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CHF 30,000

Average Living Expenses

Business School Lausanne (BSL) is a private business school situated in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a member of the Swiss Private Lemania Group of Schools. By 1987, Dr. John Hobbs established BSL.

Undergraduates who enroll in the BSL Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program receive a foundation in every facet of the business. Master of International Business is a master's degree offered by The Business School of Lausanne. Entrepreneurial Leadership, Finance, and Sustainability are the three concentrations in the program. This program offers a variety of study alternatives, such as an Applied Business Project, Internship, Master's Thesis, and CFA Level I Preparation.

Top Reasons to Study in the Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

The Business School of Lausanne offers a learning environment that encourages innovative thinking. Aiming to transform the world, it draws staff and students who are remarkable. Some additional reasons to study here are: -

  • The Business School of Lausanne Scholarships- BSL is pleased to provide merit-based partial scholarships to deserving individuals who are enthusiastic about using business as a force for good. 
  • The business school has students from more than 60 different countries, which fosters a special intercultural environment and close bonds.
  • Professionals in business instruct the classes. Their in-the-field knowledge and experiences from everyday life make the state of international business very obvious.
  • The teaching team at the institution possesses more than just high-level credentials. It enables teachers to be more knowledgeable about the subject, provide helpful advice, & share their experience with students by allowing them to employ their methods and advancements in the business area in practice.

Cost of Studying at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)

CHF 30,000

Average living expenses (Masters)

CHF 30,000

Admissions at The Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Application Fee

CHF 120

How to Apply at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

These are the steps to apply for The Business School of Lausanne admissions: -

  1. Apply through the official website
  2. Choose a student course
  3. Fill up the student's details
  4. Upload required documents
  5. Pay the application fee

Note: The Business School of Lausanne application fee is CHF 120 (INR 9840)

Documents Required to Apply to Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

This is the list of documents required to get eligible for The Business School of Lausanne admissions: -

  • High school records
  • Official transcripts
  • Senior year grades
  • Study permit
  • School report form
  • Teacher evaluation
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Proof of financial availability
  • ACT or SAT score

Exams Accepted By Business School Lausanne, Switzerland




IELTS: 6.5 & Above; TOEFL: 90.0 & Above.


IELTS: 6.0 & Above; TOEFL: 80 & Above.

English Proficiency Requirements

The Business School of Lausanne international students are required to submit proof of their English Language Proficiency as mentioned: -

English Proficiency Course

Minimum Requirement







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Rankings for The Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

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Here is The Business School of Lausanne's Ranking from different organizations: -




#3 in Switzerland

Students Business School Lausanne, Switzerland


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Soham Salvi

Soham Salvi


International Business

Fall 2024

Alumni at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

The Business School of Lausanne has over 1880 Alumni from over 50 countries who are connected via the Global Alumni Network. A sizable percentage of them have started profitable enterprises of their own, while others have opted to work for international corporations like UBS, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Bulgari, IBM, Nestlé, Accenture, Caterpillar, and many others.

Some of the notable alumni are Syed Taymur Ahmad- who received recognition from Dell Corporation. Ahmad- CEO and chairman of ACTnano, Ms. Emmy- Has experience managing brands for Inditex, the parent company of Zara, in Thailand, and Myret Zaki- Editor-in-chief of Bilan, a prominent economic publication in Western Switzerland.

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Reviews for Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Campus life

Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

A fairly extensive network of public transportation that is constantly being improved serves the city. Use the taxibus, which is more affordable than regular taxis, late at night or early in the morning. In Lausanne, public transit is safe, efficient, and well-connected. All students are allowed to drive on campus, which is also served by public transportation (parking permits are required for most on-campus parking).

Services offered by the university

Library of The Business School Lausanne- Several academic disciplines, including the arts, law, physics, medicine, economics, and theology, are covered in the library's extensive collection of books, journals, and papers.

  • The library at BSL helps undergraduate students grow into future scholars and maintains crucial learning materials for teachers and graduate students.
  • The Business School of Lausanne community can congregate and research in the Library because it is a welcoming, easily accessible space. Both quiet study spaces and gathering spots are available.
  • Student information requirements, the Library also offers a skilled staff of librarians.
  • Student support services offer advice and treatment for student health issues, referrals, and health information for mental, physical, and sexual/reproductive health.
  • Assist in selecting the ideal program.
  • Helping the student adjust to a new educational setting and assisting with invoicing and resettlement concerns during the first month of study.

Student life at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

BSL’s main campus is situated in Lausanne. The university campus comprises academic buildings, a library, parking lots, and bike lanes.

Students will be accompanied by a varied group of intelligent students eager to take advantage of any academic, social, and recreational opportunities they come across.

  • Throughout the school year, students take part in a variety of activities and plan their projects and events. 
  • Many students who live and study in BSL also take French classes. They also go to Lausanne's recreational and sporting facilities.
  • One of the most popular winter activities for both domestic and foreign students is a weekend of skiing. The popularity of lakeside barbecues and boat outings is unabated. The country's rugged terrain offers a wealth of chances for outdoor sports year-round, including cycling, hiking, skiing, and walking.
  • The student council at The Business School of Lausanne is in charge of planning events and extracurricular activities all year long to bring students together to form connections and form networks.
  • Welcome parties for new students, beloved Culture Days, BBQs, and many other fun social activities are all to be anticipated. The student council is also committed to giving back to the community, and as a result, it develops several humanitarian projects in which they encourage participation from the entire student body.
  • Campus Life plans events and programs in close collaboration with registered campus organizations throughout the year.
  • The BSL provides various programs and resources to assist families, including food banks, counseling, and medical care for students without a primary care physician.
  • You may live & study in Switzerland, a bilingual nation with a diversified population and a burgeoning ex-pat community, by pursuing a degree at the Business School of Lausanne.
  •  You'll get to interact with individuals from all over the world, build your intercultural competence, pick up new languages, and adopt a global perspective.
  • Students at The Business School of Lausanne benefit from the institution's proximity to numerous multinational firms and business hubs in the Geneva Lake area.

On campus accomodation at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

The Business School of Lausanne allows students to learn and develop in a stimulating environment with on-campus accommodation.

  • On-campus living options are available at the BSL. The buildings have a shared study area, laundry rooms with secure access to residential spaces, and 24-hour security. 
  • During their studies, students rent their own homes. It is advised to students that they begin their search for housing at least 3 months before they begin their studies.
  • The school has a set of 7 completely furnished apartments about 25 meters away from the school that it offers as a close-by lodging alternative. 
  • Monthly rent estimate: CHF 1,848(INR 151536). There are so many seats available for this choice. Websites and housing search firms can get advice from the school.
  • Academic opportunities for community interaction are fostered by resident assistants to promote interpersonal bonds.

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