courses)
  • International Students' Health Insurance
  • Financial documents, including bank statement
  • Valid photo identification 
  • Copy of passport and valid study permit
  • Copy of visa

Exams Accepted By the University

The following McKenzie college requirements are necessary to get admission:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements


307 or higher (course dependent)


570 or higher (course dependent)


3.0 or higher (course dependent)

English Proficiency Requirements

To get through the McKenzie college admission, the following English language proficiency test scores are required:


Minimum Test Requirements 


6.0  or higher 




80 or higher 


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Mckenzie college is proud of its alumni network and encourages all night to stay connected with the college and among themselves. They are also invited to the college as guest lecturers to motivate the current students with their experiences and success stories.

Some leading alumni at the college are:

  • Chris Braind -Graphic Designer
  • Courtney Donnelly -Experiential Designer
  • Samantha McKinley -Junior Software tester


Campus locations
New Brunswick

View on Google Earth University-Brochure

Transportation in the city

Although commuting to and from Mckenzie college is possible via several modes of transport, most students and staff prefer commuting by bus or on bicycles. There are several bus routes to reach the college -through Maritime Bus Moncton Terminal and Gauvin Road.

Services offered by the university

  • The library services at McKenzie college provide a complete repository of books, periodicals, magazines, journals, and a whole lot more for students to refer to and study.
  • Health and well-being are regarded as two of the most important priorities at McKenzie College. No wonder they have medical staff on alert at all times to take care of any emergency health or Wellness situations.
  • Mckenzie college has a canteen service where students can have meals and snacks. Apart from a regular menu, it is not committed to it quite often.

Student life

The diverse and vibrant atmosphere both in the city of Moncton and Mckenzie college make student life a memorable one that you'll cherish forever.

  • Campus Life – Never will you have a boring moment when you're on campus at McKenzie College. The campus is well structured and accessible and has several amenities, facilities, activity areas, fitness rooms, and sporting facilities you get involved in. There is always something on the other happening within the McKenzie college campus.
  • Student Life – Student life at McKenzie college is one that you will cherish for a very long time. There are a plethora of societies, associations, clubs, and organizations in various fields and co-curricular where you'll find at least something or the other that you're passionate about.
  • Sports Activities – Sports and games are integral to student life at Mckenzie college. The college focuses on extra-curricular activities as well as sports and games. This gives the students ample opportunities to stay active even after their class hours.

On campus accomodation

  • When you are admitted to McKenzie college, you may need a place to stay. The accommodation services at McKenzie college will help you get a suitable place to stay and even try to match you with other Mckenzie students who need roommates.
  • The McDougall house, which is located adjacent to the college campus, provides accommodations to students of Mckenzie college. The McDougall house offers two separate large apartment residences, one for females only and the other for males only.
  • Each apartment has five beds that may be single, double, or triple occupancy rooms and come with a shared kitchen, bathroom, and other common amenities and living areas.
  • Since the McDougall house is just into the college, commuting between the college and your accommodation will not be a problem.
  • At McDougall House, you will get fully furnished accommodation with free Wi-Fi, bed linens, and a washer-dryer.
  • Of course, there are other housing options where students can pick up private accommodation within the city.


University Faculty Stats

Mckenzie college maintains a high standard when imparting knowledge to its students. Every faculty of McKenzie college is well qualified and an expert in his or her industry and field of work. The college offers some flagship programs that are customized and well researched to ensure that students get a fantastic employability opportunity and option when they complete these courses. Some pristine faculty members at the university are:

  • Dale Ritchie -President
  • Cathy Cormier -Campus Administrator
  • Carrie Applebee -Admissions Advisor


Research opportunities at university

McKenzie College has both undergraduate and graduate research projects for its students to get involved in. The main areas of research and innovation that students pursue at Mckenzie college are:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Game animation
  • Video game art
  • Photography media arts
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Graphic design
  • Visual arts and many more

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

McKenzie College believes that students must not only learn theory from their classroom, but they should also gain practical experience through part-time work and internships. The career and internship cells at Mckenzie college are focused on exactly that. They arrange internships and part-time work for students to get involved in while they continue their education at McKenzie College. This not only allows them to gain a degree but also a really valuable experience that will help them later in their real life.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The career and placement cell at McKenzie college actively interacts with the industry and maintains very strong relations, which allows the university to get ample opportunities for its students. The university not only trains and grooms students for the job market but also arranges various job fairs and symposiums where students can interact directly with industry leaders and company representatives to land a job from within the campus itself.




100 Cameron St, Moncton, NB E1C 5Y6

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1. What is the deadline for applying for international students at Mckenzie college?
Your application and admission must be completed within 30 days before the commencement of the course. Please visit the website to learn about the start dates of particular courses.

2. What is the employment status of students passing  out from McKenzie college?
There is no hard and fast rule that particular employers will employ candidates who have passed McKenzie college. Almost all students with Mckenzie college get placed quite easily within Canada and abroad in various fields and industries.

3. Which are the most popular courses at Mckenzie college?
Some of the most popular McKenzie college courses are graphic design; Diploma in photography media arts; Postgraduate diploma in social entrepreneurship; Diploma in video game art; Diploma in TV and game animation, among others.

4. What are the tuition fees at McKenzie College?
You can expect the tuition fees at the university to be around CAD 15,490 (9.3 Lakh).

5. What is the living expense at McKenzie College?
You can expect the total costs of living at the McKenzie College to be around CAD 6,980 (INR 4.20 Lakh)