Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Okanagan, established in 2006. The Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung mbh (GBF, German Research Centre for Biotechnology) was renamed as the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. Various types of research-related courses are available here.

Germany's Braunschweig is home to the publicly financed Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI). There are a total of 1120 students at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, among which International students are 220. The largest non-university scientific association in Germany and a part of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers is Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research.

Top Reasons to Study in the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

Researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) look into how infectious diseases spread and how to fight them. They then systematically refine the findings from fundamental research for use in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. 

  • In addition to academic accomplishment, awards and prizes may encourage students to participate in leadership roles or other extracurricular activities. Even though some may be issued in the subsequent academic year, awards and prizes are frequently given to students after an academic session.
  • Go Global enables researchers to travel abroad alongside Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research researchers and faculty to study, conduct research, or take a course.
  • Different exchange programs are provided by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research with the collaboration of Institutes of countries like India, the U.S, etc.

Admissions at The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

How to Apply at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

These are the steps to apply for Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research admissions:-

  1. Apply through the official website
  2. Choose your course 
  3. Fill up your details 
  4. Upload required documents 
  5. Pay the application fee  

Note: The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research application fee is zero.

Documents Required to Apply to Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

This is the list of documents required to get eligible for the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research.

  • A Degree like an MSE, MSc Epidemiology, MPH, or MSAE in terms of prior knowledge and expertise in the field of epidemiological methods & statistics.
  • In some situations where a formal degree is not available, courses in statistics and epidemiology that were completed and had 120 contact hours or 10 ETCS can also be recognized.
  • Finance: A system of finance that permits the completion of the Ph.D. project (e.g. by third-party project funding).
  • Entire application materials, including a resume (showing academic degrees), a motivational letter, and other materials, must be submitted (by email).
  • The degrees of bachelor's and master's, as well as the related transcripts (in original language & English translation).

Exams Accepted By the University

The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research admission requirements are:-


Required Scores 





English Proficiency Requirement 

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research international students are required to submit proof of their English language proficiency as mentioned:-


Minimum Requirement


6 out of 10


79 out of 100

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Campus locations

Transportation in the city

In Helmholtz, public transit is safe, efficient, and well-connected. Depending on where you reside, you have the choice of taking public transportation, cycling, or walking to your college as an international student. Students can benefit from some of the top transportation businesses that provide a variety of options, including car and truck rentals, taxi services, and reservations for chartered buses and vans. The majority of students commute via public transportation, particularly buses.

Services offered by the university

The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research's Library supports the development of students into prospective researchers and houses the essential academic resources for researchers.

  • The Library is a welcoming environment where collaboration, innovative thinking, and intellectual engagement are given the resources, encouragement, and chance to cure the world. 
  • The work being done by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) in Braunschweig is focused on the interactions between bacterial pathogens & their hosts. 
  • On the one hand, and methods for the detection, prevention, or treatment of infectious diseases, on the other.

Student life

There are 20 buildings on the 96 000 m2 site, with a total lab space of 7000 m2. IT platforms are part of the campus' enormous infrastructure. The HZI runs several campuses and branch institutes across Germany in addition to its main campus in Braunschweig. 

Some of these branches are managed in collaboration with academic partners.

  • BRICS: Würzburg HZI Study Center Hannover in the Clinical Research Center (CRC) Hannover, Hamburg.
  • Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), Saarbrücken Helmholtz.
  • Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI), Braunschweig.
  • Integrated Centre of Systems Biology, Braunschweig.
  • Center for Individualized Infection Medicine (CiiM), Hannover.
  • Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB), and Braunschweig TWINCORE, Hanover.
  • Helmholtz Institute for One Health (HIOH), Greifswald, is a center for experimental and clinical infection research.

The Commons building at HZI significantly impacts how visitors, faculty, staff, and students interact with one another and the University.

  • The Commons is a premier teaching and learning facility designed to foster and promote student potential at every point of their academic lives at HZI.
  • The Commons provides dynamic teaching and learning facilities for a rapidly expanding campus. The Commons is anything but ordinary because of its cutting-edge, futuristic design, specifically created to promote cooperation, scholarly engagement, and creativity.
  •  In addition to doing basic research, scientists at the HZI also work on initiatives that focus on particular applications, such as the creation of new active ingredients and cutting-edge vaccination techniques. In this process, translational research is crucial and will ensure that findings from the lab are swiftly used in the clinic.
  • Many options are available through the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research Recreation to promote physical well-being on campus. Join an intramural league, a group fitness class, or the gym. Recreation makes all possible by meeting new people, keeping up your physical condition, and taking a well-deserved break from your studies.
  • The HZI Collegium is where you may unwind in a cozy, inviting, and comfortable setting while taking a break between sessions to chat, use a kitchen, or relax. Students can find a study space, hang out with other commuter students, or take a nap here.
  • The university community and campus security work together to make the Helmholtz campus a secure place to live, work, and study. Its services include incident reporting, first aid, building or room access, and Safewalk. Campus-wide coverage is offered around the clock, every day of the year, by Campus Security.
  • Meals and nutrition information to food security programs and details about sustainable food systems on campus.

On campus accomodation

Accommodation is available at the university. 

 The residences for student accommodation at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research features furnished rooms, lively common areas for snacking and socializing, and lots of space for quiet study sessions. 

  • The majority of prospective graduates will be eligible for a guaranteed room in residence for the Winter Session because they believe living in residence is an important and meaningful way to spend their institute years.
  • Students will be a part of a secure, encouraging community created to support you as you achieve your academic objectives and have fun throughout your time as a student. 
  • The resources and support services offered in residence and across campus, such as health and wellness and safety initiatives, are made known to residence advisors by existing Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research students.


University Faculty Stats

The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research employs over 900 people in research, administration, and infrastructure, as well as about 220 visiting scientists from 40 other nations.


Research opportunities at university

At the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), researchers are examining the characteristics of viruses and bacteria that make them hazardous, how the immune system protects the human body and potential future strategies for combating harmful diseases.

The annual budget of the Helmholtz Association is roughly 5.4 billion euros. Federal & state governments in Germany contribute over 70% of the Association's funds at a ratio of nine to one. Modern research facilities provide support for the study topics. These resources give HZI researchers access to cutting-edge technology, as well as the greater infection research community.

  • Researchers from all disciplines can interact and exchange knowledge with one another, the communities they serve, and other local, national, and international researchers, thanks to the Research Institutes at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research.
  •  The scientists at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research Understand the processes of infections and then aid in the creation of unique, patient-specific solutions for infectious disease diagnosis, prevention, treatment, surveillance, and control.
  • The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), the largest academic institution in Germany devoted solely to infection research, is the home of the "Infection Research" program.
  • Interdisciplinary teams create new, increasingly patient-specific methods for quick diagnostic tests, cutting-edge vaccinations, and treatments.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Highly motivated individuals from all across the world can apply for internships at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research. A minimum of six weeks must pass during an internship, which is typically unpaid. For this get in touch with the leader of the research group you are most interested in joining for more information (overview of the research groups). Students undoubtedly identify the specialty that most appeals to them. Students will discover:-

  • A forward-thinking, multidisciplinary scientific setting.
  • Current tools and the best scholarly work in many fields.
  • A welcoming and cooperative work environment.
  • A highly promising research center with a solid chance for future professional success.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The HZI placement cell constantly boosts the candidate's professional career and promotes their overall growth. The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research is among the top Institutes in the world. It is a global community for research, learning, and examination. 

The average salary of Ph.D. students at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research is EUR 23,398(INR 18,48,442).


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