Opened in August 2011, the Conestoga College Cambridge, located on the fountain street, is situated directly across highway 401, near the Kitchener - Doon campus. The campus is found to be 260,000 square feet when measured and is one of the biggest campuses in Canada. This 260,000 square-foot facility has been home to Conestoga's school of engineering and technology, the institute of food processing technology, and the school of trades and apprenticeship. A residence is available for the full-time students and faculty members, which is just a 3-minute drive or a 15-minute walk directly adjacent to the Kitchener - Doon campus. Conestoga College's Cambridge campus is known for its fantastic international community, with over 10,000 students coming over every year to study in this prestigious college from over 80 odd countries. This college is well-known for its pragmatic approach to learning and researching.

Top Reasons to Study in the Conestoga College Cambridge - Fountain Street campus

Besides being in the top 5 among other campuses of the Conestoga College Cambridge, and also among the topmost colleges in Canada, there are some other reasons why you can go to this college over any other:

  • Programs- Conestoga College's Cambridge campus is known to provide over 200 career-focused programs and over 15 degrees. It has Ontario's only recognized college-based engineering degree. This college is constantly identified among the top colleges in the city of Ontario.
  • Professional development- According to the college's ideal, every faculty member is responsible for contributing to the overall development of each student and for the proper maintenance of the learning environment in the college. 
  • Student-friendly environment- This college provides a secure, welcoming, and cost-effective environment to its students. This college also has the maximum number of post-secondary students on its campus and an ever-developing art and entertainment sector. 
  • The other reasons for choosing this college over any other college are:
  • Top-notch facilities.
  • Innovative teaching mechanisms.
  • High quality of life here as a student or a faculty member.
  • Offer career opportunities.
  • Bridging programs.
  • Student support.
  • Diverse culture.
  • You can apply to any Conestoga College Cambridge course of your choice.

Cost of Studying at Conestoga College Cambridge - Fountain Street campus

Average tuition fee


Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Rankings for The Conestoga College Cambridge - Fountain Street campus

More rankings for this university

Conestoga College Cambridge World Rankings are what attract students globally. Conestoga College Cambridge rankings are 6003 among the world and 1079 in continental ranking, and 79 as per the country rank.

Admissions at The Conestoga College Cambridge - Fountain Street campus

Application Fee


How to Apply at Conestoga College Cambridge - Fountain Street campus

The Conestoga College Cambridge requirements for UG and Graduate courses vary. To apply, one must follow the mentioned steps stated below:

  • Sign up at the university’s online portal and fill out the international application to Conestoga college form.
  • View a list of available programs.
  • Upload your official high school/ secondary/ college academic records directly via the institution’s portal.
  • Get your transcripts evaluated by the concerned authorities.
  • Pay the USD 100.00 (779.09 INR) application fee (to be made via Flyware).
  • Submit your English proficiency scores.
  • Upload your study permits.
  • Submit your letters of recommendation.
  • Submit all other necessary documents, as mentioned in the portal.

Note: application portal: online application portal
Conestoga College Cambridge application fee: $100.00.(779.09 INR)

Documents Required to Apply to Conestoga College Cambridge - Fountain Street campus

  • Completed application form.
  • Copy of your passport and valid study permit.
  • Secondary education transcripts (for bachelor’s degree).
  • Post-secondary education transcripts (for master’s degree). 
  • Language proficiency proof (English).
  • Financial support proof.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Resume (not always).
  • International students’ health insurance.

Exams Accepted By the University

Knowing the Conestoga College Cambridge admission requirements is a must. Applicants are advised to acquaint themselves with the following for the kind perusal of the university:

Name Of Aptitude Test

Minimum Score






3.5 or higher






To get admission to the CONESTOGA COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE, students must qualify for the following English proficiency tests:


Minimum Test Requirements









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Yocketers interested

Yocketer profiles

Surendhiran Tamilalagan

Surendhiran Tamilalagan


Embedded Systems Development (Optional Co-op)

Winter 2023

Prajkta Dalvi

Prajkta Dalvi


Embedded Systems Development (Optional Co-op)

Winter 2022

Mr Unknown

Mr Unknown


Embedded Systems Development (Optional Co-op)

Winter 2023

Vivek Gupta

Vivek Gupta


Embedded Systems Development (Optional Co-op)

Winter 2023

Ronish Patel

Ronish Patel


Embedded Systems Development (Optional Co-op)

Fall 2022


The alumni at Conestoga college include many eminent people on their list, such as Chad Jakeman, Nick Heibein, and John A. Kay, Margaret Tavares. The college consists of a very big network of more than 150,000 alumni.

