City University Of New York, Staten Island

City University Of New York, Staten Island

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College of Staten Island is a part of the prestigious City University of New York. It has also been accredited by the Middle Commission on Higher Education. The College boasts of programs ranging from Bachelors and Associates’ degrees to Doctoral programs.
The campus poses quite a historical milieu in terms of the neo-Georgian architecture and in terms of political spirits and publications. Though The Third Rail, a literary political arts magazine is not in print any more, but is active online, the campus still carries its very essence within itself.
The campus houses top notch educational tools and facilities to assist its students. In terms of facilities the campus is like a micro-city capable of sustaining its students. The campus is also environmentally conscious and strives towards sustainability.



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The College of Staten Island, the majestic 200 + acre campus is centrally located in Staten Island, New York City.


The College of Staten Island boasts of the largest campus in terms of size in New York City. The landscape is quite green with sprawling green grass to hangout in and spends those endless afternoons reading.
The campus boasts of a multipurpose facility which covers about 77,000 square feet worth of area. To access the facility a student, staff, alumni, and general public need a membership.
The library includes multiple reading rooms, a café, computer labs and study areas. It houses over 244,000 books in its shelves and a lot of new additions are made every now and then. Students can also make special requests for books.
The campus also has a 16 foot dome astrophysical observatory. It serves as a major advantage for the students who are enrolled in the astronomy course. It is also used in monitoring environmental projects and community programs.

Residing Options

The campus offers an apartment style residence facility for its students. These apartments are fully furnished with internet facilities and cabled television. These buildings are also equipped with a range of facilities including gym center, reading rooms, washing facilities, sports and recreation center and much more. It must be really exciting to live and learn on such a campus.


The various departments of the College of Staten Island boast off their well-regarded faculty members. The faculty members not only have a great amount of experience in teaching but also in scholarship. The college is well renowned for its teaching methodologies.
The students are exceptionally proud of the pedagogy that the College provides. They say that it’s a good mix of practice and theory.

Jobs and placements

The College of Staten Island has a well-functioning alumni association. Past students have shown to exploit it to their benefits. Moreover, the various departments and faculties try appropriately hard to provide various sorts of employment opportunities.

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