Franklin University Switzerland was established in 1969 and is a private university. It is nonprofit and accredited as well. It is situated in Lugano, Switzerland, and is a liberal arts university. It was the first American institution to be established in Switzerland and one of the oldest American institutions for higher education in Europe. The university offers Master of Science, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Arts degrees accredited in the US and Switzerland. It was formerly called Fleming college. It is named after Benjamin Franklin.

Top Reasons to Study in the Franklin University Switzerland

There are several reasons why students select Franklin University Switzerland for their studies. Some of those are:

  • The professors and faculty at Franklin University Switzerland are not only committed to helping their students excel in academic research but also help them with their holistic and experimental education, responsibility, and a whole lot more.
  • The multicultural campus will give you an immense opportunity to understand international cultures since you will find students from all across the globe studying here.
  • Franklin University Switzerland provides an innovative approach to a liberal arts education.
  • The university also places great importance on experiential learning so that students are always ready to take on the real world.
  • A culturally diverse environment allows the students to learn more.
  • Lugano is truly a picture city to live and study in.

Cost of Studying at Franklin University Switzerland

Average tuition fee


Interest rates as low as 7.99%
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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)

CHF 22,030

Average living expenses (Masters)

CHF 22,030

Average on-campus living expenses

CHF 12,740

Rankings for The Franklin University Switzerland

More rankings for this university

According to the World Universities with Real Impact, Franklin University Switzerland Rankings are 56th.

As per Franklin University Switzerland's world rankings, the university is also ranked as one of the top ten universities that support ethical values and social responsibility.

Admissions at The Franklin University Switzerland

How to Apply at Franklin University Switzerland

You will need to follow the steps provided below when you wish to apply to Franklin University Switzerland

  • Visit the university website and submit your information in the provided link
  • Sign up at the university website and complete the application form.
  • Make sure you also submit a personal statement.
  • Upload your secondary, high school, and college academic records and transcripts.
  • Try to have your transcripts evaluated by some authorized agency.
  • Submit your English proficiency scores.
  • Submit other necessary documents.

Note: Application portal: Online Application Portal
Franklin University Switzerland application fee: CHF 87.38 (INR 6,935)

Documents Required to Apply to Franklin University Switzerland

  • English proficiency test scores
  • General aptitude test scores
  • Official transcripts and records
  • Personal statement
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Two recommendations
  • Application form
  • Application fee receipt
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Passport size photograph
  • Financial documents
  • Health insurance

Exams Accepted By the University

To get through the Franklin University Switzerland admission, the following are required:

Type of Aptitude Test

Minimum Requirements 


309 or higher (course dependent)


560 or higher (course dependent)


2.75 or higher (course dependent)


The following English proficiency test scores are required to get admission into Franklin university Switzerland:


Minimum Test Requirements 


6.5  or higher 


54 or higher


80 or higher 

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Application deadline





12 Months

Tuition fee



Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

View on Google Earth

Transportation in the city

Moving around the city is hardly a hassle as public buses, and other modes of transport are available. Students can move freely and even rent vehicles of their choice. The students can take advantage of the Swiss public transportation system, including:

  • Blue city buses and yellow La Posta buses 
  • Car rentals 

Services offered by the university

Franklin University Switzerland emphasizes holistic values on a holistic student experience within and outside the classroom. Ample importance is given to the health and well-being of the students. Their campus health services and various off-campus health services are there for students to access. The university also assists students by arranging mandatory Swiss health insurance.

Student support services at Franklin university Switzerland believes that life at the university should be a truly rewarding and exciting experience for every student. Many university resources help students adjust and integrate themselves both within university life and into the local Ticinese and Luganese communities.

The David R Grace library is situated within the university's main villa. It has a peaceful environment that is fantastic for studying in peace. It has a collection of more than 36,000 religious books, a collection of print periodicals, and several multimedia materials. The library is a fantastic point of reference for students and related subjects.

Student life

  • There is an office for our student life at Franklin University Switzerland. It has dedicated staff and members who help students with every issue they may have.
  • The university has dining halls where students can help themselves to fantastic meals. In Lugano and also nearby Italy, there are many places where you can enjoy a hearty meal. The takeaway pizza place opposite the campus has fantastic fresh pizza and baked items.
  • Many international clubs and organizations help students engage in a diverse range of activities that make Franklin University Switzerland Campus life at Franklin university Switzerland unique and fun.

On campus accomodation

Franklin University Switzerland has residences for students. It is a great way for students to get involved and connect with classmates and Franklin University Switzerland international students. These residences allow students to appreciate independence and also be able to carry on with their lives. Every residence has something unique about it. As a student, you will surely find a residence that fits you and your east. Here's a list of the residences of Franklin university Switzerland:

  • Panera
  • Giardino
  • Alba
  • Da Vinci
  • Air one


University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

  • Franklin University Switzerland has eight academic departments.
  • The student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1.
  • There are approximately 45 faculty memberships, of which 25 are full-time. The average size of a class is around 15 students. The total number of students is around 340


Research opportunities at university

Franklin University Switzerland believes that advanced and interdisciplinary research and innovation are truly important to gain a deep insight into today's global challenges.

The areas of research that Franklin university Switzerland involves in:

  • Education 
  • Liberal arts
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Social sciences

The following four academic departments at Franklin University Switzerland provide various opportunities for flexibility, interdisciplinary collaboration, and wide-ranging explorations, all of which are extremely important in the areas of research that Franklin University Switzerland involves in quite often:

  • Division of environment, math, psychology, and health 
  • Division of communication, history, and politics
  • Division of arts and culture
  • Division of business and economics

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Franklin University Switzerland believes that internships are an essential part of a student life where students can experiment with all they've learned in class in the actual world. It helps students to develop critical work schemes so that they're far better prepared for their future. Franklin University Switzerland has internships where students can earn academic credit as well. However, to earn academic credit, students must register well in advance. All internships need to be coordinated with the student's academic advisor and the relevant department's chair.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Franklin University Switzerland has a career placement cell that helps students. They have a Franklin career navigator on Moodle where students can log in to access different types of information and a huge repository of resources for their job search. Once you graduate from the Franklin University Switzerland, you can think of earning an average salary of around CHF 89,530 (INR 71.88 Lakh).





Franklin University Switzerland, Via Ponte Tresa 29, 6924 Sorengo, Switzerland


1. Where can I find the academic calendar?
The academic calendar is meant for all students and includes all the important dates that students must follow. You may click this link to go to the academic calendar.

2. Is it necessary to buy a meal plan?
Meal plans at Franklin university Switzerland are designed to ensure that students always get nutritious meals and snacks between classes.

3. Which are the most popular courses at Franklin University Switzerland?
Some of the popular courses at Franklin University Switzerland are health, innovation, education, liberal arts, and social sciences.

4. What is the tuition fee at Franklin University Switzerland?
You can think of spending around CHF 44,270 (INR 35.54 Lakh) as the tuition fee of an international student. 

5. What is the living cost at Franklin University Switzerland?
The living cost at the Franklin University Switzerland is around CHF 10,730 (INR 8.61 Lakh) per year.