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Samarth Sharma
Samarth Sharma

16 hours ago

I HAVE APPLIED TO CONESTOGA COLLEGE FOR MAY 2023 and i haven’t received offer letter yet
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Dinal Heby
Dinal Heby

7 days ago

Is provisional degree certificate enough for PG diploma in canada (Conestoga College) planning for September 2023 intake
Vedant Shah
Vedant Shah

23 days ago

Anyone going to Canada in Conestoga College for Information technology business analysis in Jan 2023. Let's join!!
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Pranav Salve
Pranav Salve

2 months ago

Anyone for Conestoga College, Global Business Management @Kitchener Downtown Campus for Jan intake?
1 Comment
Kaushal Prajapati
Kaushal Prajapati

3 months ago

I got offer letter from Conestoga College in design integration program for Jan-2023. Anyone have same course or college pls msg me
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Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

View on Google Earth

Transportation in the city

The city offers private and public vehicles for easy commuting for the students. Vehicle renting apps are also available for students to book a private vehicle if they have to travel or be somewhere. The Conestoga College Cambridge campus can be reached easily by students. Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) offers a free shuttle service between Cambridge campus Residence, and Kitchener - Doon campus at two different places. All Conestoga College students, professors, and staff who present their ONE Card to the shuttle driver will receive complimentary service. Conestoga College Cambridge Campus may be reached on foot in 4 minutes from the Conestoga College Cambridge Campus station.

Services offered by the university

Some of the notable services offered at the Conestoga College Cambridge include:

  • Academic support
  • Library services
  • Student administration
  • Student housing
  • Academic integrity
  • Student tech help
  • Bookstore
  • e-Conestoga
  • Medical care clinic
  • Student financial services
  • Student engagement
  • Co-curricular Record (CCR)
  • Remote service hours

Student life

  • Campus life – Conestoga College Cambridge has all the tools and resources that will enhance and support your college and future professional life. From academic support to student services, there are all the tools to uplift your journey. 
  • Student life – This college is committed to welcoming students from all over the world. It believes in developing a sense of connection and belonging amongst its students. The faculty members play an instrumental role in any student’s transition from college life to professional life. The Conestoga College Cambridge international students are also heartily welcomed here.
  • Sports activities- There are many indoor, and outdoor games played in this college, ranging from soccer to rugby, baseball, basketball, yoga, etc.

On campus accomodation

The Conestoga College Cambridge doesn’t offer any on-campus accommodation facilities as such. Still, there are many options to live on rent in any of the buildings available for that purpose in places like Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Stratford, Branford, and so on. You can go for the type of community that suits you and your program the best.


University Faculty Stats

Conestoga College Cambridge is Ranked among the top research colleges in Canada; it consists of more than 240 faculty who are always eager to make their students reach great heights and also in paving a successful career in their lives. It consists of over 3,130 students who actively participated in some applied research activity.


University Endowments Value


Research opportunities at university

Conestoga College has built its research capabilities so that it can provide some widespread opportunities for students as well as faculty and community businesses, and external organizations.Research at Conestoga has become an integral aspect of its polytechnic edge — providing their students with a career-focused and  high-quality  education. The expanding range and significance of Conestoga's applied research effort have elevated the institution to the top tier of research colleges in Canada.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

The Conestoga college has given successful careers for over 50 years that focus mainly on education and training and that also move forward towards individual and community success. It has more than 4000 students who are already enrolled in 66 co-op programs in a very broad range of disciplines.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Students at Conestoga College are available for both part-time and full-time placements. Some short-term placements are supposed to be in unpaid form. Here the knowledge and skills are evaluated based on various disciplines.The Conestoga college have a 94.2 percent job placement rate for their recent graduates six months after they finish school. Graduates of Conestoga College earn an average annual salary of $114k (88,79,522.70 INR), with the majority earning between $58k (45,17,651.90 INR) and $149k (1,16,05,691.95 INR), according to ten different job profiles. Workers in the company's top 10% earn more than $142k (1,10,60,458.10 INR).





850 Fountain St S, Cambridge, ON N3H 0A8, Canada

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1. What is the tuition fee for an international student at Conestoga College Cambridge?
The tuition fee at Conestoga College Cambridge for a domestic student is 6.24USD (486.05 INR) per course hour and 25 USD (1,947.31 INR), which is not refundable. For an international student, it is 22.25 USD (1,733.11 INR) per course hour and 25 USD (1,947.31 INR), which is completely non-refundable.

2. What are the intake sessions at Conestoga College Cambridge?
The intake sessions at the Conestoga College Cambridge consist of three sessions which are mainly winter term (January), fall term(August), and spring term (May).

3. What are the most popular courses at Conestoga College Cambridge?
The most popular programs at Conestoga College Cambridge are as follows: a graduate certificate in project management, a graduate certificate in health care administration and service management, a graduate certificate in Cloud Data Management, Practical nursing, and a Bachelor of engineering-Cyber Systems Engineering, a Diploma in Advertising, and Marketing Communications. These are some of the most popular courses at Conestoga College.

4. How many courses are offered at Conestoga College Cambridge?
Conestoga has a wide variety of courses, more than 200 career-focused programs in different files, and also offers more than 15 degrees.

5. Are there any scholarships for international students?
The college’s financial services have over 400 scholarships and bursaries that can opt for more than USD 3.8 million (29,59,91,310 INR).